Saturday, December 8, 2007

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!

As you can see I am still fiddling around with this new graphics program. It has some adorable stuff for all occasions and holidays and my nice computer guy is patiently trying to teach me the difference between jpeg and tif and all the other ABC's of graphic usage. I admit I am a slow learner but he is taking it slow thankfully. I think we are going to have to do this weeks lesson again next week as I am still muddled about layering. I hope he doesn't give me a test!!! Yikes! I will think I am back in boarding school!!!!

It's snowing again this afternoon. We got several inches last night on top of the foot on Monday and another storm is predicted for Tuesday. Son was out on his snowmobile this morning packing down some trails for us to use later on when there is more snow. Right now it would be a bit bumpy and you have to watch out for stumps and rocks.

I went to K's hockey game this morning with his Mimi, Bampie and Mom. K is T's and D's older cousin but we consider him our third grandchild. To say it was cold in the ice arena would be an understatement. I am going to disgrace myself and Mimi and post a picture of what we looked like at the game. With all the layers and blankets on we were STILL cold! It was worth it though, they played a great game and won 5-3. No one would admit knowing us though.....sigh....

It's beautiful outside and when the lights come on I will go out and take a picture of our horse and sleigh decoration. I want to wrap some boxes with foil paper and put them in it but I just haven't gotten to it yet, maybe tonight.


Why can't I finish a post in one sitting these days? Guess like everyone else I have too many irons in the fire with all the Christmas things going on. We went to our Sunday School Christmas program last evening. The children were adorable all dressed in their holiday finery and did such a good job. Why is there always a little girl pulling her dress up over her head though?? lol! I don't think I have ever been to a children's program without that or one of the boys picking his nose! Gaaaaaagggggg!

Yesterday after church we were invited to a friends home with some other couples for seafood chowder and yeast rolls. To say it was totally delicious would be a major understatement! I wish I had taken a picture of her table, it was just set so beautifully in blue.

They live in the country and we enjoyed the drive out and I took a few pictures. This first one is our little ski place where you go if you don't want to travel to the big ski areas further away. The second one is hay out in the field. I don't used rolled bales but a lot of the cow farmers do, leaving them right out in the pasture for the cows to munch on at will.

Here's a shot of our new pony decoration! Isn't he cute? He's pulling a little sleigh and I am going to wrap a few boxes with foil paper and put them in the sleigh.( I think I already said that) Guess I'll have to put a brick in them to keep them from blowing away.

I got my tree in the living room decorated Saturday night while watching the country music station as you can see on the tv. Can't think of his name but it's Hannah Montana's Dad. T loves Hannah Montana.

We got up Saturday morning with two birdseed bandits having breakfast in our back yard. These were taken through the window so are a bit gray.

Guess that's it for today. Still lots to do to get ready for Christmas. More decorating, sewing and cooking but there's still plenty of time. Funsize got most of my wrapping done and that is a HUGE help. Only a couple more things to pick up at the mall but will do that tomorrow when I am right near there at my chiropractor's.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

You look like you should have been nice and toasty warm at the hockey game! I think it's a cute picture!

I love your xmas decorations...especially the pony!

BarnGoddess said...

Great photo of you in your warm blanket at the hockey game!

your yard decor looks wonderful :) of course you know any horse decorations are my favorite.

I still need to wrap-yikes. All our gifts are locked up inside hubs office right now....but I am DONE shopping :) thankfully.

Your photos are GREAT

dcrmom said...

Oh it looks like a winter wonderland up there!! FUN!

Tonya - said...

Y'all look too cute all bundled up to watch the hockey game. I know we can relate with the things we do for our kids and the things my parents do for their grandkids. We have spent some hot and really cold days at some horse shows - not to mention LOOOOOOONG!

Of course you know I am in love with the horsey yard decor!

It still sounds so funny to me to hear y'all are out tooling around on snowmobiles. It is almost 80 here today and I am burning up!!!

The birdseed bandits are amazing....they would not last long around my house (if you get my drift!) Don't hold it against C. but he is a huge outdoorsman
:-( to say the least!

PS - that's Billy Ray Cyrus!

Janey Loree said...

Put my vote in for loving your horse decorations, too! Great pictures at the hockey game. I've heard that if you wear two layers of socks that your feet stay warmer because of the friction layer. Don't know though, haven't tried it out!

We remember the reason for the season in our house!!!

We are under a severe weather alert with freezing temperatures! Wish that we had a little moisture to add to it...

Dawn said...

That would be Billy Ray Cyrus!

You're doing great with the graphics stuff. I don't have the patience to learn all that stuff, though I should. Kristen might not always be so willing to help me out!

Everything looks so beautiful. I did NO shopping before we left for Paradise, and am not even worrying about it yet. Hmmm.

Rising Rainbow said...

You look pretty content at that hockey game. My nose would have blue just at the thought of sitting out in the cold.

I think the pony decoration is darling. Of course, I'm with barn goddess about anything that's horsey being tops with me.

Your birdseed thiefs were not who I expected to see. They must be awfully tame to stay there for the camera.

I haven't even started shopping yet and I really don't want to think about it. I used to love Christmas shopping but now I only dread it. But I love getting the family together and cooking all the favorite recipes and stuff, jusst forget the darn shopping.