Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

It has been a beautiful Thursday today. Mom and I went to the flower nursery and got some beautiful plants to set out. They still have a good selection so we could have bought the place out. Good thing we weren't in the truck or several hydrangea would have been headed for the ole' farm! Still may go back and get some, they were just gorgeous and I love to dry them and use them to decorate my Christmas tree, just tucking them in the branches here and there. It is very pretty.
Yesterday I got an invite to go to lunch with dcrmom, her three gorgeous kids and my SIL. I'm never one to pass up a good meal out that I didn't have to prepare so I jumped in the car and met them at the restaurant. We had a good time catching up on family things and of course some blogging stuff. She is my Mentor you know. :0)

The kids were sooooooooooo good! We were there quite awhile and they sat in their seats very patiently. A nice lady even stopped by our table on her way out to compliment us on how well behaved they were. That's nice, and I am going to do that in the future. Usually you just get stares from grumpy people when kids act like kids and make a little noise or something.

Well Buddy stepped on my foot today..... I think he was getting back at me for squirting the applesauce with bute in it in his eye last week! I can't say as I blame him! His eye has been fine though and never did get red or irritated, guess I flushed it all out thankfully! Anyway I was wrapping one of his front feet when he decided to take a step with a back foot and it landed right on MY foot. Yikes, did that hurt! He's lost some weight but still is probably around 1200 lbs. I let a yelp out of me and pushed him off and I really think he was snickering! No broken toes, just sore tonight so I really can't complain. Do horses snicker??

I have a new pet. Now this guy stays outside in my garden but I have been enjoying watching him each day for a few minutes. The pictures are a bit blurry but I wanted to get a close up but didn't get down on my knees I was just holding the camera down low trying to get a shot of him. He's really pretty, yellow and black. Don't know what kind he is, anyone know?? He's living in one of my coreopsis plants. I was trimming that plant yesterday and disturbed him and he went off in a huff but was back again today.

Got some beautiful lilies at the nursery. They are VERY fragrant so I had to keep the windows open in the car on the way home. I sprayed them with some deer repellent as I don't know if they are a delicacy for them or not and don't want to take any chances.

Here are a couple of pictures of my birdseed stealing raccoons that were here last week. They dumped the blue bucket over, kicked the cup out of the way and the feast was on! Well, until I noticed them and shooed them off and closed the door. This picture is blurry too as I took it through the sliding glass door. The one on the right is Mom and the other two are babies, plus there were a couple more hiding behind a chair. The middle one was laying right on his belly and woofing down the seeds!

Saturday we are having a family picture done of the WHOLE family. There are 41 of us counting Grampa, the 5 siblings and their families and grandchildren. Now how long do you suppose it will take to get all 41 of us saying Cheese! at the same time without closing our eyes??? This should make for some good bloggy fodder! The big thing has been what to wear???? The women, including myself, have been trying to figure out what the best thing is to wear that will make us look slim, young and wrinkle free. Now the photographer said that wearing white will add 15 pounds and wearing black will take 15 pounds off so guess what I'm wearing?????? BLACK, as in black everything! I don't think he was referring to underwear but I'm going to wear that black too just to make sure! heehee!
Sunday after church we are all going to our favorite seafood restaurant on the coast, The Lobster Pound in Lincolnville for a meal. It is a tradition to go there when our family from the south is here vacationing. We have been going there for years and years. I have a picture of Son at age 2 that was taken there and he was holding a live lobster. Now he is 31 and we were going there even when he was just a baby. I love traditions and look forward to this outing every year. :0)
Guess that's it from this part of the woods. Like my bio says, it's not terribly exciting but it's my life and I LOVE it!
P.S. Blogger is giving me fits and running my paragraphs all together tonight no matter how many times I edit so that is why I put the ****** in here.


Susie said...

Those stargazer lilys are beautiful and I know what you mean about the strong fragrance!
Glad no real damage was done to your foot by Buddy.
Your family photo is going to be wonderful. Can't wait to see it :)

Myrna said...

The racoons are cute little birdseed bandits. You have so many animals that visit you!

Glad to know that Buddy is feeling up to pushing you around a little. Hope your foot is OK! :-)

Kaila said...

Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!

Yes, I do believe horses snicker. I was trying to put a bit into a horses mouth that I had never ridden before and she was moving her head all over the place. When I stopped and looked at her she seemed to be laughing at me! I hope your foot feels better.

Hold Your Horses said...

Stargazer Lillies are my absolute favorite! I noticed them this morning and drove slowly by so I could 'gaze' at them! Maybe next week I can trade a day of pay for a small handful of those... :)

Your new pet is a Garden Spider, also known as the Writer Spider because of the neat zig zags they put in their webs. When Brother and I were little we thought they were poisonous and were scared to death of the little buggers!

BarnGoddess said...


spiders. they scare me silly.

ouch, glad your foot wasnt hurt too badly. Im sure Buddy didnt mean it, right?

wow-look at those coons. It makes me want to go load up Uncle Dennis's old Walker Coon hound named, Rambo and give them a run...

I was an avid coon hunter when I was 14-30 years old. Some of the best hunting memories I have are running behind our hounds. I miss them!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

How great that you are taking a family picture! Hope you all have a good time doing it.

We had racoons getting into the dog food a few years ago, now we keep it locked up in a different garage so they can't get at it!

Gretchen said...

I'm not a fan of spiders or snakes or any other creepy crawlie, but they can live outside all they want. :)

Cute racoons. They are little bandits, aren't they?

the moose buyer said...

I have no idea what the flowers are or what the spider is.

I do know what it feels to have a horse step on your foot though and I do feel your pain and yes, I do believe they snicker.

Rising Rainbow said...

The lillies are gorgeous, I would like to have some of them but never find them when I get to the nursery.

Sorry to hear about your foot! And that Buddy is still struggling with the founder. I've been lucky and not had to deal with that first hand but had a friend who tried to save a foundered mare. It didn't end well but there were extenuating circumstances complicating the issues.

Racoons are so cute but sure can be mischievious.

palmtreefanatic said...

Wow! lots happening! eat some seafood for me;)

lovely lillies, and wow you got lots of new creatures visiting! maybe moving in...
have a lovely weekend!

Suzy said...

The flowers are beautiful...I guess I should get out to the nursery and get some more perennials before the season is over!
Sounds like you could start a wild life refuge up there!

Kerri said...

Hi! I've enjoyed so much catching up with your "doings"! Your poor foot! Hope it's doing better. I've never had a horse, but I'm sure they snicker :)
Stargazers are wonderful! The moles ate mine :(
What fun to have the family photo taken...and then eat seafood by the water! Pure bliss! That's a long tradition. No wonder you enjoy it.
I could give you a hint on keeping the deer away, but I'd need to e-mail it. If I don't find your e-mail in your profile, would you e-mail me please? And then I'll reply. Mine's in my profile.

Dawn said...

I hate it when Blogger does that to me. It can be fixed in HTML, but I'm never sure where to go to make the line.

Love the pictures of the wildlife - check mine out today for more varieties!

Have a wonderful time taking that picture. We did it with that many people a couple of years ago, but it was casual, not a portrait. Fun to have, though.

KC said...

Busy busy.. and I have heard already about how that photo shoot went.. OH MY GOODNESS.. is all I can say about that, though I heard you had a good lunch afterwards :)

OUCH OUCH OUCH.. shame on Buddy for stepping on your toe and then snickering :P I'm glad you are ok. How is Buddy's foot doing?

I can't wait to hear your take from the pictures and your lunch out on sunday.. sounds like lots of fun.

OHHHHHH and great pictures