Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

Another jury free day! Yippee! It's cool and breezy, just my favorite kind of weather and did I mention NO HUMIDITY! :0) I seem to have tons more energy when it's not humid so today I plan on accomplishing a LOT!

Yesterday I did some things that I have been putting off and one was to print off tons of pictures that I have on my computer. I have a back up system but don't know how to use it so thought with all the thunder and lightening storms that went through last week I'd better get the best pictures printed off in case my computer got struck or crashed. Or exploded. Or whatever computers can do so that you lose your pictures.

It was hard picking the best ones as anything to do with my grandchildren I think is wonderful, (it's a grandmother thing) so I printed quite a few of them. Of course I printed all of the ones of Buddy, just in case....... I need to go to Staples today and get some more photo paper and go through a hundred gazillion more but I got a good start.

I got a wonderful surprise from my friend Pea at Peas Corner recently! She awarded me the Nice Matters Award! You can see it on my sidebar. I don't know what to say really about these awards that I have been getting. It is so touching to have people award them to me, I am very humbled by this. Thank you Pea, you sure have touched my heart and I appreciate it so much!!! :0) If any of you haven't met Pea you should take the time to stop by her place for a visit as she is one of the nicest gals I've met, although I think EVERYONE in Bloggityville knows her, she gets around to a lot of sites! :0)

Back to Jury Duty. You all know I asked your opinion about what to wear. I took your advice and dressed appropriately in nice black pressed capri's, nice Talbot's sweater, matching sandals, accessorized jewelry, hair combed and face washed. I say all this as there were some there that looked like they had just crawled out of bed and hadn't washed their face or combed their hair let alone taken a shower! ewwwwwww!

What is it with people? Now there were other's that were dressed nicely and looked like they had taken time to to look appropriate so don't get me wrong. BUT what about the others??? I am not kidding when I say some of them looked like they were ready to go do yard work or shovel horse stalls. It was obvious they didn't want to be there but neither did any of the rest of us and we didn't look like we'd picked something out of the bottom of the hamper to wear.

Seeings that I am on a tirade today I'll keep going. What about this GUM thing? I bet there were 25 people chawing and I don't mean chewing I mean chawing on a big wad of gum. It doesn't lend itself to making one look like a good prospect for a jury that I would want with them looking like a cow chewing it's cud. Okay, I've ranted long enough but I had to get these things off my chest! lol!

I went to a lovely baby shower last night for a gal that I have known since she was a little girl. She looked adorable with her big belly and she still has about a month yet to go. She's only about 5 feet tall and everything is way out in front so I don't know how she even gets a breath but she is doing fine.

The gifts were amazing. There are things now for babies that weren't around when I was having my son 31 years ago. We thought disposable diapers were just AMAZING and of course they were a big step ahead of the old cloth diapers that we had to rinse out in the flush and then wash. GAG! I was always afraid I would stick a diaper pin in my son too, but never did.

Anywho, there were things I had never seen before like sheets that zip around the mattress so that they stay in place. What a great idea, why didn't I think of that? The clothes were sooooooooooooooo cute, I had to pick up and look at everything. And soft, when did things get so soft and cuddly like the stuffed toys? And Crocs for a baby!!! The ohhhs and ahhhhhs were coming from all over the room. What fun that was!

Guess that's it for today. Need to go to Home Depot to pick up some ceiling fans that I am going to have installed at the cottage. That's the highlight of my day but it sure beats jury duty! :0)


Susie said...

Congratulations on your nice matters. You are 100% correct on your sweet words about Pea. She is just as nice to talk to her on the phone as she is through her blog!!
Sounds like a pleasant summer day for you. We just came from Home Depot and it's truly NOT my favorite place.
(I do like the end result of the things we buy there though!)

PEA said...

You are more than welcome for the award my friend:-) I'm very touched by what you said about me, thank you!! Like you, I always find it amazing how some people won't even make an effort to be presentable...and oh I so agree with you on the chewing gum subject!!! It's cooler here today too with no humidity and I actually don't have the AC on, I've opened the windows and doors to let the fresh air in:-) This is the type of weather I wish it would be all the time! lol Good luck on getting all your pictures printed out...I put them all on cd's once I get a folder full. Keep enjoying your day and one day we'll have to trade phone numbers:-) xoxox

palmtreefanatic said...

glad to hear you got out of jury duty! Most people dont dress up a bit anymore, sad! Although maybe those gruffy people were thinking, they wont get picked;) lol

Congrats on your award! You deserve this completely! so cool!

Always nice to hear when your weather is sunny and nice or weather rainy, as it comes here that way the next day! Today has been lots of storms! right now we are going through a tornado warning, so why am I on here? hmmm/??? hehehe my bad! Need to pick up my DH and daughter when it gets safe!
enjoy all your free time, the work will wait;)

Suzy said...

I'm so glad that you got that all of your chest!!!!
Congrats on you're a very popular gal these days!

Joan said...

Congrats on your's well deserved.

Ah...jury duty. I think some working folk look upon doing your civic duty as a vacation so they dress "down"...way, way down. And for the gum chewing...I was a prospective juror in one courtroom where the judge made every juror spit out their gum with the admonition..."No gum chewing in my court!"

Donna said...

Indeed it amazes me the things they have for babies these days. With my firstborn, my son, I didn't even have a clothes dryer. So I hung his diapers out on the line and they froze stiff in winter.

You deserve any award you get. I've never visited Pea, so I'm going to check her out now.

BarnGoddess said...

congrats on your award :)

there are all kinds of cool things for babies these days...Im not so sure I would have had kids if I lived 50 years way now that I think about it!

it amazes me all the time when I see people out in public looking like they either just rolled out of bed OR they havent taken a shower in weeks. that is just nasty! especially if people go to jury duty like that-gross!
where is their self-respect?

the moose buyer said...

congratulations on your award.

Sounds to me like you are having a pretty good summer. I hope your weather holds - hey, maybe until December huh??

How is Buddy doing????

Tammy said...

Congratulations- you are so deserving of the nice matters award! :D
It was fun to catch up with you...and fun to read your "tirade"! LOL Because I totally agree!
Have a great weekend! :)

Kaila said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile and I really enjoy reading it.


Myrna said...

there are some judges here that are imposing dress codes on ALL people who enter the court1 It's kind of sad that people have to be told to clean up and look decent in court!

I'm jealous of your weather! We are having some of the HOTTEST WEATHER ON RECORD in The Volunteer State. It's HOT and DRY! Today I'm keeping most of the blinds closed to keep the heat out--and I'm not going outside unless I absolutely have to! I'm just pitiful about the heat.

Come on over to my place, MM. I have some name fun for you.

KC said...

Now see if I would have been keeping up with my blog reading I would have seen you got the nice award, but since I was behind on reading blogs.. I missed that and I gave it to you also over on my blog :)

You must just be super nice since you got it twice.

BarnGoddess said...

just checkin' in! I figure your busy with jury duty..

I hope your doing well!

Kristen said...

Jury duty. I have never been "lucky" enough to have to report for jury duty. I was supposed to once but the case was settled out of court. Bummer.

I wanted to thank you so much for coming by and offering your prayers and support for me in regards to my babies. I will continue to update as I learn more. I really appreciate your prayers!

Pea is great, isn't she? ;-)