Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thankful Thursday!

This was a SUPER day! My friend Jean and I took Buddy in for a check up and he passed with flying colors!!! YIPPEE!! Doc took x-rays of his front feet again to compare with the last ones and there was no more rotation of the coffin bone and other things had cleared up to the point where he is ready for shoes!! I was bouncing off the walls I was so excited, this is a huge improvement for him. Also I don't have to put the boots on him every day which was very time consuming and hard on MY knees holding him up as I vet wrapped them on. Another HUGE step forward! He can go out with the other horses an hour twice a day which is up from a half hour as long as he doesn't get into thick grass which isn't possible here as they have pretty much eaten everything down. Another big improvement for him so that he doesn't have to stay alone in the riding ring all the time. So I am very thankful tonight and happy that all the hard work, sweat and tears have paid off so far. I appreciate all of your good thoughts during this ordeal, so many of you have asked how he is doing and commented on how good he looks when I post pictures of him. Thank you sooooooooo much and continue to pray that he continues on this path to wellness that he is going on!

I got a note from Laura over at Organizing Junkie the other day. She was the one that won one of my totes on the Dog Days of Summer Give Away that so many of us participated in recently. She has been away for a month and got back yesterday and posted this nice write up in her most recent blog. It was one of my lighthouse totes and I am so pleased that she likes it:
When I got home from holidays I had some very special mail waiting for me. The first was this lovely tote bag I won in the Dog Days of Summer giveaway.Midlife Mom from Home on the Range makes these beautiful tote bags with her daughter in law and it is just so cute. I love that it has pockets inside and opens to a flat bottom. I'm going to use my new bag as my church bag and can hardly wait to show it off! If you are interested in seeing her other designs she can be reached at thediz(AT)adelphia(DOT)net.

I have been working on our new design and finished a funky little dog fabric tote the other night. See the paw prints on the front pocket?

It has the pocket on the front, a large pocket inside plus two smaller pockets for cell phones and camera. It's different from our other bags as it is made out of 26 squares, has a more square bottom and is wider rather then deeper then our other ones. These things are STURDY and are washable on delicate and tumble dry. I have been using one as a purse rather then a tote and love it. I think they will do well at the craft fair.

I am still trying to get caught up on all your posts since I finished with jury duty. Myrna over at Cherish the Word is getting ready to have an online Bible study and has a give away going on that you might want to check out. The Bible study is going to be Beth Moore's book A Woman's Heart and she is giving away 5 of the books!

I looked out the window to the back yard Tuesday when T was here and I think she was going to baptize Noodles in the birdbath!!! I think I intervened just in time! lol!

It's starting to thunder and lightening so I guess I'd better call it a day for today.


Donna said...

Having once had a foundered horse, I can surely put myself in your place. I am rejoicing with you.

Anonymous said...

Omigosh! You made that bag just for ME, didn't you?!! I LOVE IT!! We raise dogs ... how perfect is that! AND, I think I'm going to be needing a diaper bag very soon ... no, I'm NOT pg ... hehe. It's looking like we are going to be foster parenting soon next week!

Seriously, if that bag is for sale, please let me know. :o)

Theresa said...

oops...I didn't mean to be anonymous!!

palmtreefanatic said...

what a great shot!
cute bag!

the moose buyer said...

I am so happy Buddy is doing well. I was really worried, having been around horses and knowing what it takes when they aren't well.

I also love your artistic abilities. I have absolutely no craft talent myself, since my sister seems to have inherited all my mom's talent.

Midlife Mom said...

Hi Theresa!
I can't get to your site by clicking on your name so you'll have to either e-mail me or leave me another comment with your blog address on it. Yes, the bag is for sale, it's $35.00 plus $5.00 postage. I have some other dog bags too, working on one right now that is adorable. Let me know if you want it, these go fast!
Midlife Mom

Dawn said...

I am happy for you and for Buddy! I love those totes - I'm a real bag lady!

PEA said...

HUGE smile on my face as I read how well Buddy is doing:-) I knew all your TLC would do the trick!!! I can just imagine how thrilled you were when the vet told you how well he's come along:-) Oh my goodness, look at that doggie tote's gorgeous!! You do such beautiful work and I can tell how well made your totes the paw prints pocket:-) xoxox

Suzy said...

Glad to hear that Buddy is finally better....your totes are beautiful..everyone is making those fabric bags! i've sewn for years, but never tried to make any purses!

KC said...

YIPPIE is sooooooooooooooooo right...
I'm so happy for you and Buddie, that is the best news ever.

BarnGoddess said...


I am so VERY happy for you. I KNOW how you love Buddy and how important this good news is :)