Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

I have been set free! My obligation to Jury Duty ended yesterday at 1 PM. I was not chosen for any of the trials I guess due to my conservative views on drugs and my association with MADD, Mother's Against Drunk Drivers. They really didn't want me on the OUI cases. I think I would have been a good one to have to offer my point of view on personal responsibilities but the lawyers didn't think so. So I left, feeling like the kid not chosen to play on the ball team but that's okay.

I called Husband and he was just leaving for lunch with FIL so I grabbed a free lunch with them at Captain Nick's where they have the best crabmeat rolls anywhere! To further my celebration I went to the flower nursery which was just a mile up the road and picked out some beautiful hydrangea trees to be set out in my front gardens. I've needed something with a little height out there and these will fill the bill.

My yard men arrived this morning with the three bags of composted materials that are to be mixed in with the soil around the new trees but without the trees. Hummmmm.......... the nursery people forgot to tell them about the trees. Oh well they went back out and got them and got them put in the ground.

A few nights ago my niece and her family came up to the ole' mini farm to play with the ponies and enjoy some barn culture. Barn culture consists of not stepping into something you shouldn't and not getting your fingers bitten off while feeding carrots to the horses. Husband came home early that day and we got the horses all shampooed, conditioner put on, Show Sheen etc so that they would smell good for the company. We got Kipper saddled up ready for three little ones to have rides and D went first around the ring three times and that was the end of his equestrian experience. He did very well but Kipper was itchy from being so clean. Horses like to be dirty. They like to roll in mud and sand. This is natures bug spray for them. All that work of shampooing was gone the minute we took the saddle off and he started rolling in the sand in the ring! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr..
C decided she didn't want to ride so we got Nick and Kipper out and let them show off a bit for the kids.

One thing the kids liked, AND their Daddy, was the Rhino 4-wheeler, they had fun buzzing around in that. Next we got out the Suzuki 4-wheeler and everyone had a turn on that. Notice how beautiful the sky was that night!

Most of these pictures I have pirated off my nieces blog. Is that illegal?? If so I am in BIG trouble! I'll have to implicate my friend Pea also as she told me how to do it! heehee! (Sorry Pea, we may have to share a cell!)

T had her next to last riding lesson before School starts. She loves the pony she rides there and he is very well behaved. She is going over the little tiny jumps and loves it, I think she thinks she is ready for the Grand Prix!

It's beautiful here in Maine today. I love cooler temps although it was 42* when I went out to the barn this morning. Yikes! That's a bit cold for August! Funsize is down with a sinus infection so I did chores this morning. Makes me appreciate her even more when I have to do it all by myself! :0) I miss you Funsize, get well soon!!!!


Tonya said...

I thought those pics looked familiar - hee hee hee!

Can y'all ship popovers, lobster stew and crab rolls? I'm thinking we don't have any places down here that sell those!

I love seeing the pics of T at her lessons. One day she'll be jumping the big ones and these will all be just a memory on the blog and in your hearts!

KC said...

What a fun time it looks as you all are having.

Glad jury duity is done and over with for you..

T always looks so cute during her lessons

palmtreefanatic said...

Glad jury duty is over! ;)

Loved all the photos! And T is so darn cute riding the horse! love it!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Darn horses are just like kids....get them all cleaned up so they can get all dirty again!

Loved seeing all the pics even tho you stole some.

the moose buyer said...

pictures are super and T looks great. Yeah, she will be a champion yet.

I remember bathing the horses only to let them into the arena and have them roll all over the place.

Dawn said...

I am so far behind! Thanks so much for continuing to stop by to visit, and for your prayers. Much appreciated!

dcrmom said...

Oh that is so fun reliving our visit on your blawwwwg. :-) It was so much fun. Until next year...

palmtreefanatic said...

You have been Tagged! come check it out!

BarnGoddess said...

terrific photos, as usual!

your horses look great :)

Gretchen said...

I never get called for jury duty. Hazard of my job, but I know every liar er lawyer, cop and criminal in the entire area. Non of them want me on a jury. :)

Great photos! Thanks for sharing the slice of your life.