Monday, August 13, 2007

Mondays Musings & Tuesday Tidbits

It's Monday again, the weekends sure fly by especially when you're having a good time. It was lovely at the lake yesterday, the water was warm, the air was not humid, the sun was out with occasional puffy clouds drifting by and there was a nice breeze. The kids are really turning into really good swimmers, with both sets of grandparents with places on the lake they get a lot of swim time in. Next door is my husband's brother and family and they put out a big float with a ladder to climb up on and then cannon ball back in the water. I couldn't count how many times the cousins did that.

I went out too but took a tube with me in case I got tired plus I had three little ones swimming out with me and even though they had on life jackets I still felt such a big responsibility for them so wanted the extra protection of the tube. I'm a pretty good swimmer as I grew up on the lake too but I don't think I am strong enough to save someone else in deep water. I am starting back at the pool after jury duty and taking some private lessons to hone my swimming skills.

We went to a lovely wedding Saturday night. It was just beautiful with eight bridesmaids, flower girls, and eight grooms men. The bride had on a gorgeous dress that was very fitted at the top but poofed out in layers the rest of the way down. Wish I could draw it for you as I didn't get any pictures. Duh! It was very different and lovely. She surprised her groom by singing Lost In The Moment by Big And Rich to him. He was totally surprised and I could tell he was very touched.

As the bridesmaids came in with their hair perfect, the make up perfect, the dresses beautiful and not overly done I couldn't help but think how quickly our youth is gone and all of a sudden I find myself middle aged and having hot flashes and all the rest that goes with it. Don't get me wrong, I love this stage in my life, well other then the hot flashes and the added weight, but youth sure has it's advantages.

The Matron of Honor was the sister of the bride and she is the one that I went to the baby shower for last week. She looked so cute in her dress with her big belly sticking out! The dress was so tastefully done and not like the celebrities wear that is tight around the middle. It was nicely fitting, not like a moo-moo, but fell gently over her big bump.

The father of the bride sang I Loved Her First by Heartland to his daughter and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. I don't know how he gets through doing stuff like this without crying but he does. He sang You Are So Beautiful to his other daughter (you know the one with the bump) when she got married several years ago.

Okay, here it is Tuesday and I still haven't finished this. Yesterday DIL, her Mom and I worked in the sweat shop (what Husband calls my sewing room when we are all in there sewing together!) all day on a new pattern design for our totes. Mimi (DIL's Mom) is the brains of the outfit and she was teaching us as she had made one already. I am not a directions person, I have to have someone show me and then I am all set but to follow intricate directions, forget it! T and D played in the new playhouse and in the playroom which is right off my sewing room so they were busy.

It's HARD learning a new design but Mimi got us through it and we are delighted with the results. I think this may be even a bigger seller then our signature bags which are on point. When I get this one finished I will put in a picture for your input.

Today was T's riding lesson this morning and she had a good time. She has the biggest smile on her face when she is riding, she really enjoys it. T on the other hand gets a bit bored watching so we have to keep him busy. There are sheep next door so we walked over to see them and I asked him what they say and he said they say "MOO"! I said "no they say BAA" but he thought it was funny to tell me that they say Moo.

After that I went and got my neck adjusted at the chiropractor, then the feed store for grain and stall dry and then the nursery to get some plants to replace some that attract the deer and beetles. They still had a good selection and I came home and got them put in the ground. If the deer eat them tonight you will hear a grown woman crying all the way to the west coast!

Went out to give Buddy his medicine this morning and the syringe was sticking so I tapped in on the stall door and half of it came flying out and hit him right in the eye!! It is mostly applesauce with a half gram of bute in it so he didn't get much but I was horrified that I did that!!!! I flushed his eye out with water and then called the vet to see if there was anything else I should be doing. Thankfully he said I did the right thing and that there shouldn't be any more problem as long as I didn't get anything else in his eye like gasoline or motor oil! Nothing like a sassy vet! ha! Buddy is back on pain med as he had his feet trimmed and it made him sore again. This isn't unusual but I felt we took a step backwards which was discouraging.

Guess I will get this sent out as I need to get dinner going plus I need to catch up on your posts! I can see I'm going to have some good reading tonight.

I called dcrmom this morning who is in town and guess where she was??????????? Headed for Bar Harbor where the infamous pop overs are! you suppose there was a feeding frenzy not unlike the ones I experience myself?


Dawn said...

I agree with your rant! I can't believe how people dress to go to weddings and funerals, not to mention church. And gum chewing is one of my pettest peeves.

Jury Duty - I think I told you I got out of it. IF not, let me know, and I'll tell you about it.

Thanks for your prayers for all of us. It has been a rough few days.

Susie said...

You stay so busy all the time!!
Can't wait to see your new bag design. Your others were lovely :)
You fight the deer and we fight the squirrels. We lose so much to them.
Glad to hear no real harm came to Buddy..

palmtreefanatic said...

busy busy! you are quite the busy lady!

I love weddings! sounds like it was quite a lovely one too!

And swimming? good for you to go get a lesson or 2! I cannot imagine going through all that again, of course I cannot even get my youngest 1 to pass his lessons! sigh
perhaps I Need this to help him?

Busy Busy sewing again! I would love you to show us all your work!
Well relax a bit too;)

Gretchen said...

You're such a busy person!

BarnGoddess said...

it sounds like you have been a busy gal! glad your having decent weather :)

poor Buddy! sorry to hear about his setback after his hoof trim. Hopefully he's feeling better.

My old horse Scooter has lost some weight. Hes eating and Iam pushing the Equine Senior to him but the vet said hes probably just reached that elderly age where nothing keeps them rotund. I refuse to agree with this and intend on him gaining back those 50 pounds.

Oh no about the medicine mishap! I know a guy who was giving his crazy horse a west nile booster and stuck himself in the side because he wasnt paying attention to the needle and fussing with his misbehaving horse...

Myrna said...

boy! yOu are a busy lady! Looking forward to the unveiling of the new tote!

I've got a question for you. Do you know what is going on with Susie at Bluebird Blogs?

She was supposed to be doing a button for my Fall Bible Study. I have tried contacting her and get no response. I went to her personal blog last night and found that she hasn't posted since the Doggy Days Giveaway! I'm getting worried about her.

Have you had recent contact with her? I was concerned about my button, now I'm concerned about her.

the moose buyer said...

boy, did you have a busy time. I too can't believe you did that to Buddy but accidents do happen. I sure am pleased that everything is ok still.

KC said...

I read all of this and had so much to comment on but all my thoughts went flying right out of my head when I started LOL so hard about dcrmom and those popovers LOL LOL. Wonder if she will be posting pictures of them soon :)

Sounds like you had a wonderful time on the lake I'm sure the kids loved it.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

A father singer to his daugher at her wedding...I know I would be a blubbering baby through that! How did the dad hold up?

Tammy said...

I loved reading your nice long update! I sure do envy your family being all together like that- and in the country by a lake, yet! You all are truly blessed!

The wedding sounds so very beautiful...and oh, I know what you mean about that youth slipping by. In my head I'm still in my 20's half the time, and then see all these new signs of aging appearing, when back in my 20's, I just "knew" it wouldn't somehow happen to me! LOL

I'll be posting part 2 very soon...I was feeling under the weather this week with a bug, so it's taking a little longer in coming.
Happy Thursday!

Dawn said...

Thanks again for your support this past week. I am so thankful for all of the praying friends I've made out there in cyberspace!

I love the nickname Jelly Belly. Clever little granddaughter!

Kerri said...

It certainly sounds like a beautiful wedding, especially with the bride singing to the groom and the father singing to the bride. Both very touching, I'm sure. I wish you'd remembered your camera!
A cottage on the lake...what a dream! And how wonderful for the grandchildren.
I meant to say your racoon pics are very cute. Hope they don't make a habit of coming though, pesky little critters. We have those spiders here too.
There's so much to do in our short summers, isn't there? They go much too fast.