Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday Ramblings

I took this picture last week at dusk. I love the colors and it was a beautiful day the following day. I guess the old saying 'red at night sailors delight, red in the morning sailors take warning' is true.

It's just a gorgeous Saturday here. I have been to the stable where I keep Funsize's Morgan to do chores as the owner is out of town. There are only six horses there this summer so that is EASY. Some of them like mine go home for the summer and back in late fall. We usually have 12 there in the winter.

My best friend Ann and I did all the chores and put everyone out after applying bug spray, Swat on any booboos, face wipe to keep the face flies at bay. There's always something to annoy the poor horses when they are outside. I feel badly when I see some out swishing away with no spray on. My mother says I can't save them all but you sure wish you could. I did stop yesterday at a place that has had complaints in the past for poor care of their horses. This time they only had one there and he looked good, had hay and water and a fly mask on. Whewwww! I gave a big sigh of relief!

Was reading the local paper yesterday and on the front page was an article about potty training. Does this sound like a slow news day to you? It did me too but I guess maybe that's a good thing no catastrophes or anything. Anyway I digress...... The news was that you can potty train your babies from birth. From birth. Now I know I only had one child and he wasn't trained until he was two and a half but did I miss something here?????? No diapers??? They said the worst problem was finding undies that would fit those tiny little behinds. Now I know some of you have little ones and I want to know if you have heard of this?????? One of my nieces has a little girl that was trained at 7 months and I thought that was unbelievable. :0)

In my last post I put in a picture of the latest tote that I had finished with doggies on it. A gal named Theresa wanted it but I tried to click on your link but it wouldn't link back to you so if you are reading this you'll have to e-mail me or send me your blog address. I put my e-mail address on the comment section of that post. Yes, my bags are for sale at $35.00 plus $5.00 shipping in US and Canada. (HI PEA!) I don't put pictures in to try to sell to you all, I just like to share what I am doing, but if anyone wants one I am glad to ship it to you. I get so excited if I think one came out particularly cute so like to post them as I like to see what you all are doing. I do need to get a site set up but right now I'm getting ready for the November show so probably will do it after that. My bum knee has set me back on my supply but I'm taking the ole' ibupro*fen now and that helps.

My SIL and husband are here this weekend from Massachusetts with NINE teenagers staying at the lake! They have triplets and of course everyone wanted to bring friends with them so they have a house full. Can you imagine the grocery bill for this outing????!!! My niece L is the one that rides Nick when she is in town. Unfortunately it's about the only exercise he gets so he is rather frisky and naughty when she rides but she does a good job with him.

This is one of my favorite pics of Grampie and T. They are going down the road that we have behind the barn that goes out into the woods to the carriage trails that we are working on.

Well Hubby just got home so I guess I'd better get some lunch on the table or even better suggest going out to Captain Nick's for a crab meat roll. Hummmmm......not a hard choice!
Hope you are all having a great holiday weekend!!!


Dawn said...

What a gorgeous sky! I am having so much fun with my camera taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets, and flowers.

I think going out to lunch far surpasses fixing something! Any time.

As for potty training - we need to read that article. We thought Feisty was trained last summer when she had not one accident on our vacation, but when we got home, she backslid totally. It's been over a year and she's still not 100%. She was so tiny last year that we had a hard time finding little bum panties to fit.

kdwhorses said...

I love the colors in the sky at that time of the day! I too was outside today exercising horses and braiding manes, tails and applying fly spray! It was beautiful this morning with a nice breeze! I found your blog on Frazzled Farm Wife's blog and wanted to stop by and say hi! I too am horse crazy! Anyway, glad to meet you and I will checking in later! God Bless,
Kris from East Texas

Theresa said...

I wonder why you can't click thru to my blog? Weird!! My email is My blog address is

kdwhorses said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will be keeping in touch, as we have so much in common. I hope your geriatric apy is recovering well. I know it can be challenging at times, when one is sick. My husband's horse now has summer allergies and it is a constant battle all summer to keep him comfortable. Good luck and keep us posted.
God Bless!!

PEA said...

Did you enjoy your crab meat roll??? lol I so love going out to eat:-) It was a beautiful day here too, full of sunshine and only in the low 70's so it was very pleasant. I ended up going out to a couple of thrift shops...attempted to go to WalMart but it was nuts in there so I came right back out! lol That picture you took at dusk is just gorgeous...I so love that time of day and often you'll find me sitting on my patio swing watching the sunset:-) Potty training babies from birth?? I'd have to see it to believe it! lol Sheesh! Love that picture of T and your about a Hallmark moment:-) xoxox

the moose buyer said...

what a gorgeous picture of the sky. you guys are very lucky to have that. When our sky is that color it's because of the fires - UGH!

I completely understand your caring about the horses. The flies around their faces used to bother me too.

Deirdre said...

Hello:) I love your pictures! And I would love to order one of your bags!

Myrna said...

Beautiful sunset!

I have had some reading to do--Still ctching up from being gone last week.

Glad to see Buddy doing so well. YOu do such a good job with your horses. It is sad that some people do not treaat animals with the respect they deserve. Some people should jus tnot have animals! YOur horses ar well loved!

Thanks for mentioning the giveaway and bible study at my blog. I can't wait to start the Bible study! Wish I could have given more books to people.

BarnGoddess said...

that last photo is ::priceless::

all the photos are great btw!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Gorgeous picture of the sky and I also love seeing pics of the kids on the horses!

palmtreefanatic said...

beautiful sky!
and enjoyed the other photos as well;)
I am so ready to go out to eat again! Especailly after all the fixings for the baby shower!

Rising Rainbow said...

It is a beautiful sky and I love the pic of the horse ride going down the lane. Will be a great treasure someday.