Saturday, December 4, 2010

Goodbye fall, hello Christmas season!

It’s been one busy week this week!  My intentions of getting more posts out just seem to fall to the wayside with everything going on.

I’m on the decorating committee at church and we have been scurrying around like so many church mice getting things ready for Advent and putting up the Christmas decorations.  I didn’t have my camera with me on Tuesday but will take it Monday and try to get some pictures for you.  They don’t always come out great as it’s a big room and they tend to come out dark but I will give it a try.

Here on the home front I have been taking down everything fall to make room for the Christmas things.  The kitchen counters were covered, the kitchen table and things were on the floor waiting to be carried down into the basement and put away on the shelves for another year.

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 001

I went to a craft fair at John Baptist High School this morning and it was a mob scene!  I once again forgot my camera, (this seems to be a habit of mine doesn’t it?) but take my word for it there were so many wonderful things to look at, taste, touch and smell that I just enjoyed perusing the whole place.  I found some things for myself Christmas gifts which I will show you.

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 005

This handmade pillow was to die for!  The lady that made it did such beautiful work with all her stitches so evenly spaced.  I love appliqué so it caught my eye the very first thing so now it is on the sofa in my foyer!  :o)

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 006

I bought this table topper at my DIL’s booth for my sister.  She is decorating her kitchen with gingerbread men this year so it will look nice on her table.  I got one for myself too, for my kitchen table.  I love these for all the different seasons and holidays.

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 007

Found two wreaths that I liked.  All of mine are older then dirt so I thought it was time to replace a few of them.  This little one is hanging in my kitchen now.

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 003

This one is on the door that goes into Mom and Dad’s apartment. Isn’t he cute?

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 004

I needed mittens and found some at a ladies booth that had all kinds of knit things.  These will go into Miss T’s and Mr. D’s stockings.  I can knit mittens but it takes me all winter to even get one pair done so I have given up and now buy them.

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 019

Got two hooded towels for the kids to have at the lake as theirs were lost in the flood.  I guess I should have taken them out of the bags so you could see them better but they are wonderful for kids as the hood keeps them on and the towel wraps right around them keeping them warm after they get out of the water. Mimi makes these.

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 011

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 010

I figured I had blown my budget for the month so headed over to TJ Maxx next.  Found this cute runner with snowflakes on it.

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 012

My feet gave out so decided I’d head for home.  I had a nice surprise waiting for me from my cousin BJ out in Seattle!  She is a master quilter and seamstress and I guess she has added designing to her repertoire!  Isn’t this the cutest little bag to carry all your hand sewing things in?

sewing purse from BJ 024

See how when you close the top it all lines up and matches?

sewing purse from BJ 025

She also sent me the pattern which I will be trying out soon!  Thanks BJ!!!!

sewing purse from BJ 032

I scanned this description from the back of the pattern as it describes things better.  I love taking classes and I love taking some handwork with me when we are driving a long distance so this is going to come in real handy for me. Thanks again BJ!!!

purse directions

The turkeys have come back this fall by the dozen.  I counted about 30 yesterday and it seems there are more every day.

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 014

They like to roost on the fence but heard me open the window and all of them hopped down except one.

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 015

Noodles likes to hop up in his cat condo and watch them out the window.

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 017

Craft Fair 2010 @ Bapst 016

I guess we must head down to the lake as I got a call from the alarm company that the power was off a couple days ago. They call us when it goes off but not when it comes on again so we don’t want to take any chances that it’s still off.  We don’t want any more floods down there!!!!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


Julie Harward said...

I loved this post today, so full of so many cute things. I too am so excited for Christmas and it's all passing by too fast already! ;D

Alice Grace said...

I love all your Christmas goodies you found! And Noodles! What a cat! Love him!

Linds said...

So many great buys! We don't get to buy those sort of home made things here, which is such a pity. I love the cushion - just beautiful!
It is that time of year, isn't it... I got my Christmas things up early this year, so now I get to sit and quilt and enjoy them all. In a couple of weeks the baking marathon will start, but till then I am taking it easy! Thankfully, the presents are all bought and wrapped.

palmtreefanatic said...

such beautiful things you have!!!
That horse purse is adorable!
Always so exciting around your house and so festive! Christmas is coming soooo fast!!! We opted to do a little less decorating....still plenty up:)

Ms Martyr said...

I love that pillow. The table toppers are wonderful also. I'm in the throes of wrapping gifts that need to be mailed. I can start decorating once they're sent off.
That is a lot of turkeys. I have a pair of wild mallards that have shown up twice in my back yard in the spring. I saw them eating the birdseed that falls from my feeders so I ran right out and bought cracked corn. They hung around for several weeks before disappearing to nest. I hope they come back next year because I have a lot of corn left.

Susan said...

Really cute items!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

You always find such great stuff. You make some pretty great stuff too. Would love to have a couple of the wall hangings you were working on.

Hope everything's ok at the cabin.

Dawn said...

What lovely things you found for your beautiful house.

What a bunch of turkeys you have! Our lake has been so full of birds and ducks and geese this year - many more than normal.

I'll bet your church looks beautiful. Love the church mice reference!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I need to find a good craft show to go to. The one I went to the day after Thanksgiving was a bit disappointing. You found loads of lovely things at yours. I'll have to check out the internet and see if there is anything close by. Have a wonderful Monday. It's been busy for you there so I suppose you are ready for a break. I'm off to shovel more snow!

Claire said...

I took my car keys away from myself so I couldn't go to any craft shows - I have a big storage closet filled with stuff to be painted and made. A friend lent me her manger scene and now I want to start making them to sell for next year!!! I loved the pillow!!!

Margaret Cloud said...

I liked all your stuff especially the wreaths, they are so pretty. They had a creft fair here last week but I missed it, darn.

nancygrayce said...

Oh, what great things you got at the craft sale! I love homemade things but m not really a crafter....and by not really I mean NOT.

I love those hooded towels for the kids. My grandchildren will all be here for Christmas and I sure need to get busy!

Sharon said...

I sure hope that all is well at the cabin.
I really do like those table toppers.
You really got a lot of other cute things also.
Have a great day

Needled Mom said...

How did I miss this post??? I love all of the wonderful goodies and that chatelaine is fabulous - perfect for YOU!!!!

That pillow is delightful. You will enjou that for many years.

Your turkeys are always so much fun to see. Guess they all made it through another Thanksgiving without shedding a feather (or neck).