Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

What a beautiful day it is here in good old Maine. It's breezy and warm but not humid, just the right day to hang sheets on the line which I did first thing this morning. I LOVE the smell of sheets that have been hung out on the line, it is just so good to lay my head on the pillow and take in that delicious scent.

Mom and I went out this morning to do errands. My car just seemed to want to go to the flower nursery again so I went along with it.......ahem.....We picked out four more flowering shrubs to be put in around the yard so I need to call my yard man (Bobby) and let him know. We got some Mock Orange that Mom says smells delicious when in bloom, two more hydrangea trees for out back, and another one, I can't think of the name of it but it attracts butterflies and it has pink blossoms.

They have lovely things at this nursery and the people that help you are very knowledgeable which is a big plus. My gardens are holding their own although those few days of temps in the 40's at night kind of shocked them a bit. I'm not ready to start covering them yet, but will have to when we start getting frost until I get tired of it and then they will all go in the compost pile. Our growing season is so short. The second picture is a trumpet flower and it is an annual that managed to survive the winter and came up again this year in my garden by the porch.

I love these decorative grasses. I took out the petunias that were looking a bit weary and put these in my urns plus some orange and yellow plants for fall.

My veg garden has been slow this year. I have the weirdest looking peppers. I must have bought the wrong ones or they were not marked correctly. I'll post a picture and maybe someone can tell me what I'm growing out there. The pumpkins are coming along well but I have only had one red tomato that is going in tonight's salad along with some of the cucumbers.

This is one of the new hydrangea trees that I got last week and Bobby set it out for me. It is the PeeGee variety and will turn pink and I can dry them.

This is another variety of hydrangea with a more cone shaped bloom that the bees and butterflies just love.

Of course I had to wander out in the pasture and take a few shots of some of my boys. Buddy is having his 20 minute grass break that he gets twice a day other then that he has to stay in the ring or in his stall with hay.

The ole' barn is still looking pretty good. You can't see but my weather vane on top of the cupola is a horse. Of course. Look at that sky today, just beautiful!

We were invited out to DIL's parents place at the lake yesterday. It was a great day to be in the water as it was very hot and humid. I did some swimming with Mimi and the grand kids and we all went out to the float where they all tried to push me off. Not Mimi, the grands! The water was perfect, not too cold not to warm, just very refreshing. Mimi put on a good spread for us as always and I ate too much as usual but everything tastes so good at the lake.
D rode home with us a played in the new playhouse for a while. We are still waiting for the Mic*key and Min*nie cut outs for the shutters to be finished. Bobby (yard man) moved some plants and set them out on each side of the steps going into the play house so next year they will look good.
FIL, Son, T & D came for dinner tonight. DIL was in the middle of a painting project with her Dad so we sent her home a doggie bag. One of my nieces stopped by to tell us that she got a teaching job today! She just graduated in May so was anxious to get that first job. It's right near the university where she went so she has only about a ten mile drive to work. She will be working with autistic children and has been doing that for the past year while doing her student teaching and really likes it so may go on and get her Master's in special ed.
Tomorrow is T's last riding lesson for this summer. I will be there, camera in hand as usual. She helped me in the barn tonight after dinner, loves scrubbing out feed dishes and water buckets. Of course each horse had to have one horse cookie before she went home. I was giving Buddy a bath so she was bringing him handfuls of hay to keep him occupied. That girl has horse fever running through her veins. Wonder who she got that from?????


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Buddy is lookin' pretty good!

palmtreefanatic said...

Buddy looks GREAT!
Those are some GORGEOUS plants you have! love those colors of flowers,!
Great photos!

Myrna said...

Busy1 busy!
Good to see Buddy outside with his friends!

Forty degrees--I am so JEALOUS. We finally got below 100 during the day. Last week they just had school half days because of the heat. They are back on a regular schedule this week.

Whew! I'll be glad to see come cooler weather--and rain. Rain would be good!

dcrmom said...

Sigh... I miss Maine. :-(

BarnGoddess said...

"horse fever running through her veins" the BEST kind of fever!!!

Buddy looks great :)

Joan said...

You are one heck of a gardener! Your flowers look incredible and I am so envious. And I'm so happy to see Buddy doing well.

Donna said...

My peppers were weird this year too! They were supposed to be bell peppers, and that's what they tasted like. But they were tiny things. I was so disappointed.

I love the flowers.

the moose buyer said...

I agree that Buddy is looking good and so are the plants. Boy you must really have a green thumb. Looks like you have had a super summer. Maybe winter will take it's time coming this year.

PEA said...

I so love the smell of a bed done up with sheets that dried on the clothes line!! Your new Hydrangea plants are so gorgeous...I love those flowers but have never tried growing them so I'm thinking next year I must get one!! Quite a few people around here have them and they've been blooming all summer long. Your other flowers also look beautiful...glad to see the deer didn't make a meal of them! lol I'm not sure what kind of peppers you have there but that pumpkin sure is growing well! I use to always plant pumpkins but the growing season is just too short and they were never ready on time. I'm just waiting for the first frost, our nights are getting quite cold! Buddy is looking great...all that TLC you've given him is paying off:-) Great news about your niece getting the job she wishes to her! xoxox

Dawn said...

The flowers are so gorgeous. Everything looks like it's enjoying the end of summer.

We've been having some really nice cool nights - I love it when it cools off, but isn't cold yet.

Check out Kristen's site today - cute pictures, and showing off her new figure.

Dawn said...

Me again - I meant to say that we've been having some wonderful tomatoes - the extent of our garden!

Gretchen said...

Your home is incredible! I have one tiny little rose bush beside the front steps. Not sure how I haven't managed to kill it yet.