Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Happenings

I just finished reading the pioneer woman and she has a new puppy. He is soooooooo cute. Now basically I am a cat person, well, actually Hubby is not a dog person which makes me not a dog person as we have to live in the same house but I digress...

Ree's new puppy looks like a beagle but it might be something else, not sure. Anyway he is adorable with the big floppy ears and soft muzzle. Too bad they have to grow up and lose that puppy look. Maybe that's why the pocket pups are so popular now that all the celebrities seem to be carrying around, they are small and keep that puppy look. Sort of.

It snowed last night and is supposed to again tonight. Yippee! Last night we only got 3 or 4 inches, just enough that the plowman thinks he has to come plow us out as if we couldn't get out of the drive way in 3 inches of snow. Now in some areas that might be a lot of snow but here in Maine it's just a 'dusting' and wouldn't stop anyone from going anywhere.

You know it's amazing how much better a scanner works if it is plugged computer guy got a real kick out of that 'repair'! So consequently I have been scanning my little heart out today with some of the horses that I have had in my life.

No this isn't a young Buddy, it is Smokey Jack an appy that we had about 25 years ago. We bought him from a struggling college student who couldn't afford to pay his board for $350.00 and it's the best money we ever spent on a horse. He went western, English, drove and was great trail riding. We did really well with him at the smaller regional shows. We had him for many years. Yes, that is a much younger me, oh to be that thin again, I'm depressed!

This is Joe's Ginger Snap an appy mare we got in New York state. She was a lovely mare and we showed her all over New England. We used her for Leadline, Trail, Western, English and Halter. Son was about 4 or 5. We had her also for many years and then she went on to be a side saddle horse for a lady in Massachusetts. The next picture is of her foal only a few minutes old and the next one she is a couple months old.

This is Skipper B Brave a leopard appy that belonged to my sister in law. He was gorgeous and a nice gentle guy with a big heart. We had him till J went off to college and then he went to a family that had him till he died of old age. Yes, that is me on the fence. I'm more depressed!

This next one is going WAY back and this is Misty Dawn a filly we raised from a foal. She was our surprise baby. We didn't know her mother had been bred when we bought her. I think I was about 12 years old then, she was about 2. The next picture is her mother Flicka a little grade mare that we bought from a local horse dealer. I remember the day vividly as Dad and I went out to look at the horses and came home with her on the back of the pick up truck. Didn't have a horse trailer back then! It was the most exciting day of my young life to drive into the drive way with her!! Little did we know that in a few months we'd have Misty Dawn. We had her until she was 17 and she died with a twisted intestine. I was devastated, I'd had her so long, she was such a big part of my life from such a young age but these things happen.

This next one is Comanche a paint that we had for a while. He was a nice horse and we used him for parades and trail riding, didn't show back then.

This last picture is of Son when he was about three years old. He had ridden his pony in leadline and won his first ribbon. I probably still have it tucked away some where. Sniff..sniff..

Now isn't he the cutest thing you've seen in a long time? Hey he's even cuter then Ree's new puppy! :o)


Anonymous said...

Aren't horses wonderful? Those pics were great- they are such beautiful creatures! The last time I rode, I got bucked off, but I didn't take it personally... haha... someday I'd like to give it another try. I remember trail-riding at camp when I was a kid & it was such fun! :)

Donna said...

Indeed, he's cuter. Hey, I happened to end up with a mongrel who will remain a puppy at heart until the day she dies. She may not be as cute to look at, but she is so funny to watch!

I love the pictures. You've had some dandy horses in your time!

BarnGoddess said...

Thank you for the trip back in time! I enjoyed seeing your photos of horses that have shared your life with :)

I have always wanted a leopard appy, I think they are sooo unique looking. Of course, Scooter might not like it..

Joan said...

Thank you so much for the trip down horsey history lane. They were incredibly beautiful animals and it's obvious they were all important members of your family.

Sandra Evertson said...

What wonderful pictures!
Happy New Year!
Sandra Evertson

Judy said...

Whew, memory lane for sure! I haven't seen a pic of Skipper in years. He was a great horse!

the moose buyer said...

You are the best kind of horsewoman there is. You truly love, cherish and most of all take care of your horses. Too bad there aren't more of you. The world would be a far better place.

PEA said...

You had forgotten to plug in the scanner???? I can well imagine the smirk your computer guy had on his face when he found that out! hehe You know the sad part, though? I do things like that too! lol

I've so enjoyed the photos you've scanned of your past horses...don't we all wish we were slim like we use to be? lol You've really had horses in your life since you were wonder you're so good with them. You're a true horsewoman:-)

Also loved seeing the photos taken Christmas morning...I really miss having young children around especially at Christmas time. I tell my sons that since they've grown up, they're no fun anymore! hehe

I hope you're having a great weekend...this morning I started taking down my decorations and will try to finish tomorrow. It's so much more fun putting them UP than DOWN! Ugh! Take care dear friend! xox

eschuby said...

Great photos. Glad the scanner is up and working. I love the last one of son.

Dawn said...

Looking at old pictures of myself is depressing to me as well. Especially since I thought I was fat back then! Wow.

I have a nice scanner, but when I try to scan old pictures, they sit up in the corner of an 8x10 space. Can't figure out why - drives me crazy. I do have it plugged in!

kdwhorses said...

Loved the pictures of all the horses! Thanks for sharing! THey do become such a big part of our lives, I wouldn't change it! I to become so attached to them! Your "little cowboy" is too cute! Hope you all have a great New Year!

Dawn said...

Thanks for the tips on scanning the pictures. I"ll have Kristen read it over and help me. I am really so un-techhie it is pathetic!

Tonya said...

I love all the pictures. Ginger Snap reminds me of Betty (in a way)....what great memories to have and thanks for sharing. I hope one day my family and I can walk down memory lane like that.

I am with you on Ree's blog. I just love it and have been so addicted to Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. I even DVR'ed her appearance on CNN so I wouldn't miss it. I also bought some prints from her and a calendar.

I told her earlier last year that I wanted her to offer ranch you can imagine when she asked her readers about it I was really excited but with baby bird on the way, I don't know that I would get to go anytime soon!

I couldn't decide if I thought the puppy was a beagle or basset. We have a beagle so you'd think I'd know. He is cute regardless!