Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesdays This and That

Tuesday has been a busy day as usual. I was going to the gym but my trainer felt that I needed a day off since my snowmobiling debacle as I really strained everything that could be strained pushing the machine back up on it's skis so I went to my massage therapist and chiropractor instead. I am what you call job security for them this year! What else can I fall off from? I shudder to think......

I ran to the mall afterwards and picked up a few things left on my list and got right in and out very quickly. It was busy there but not mobbed. I headed back over the river to pick up one of my friends as 5 of us were going out to lunch to celebrate a birthday. This took two hours as things were a bit slow but we didn't care as we were having fun talking and laughing.

After that I had to go pick up these things that go on my snowmobile handlebars to keep your hands from the wind. I hope Son knows how to put them on my machine as I don't have a clue! We got stuck in some traffic for awhile and the only thing we could see that was holding things up was the city bo*mb squad car at one business!

Next we headed to Jo-Ann Fabric as I wanted to pick up some new scissors for DIL for Christmas to put in her stocking. Of course we had to look around at everything and came out with quite a bag full of important stuff. At least we think it is important.....

I took my friend home and then headed home and have been right here at the computer ever since. I need to get supper going but wanted to at least get a start on this post. I know everyone is busy with Christmas and all but where this is my online journal I don't like to miss too many days without writing.


I don't seem to be able to finish a post in one day lately. Maybe I should shorten them up a bit and it wouldn't take so long. Probably your eyes are glazed over by the time you get to the end of my ramblings!

Went to the stable this morning with my friend Ann. The horses look good, all fat and fuzzy. We got everyone all brushed up and put out in the pasture with some hay to munch on. It was only 7* when I went out the door so I had on many layers. At least it wasn't windy which makes it much colder.

My second new scanner AND my printer have decided they are on strike!!! I can't get my busy computer guy until the day after Christmas. (I am pouting as I type) I had lots of pictures I was going to dazzle you with but I guess they will have to wait. lol!

Must get going on the rest of my Christmas cards so will stop typing! Hope you all are getting all your Christmas things done!!

Hop over to dcrmom's site as she is having a give away! She has four, yes four new Land's End diaper bag totes that she is giving away! I know I don't need a diaper bag but I have a young friend that is one of my church friends that could use one so I went over and left a comment!!

Keep scrolling to get to my name and comments, don't know why it's so far down and I have tried to correct it and can't. Another thing on my list for my computer guy!


KC said...

sounds like you have been on busy lady. I wrapped everything I had to wrap today and found I still need 1 more thing for Princess, 3 more things for Mr Man, 4 more things for Sweet Pea, and 1 more thing for Little Man(this is counting stuff for both my house and what my MIL asked us to pick up for her house) I don't think I will find time to go shopping until Saturday.. UGH.. I fear it will be crazy out there the last saturday before christmas. but I'll do what I have to do. DH said he will go with me and take me to dinner if I can find someone to watch the kids.. Grandma's will be getting phone calls from me :)
I was thinking about you on Monday when I looked out my window and saw the horse across the street at the neighbors barn.
How are you feeling today.. are you still sore from your latest fall?

Tammy said...

I know how busy things are for me right now, too...for almost all of us, it seems!
Blessings to you this Christmas!

Rising Rainbow said...

A bomb squad car! oh my!!!! That doesn't sound good.

Sorry to hear that you got hurt in your snowmobile accident. Don't go falling off of anymore things, that sounds like quite enough already to me...........but then I should talk! lol

the color book pages you are looking for are at Janee Loree's Mustangs and Cowboys site, I think, not mine, so you might look there.

Susie said...

We were at the mall on Tuesday too and it was just crazy busy. The clerks said the weekend was even worse. We still have to go to Sam's Club and Trader Joe's before Christmas. I'm getting close to being done with shopping. Haven't done a bit of baking.
Someone posted that Joann's had all their Valentine decor out already. Hard to think beyond Christmas for me.

Janey Loree said...

Have you tried Triple Flex by Nature Made vitamins? Since my back surgery I have hurt every day, that is UNTIL I started taking Triple Flex! It has the right amount of gloucosamine, chondroitin and msm to work!!

p.s. Check out www.pjscorner.net/freeitem.html for the coloring book pages! There are two right now, one pony and one Christmas bell!! Can't wait to see your grandkids' masterpieces!!!

BarnGoddess said...

oh, sorry to hear about your wreck, I hope you arent too sore!

7deg! omg, that is tooooo cold brr.

Merry Christmas!

PEA said...

Good afternoon dearest friend:-)

I can actually say that today I'm completely done with all my Christmas preparations so I should now be able to get back into being a more regular commentator! lol First of all, thank you so much for having done the Christmas Hoopla...I so enjoyed reading these 12 Christmas facts about you:-) Like you, our stockings always held an orange and hard candy. Omigosh, I always put on Christmas Vacation on too when I'm decorating the tree!! lol

I can well imagine how terrified you got when T couldn't get her leg out from under the snowmachine!! A grandma's worst nightmare, thinking she was hurt! Thank God she was ok, as well as YOU, although your muscles are certainly letting you know you strained them! I use to go snowmobiling quite a lot when I was younger but it's been years now.

Sounds like a fun time with your friends, having a birthday lunch and then shopping...of COURSE we always find more than what we are looking for! hehe

Take good care of yourself and no more falling off horses or snowmachines, you hear??? xoxoxo

Marcy Bowden said...

I am glad that you were both okay from the snowmobiling accident! That sounds so scary! I cannot believe it was 7 degrees there! I was whining about it getting down to 30 here in GA. I hate cold weather. 80 is my favorite temperature. So, don't horses get cold too when it is 7 degrees outside?

Dawn said...

That is so weird how so much space is between the end of your blog and the comment and signature. I hope you figure it out and let us know why.

Well, the trip really put me behind, and now Kristen has been put on bed rest (I knew that was coming!), so I have absolutely nothing under the tree. I don't like to shop after dinner, and can't shop with the kiddoes along, so what am I to do??

I'm not glad you've hurt yourself, but am glad to have company and not be the only one!

the moose buyer said...

Just wanted to wish you and your family (and horses) a very happy holiday.

palmtreefanatic said...

Busy lady! Some how it always works out;)