Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

This has been a productive day. It's not too often that I can say that. My clothes dryer has been on the fritz, my computer has been down since the storm and my new horse decoration that lights up has been sitting in the box since it's arrival last week. Now all is well, even the fake horse with the lights on it is here in the den nodding it's head up and down as I type.

The dryer man came about noon time and fixed my dryer. He replaced the light in it and it started working fine. I guess it's the kind of dryer that needs it's light on before it can dry anything. I have been using my mother's dryer in her apartment so it hasn't been bad. Kind of nice having two of everything at close hand.I actually got my computer back up and running with tech support which is amazing for me. When I called early this morning they had a recording that due to heavy traffic they suggested I call back later. I figured that was it for today but this afternoon when I tried again I got right on. As I suspected it was due to the storm that my computer had shut down so it was just a matter of unplugging the modem and router for 5 minutes and it was going again. I had always just unplugged it for about 10 seconds but I guess that doesn't work any more. Any way I am soooooooo glad to have my computer back!!! (Big grin and happy dance!)A few weeks before my parents went back to Florida my Dad walked in the Veteran's Parade here in town. Low and behold the next day he was on the front page of the paper! He is on the left hand side edge with the green coat, hat, about half way back. He served in WW 2 for several years in the Infantry Division. He did not see my sister until she was about 18 months old when he came home after the war. He doesn't like to talk about it much, saw too many things that he would probably rather forget but he served his country well with my mother back here waiting for him. I'm proud of you Dad!

Yesterday I took the day and went with Hubby to Portland where we have a branch office. I dropped him off and then I headed to the mall which is much bigger then the one we have here in town. Mainly I wanted to go to the Dis*ney Store to pick up a few more things for the grands. I walked in and guess what was hanging on the rack in abundance???????? One guess.........the Giselle dresses!!!! Every size!!!! Now I was told in no uncertain terms that they weren't going to be getting any more so I was very surprised. Of course I had already ordered one off EBay which hasn't come yet so I didn't know what to do. I hemmed and hawed a bit then decided to buy one and then if the EBay one didn't come for some reason I would have a back up and I can always take the Dis*ney store one back if I want to. (I asked to make sure) They didn't have the shoes but they did have the crown so I grabbed that. Now my quest is to find the shoes but I'm not holding my breath on that one. The dress is adorable, if I had had one like that when I was a little girl I would have been in 7th heaven. They also had a new supply of things for D as he likes hoodies and sweatshirts and I found a costume for him that is one of the characters that he likes! Yippee!I shopped around the mall a while and then decided to hit TJ Maxx. Pay dirt again! I got a nice pair of dress pants with a cammie and matching jacket which retailed for $379.00 for $59.00!!! Be still my beating heart! Next I found a nice Liz winter wool jacket for $59.00 that fits like a glove and then some winter snow boots, not dressy type but out in the snow playing with the grand kids type boots. Next I spied a table with adorable snowmen of all shapes, sizes and descriptions very reasonably priced so I grabbed some of them for upcoming Christmas parties where I need Yankee swap gifts. I was exhausted from the exhilaration! :o)

They had an adorable Christmas house in the mall. I was standing there taking pictures when a couple came up to me and said cameras weren't allowed in the mall. Hummmmm...I'd never heard of that before so I kept on snapping away with visions of the amazing pictures in my blog. lol!

Funsize was here tonight and when she left she called me on her cell phone and said I should take a picture of my tree on the front lawn that is all decorated with lights and snow. The picture doesn't do it justice but it is just gorgeous with the snow from the big storm on it.

Till next time!


PEA said...

I've just finished putting chocolate icing on two more Christmas squares so now I'm taking a break:-) Sounds like you had quite a productive day on the price of that outfit you bought!!! You know what the sad part is? The store is probably still making money out of it even at that sale price! lol

Figures the Disney store would have those Giselle dresses in now! lol I almost took pictures in our mall yesterday, of the Santa display but I felt too shy with all the people going by. lol I'm really not sure if you can or not in a mall!!

How wonderful to see your dad amidst those other vets on the walk and how thrilling to see that he made the paper! hehe

Your tree looks breathtaking with the lights and snow on it...I love it when trees are loaded with snow. I see you have as much snow as we do...made any snow angels yet?? lol

Take good care of yourself! Love ya! xoxoxo

Donna said...

My dear, no dryer and no computer, all at once? That's a nightmare! Sure glad you got everything working again.

Tonya - said...

What a day! I am so glad you found the dresses, you should just sell the new one on ebay there may be another grandmother desperately seeking one - LOL! Who knows you might make a buck or two?

That's neat about your Dad. I'm sad they are gone right before Christmas and there will be no Christmas pics of them! My FIL was in Vietnam and he does not like to talk about it either.

The tree in your yard doesn't even look real. It looks like a christmas card though! That is beautiful.

If only TJ Maxx had maternity clothes!!!

Suzy said...

Sounds like you've been very busy,and those were great buys that you got at TJ'S!
I love that store too!
I'm glad that your computer and dryer are fixed...and show us a photo of your "light up horse"!

palmtreefanatic said...

That tree is gorgeous! love it! looks like lots of snow too!

Sounds like things are going well now that everything is working again;)

Beautiful display in the mall tooI need to get some photos of ours though its not so great but soon we will be making a drive to a much nicer mall and then take some there!
Have a lovely weekend!

BarnGoddess said...

gasp! that Disney Store! Maybe they just wanted to tell people that to be 'safe'? who KNOWS?

Myrna said...

You certainly had a productive shopping trip!

I'm doing most of my shopping online this year--and learning about Barbie dolls1 fun!

Your tree is beautiful!

Rising Rainbow said...

Your tree is absolutely gorgeous.

No cameras in the malls have been the rule for years. After many many years parked out in the middle of the mall doing arts & crafts fairs I'm familiar with all their little rules. I'm so glad that part of my life is over. lol

The shopping at TJ Max sounded successful. I've never even been in one of those stores. Maybe I should let my friend drag me there someday. Kicking and screaming is the only way I ever go shop for clothes but frankly it's getting to that point I think I'm going to have to go. sigh