Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is coming!



It’s just a few days before Christmas so I’m sure you all are finishing up the little details as I am here in the north country. At the moment rain is taking away our snow AGAIN so I am not a happy camper but that probably change before long and we will have our white Christmas.


I am all finished up except for one gift card that I keep forgetting to pick up when I go to the grocery store.  It is so handy that they have the cards there this time of year.  All of my older nieces and nephews like gift cards now and also my grands like a few.  They are great for stocking stuffers.


We had Christmas with DIL’s family on Saturday.  There was much excitement with all the grandchildren together as you can well imagine.  I can’t post any pictures, well let’s see, maybe there are a couple that don’t show faces too much…….. This is Mr. D with a calendar with his favorite football player.

Christmas stuff 033

This face I can show, this is Penelope the new ruler of the house.   She is a wonderful kitty and just loves everyone.  I guess this is as close to a puppy that Mr. D will be getting for Christmas.

Christmas stuff 027

I love what the school is doing with the kids to make Christmas gifts.  Miss T drew the picture on the apron and Mr. D drew the picture on the note cards.  Somehow they have the pictures put on these things and of course grandmothers love them!


Christmas stuff 051

The turkeys continue to move in on us.  Now some of them have gotten very brave and are coming up on the deck to eat the bird seed.

Christmas stuff 006

Noodles was watching them thinking he was hidden behind these little branches.

Christmas stuff 015

My sister and I were walking a few days ago and saw some more moose tracks.  Hope you can see it.  Sure wish we would see the whole moose!  I had my camera with me that day in hopes that he would appear.  Last night when I went to bed I looked out back and a beautiful ten point buck was standing there.  It was too dark to get a picture but believe me he was huge!

Christmas stuff 056

Noodles and Munchkin get bored now that it is too cold for them to stay outside much so they fight just like two kids!  Look at those ears pinned back!

Christmas stuff 001


Christmas Sunday was lovely as always.  There is just something about singing those old favorite Christmas carols that just makes you smile all over.  Here is a picture of my two kiddoes in the foyer at church.  They are growing up so fast.

Christmas stuff 053

Miss T and I had a girls day out on Saturday.  We were looking for a new dress for her as she has outgrown almost everything.  We hit the jackpot at Burlington Coat Factory which is something like TJ Maxx and found this one that she has on, one for the Valentines Father Daughter Dance and one for Easter!!!! Next we went and got our nails done at the mall, she picked a pretty pink.  The mall was getting really busy so we didn’t go to lunch there, we came home instead after finding tights to go with the dresses.  It was a really fun and special day for us. :o)


Look what we found!  The Hubs and I held her before church and while her mom was on the platform Sunday doing a reading.  Don’t you love the bow?!

Christmas stuff 054

Christmas stuff 055

I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas!  It is such a special time of year when we celebrate the birth of our Savior! Enjoy every minute of it where ever you may be!

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Anonymous said...

Thank-you, and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Hope you won't get too upset if'n I borrow the bottom pic? Ta ever so.

Needled Mom said...

Rain??? I heard that you were getting snow. We need to tell God to turn on the ice machine for you. Our son just got back last night from Mammoth after digging his car out of 9 feet of snow!!!! What a weekend they had up there.

The kids are getting so big. They look so grown up now. One can hardly remember the days when they were the size of that little one.

Yes, gift cards at the grocery store is so convenient.

I love the BCF. They just put a new one near us and I took my mom shopping there. She loved it too.

Have a wonderful Christmas, my dear friend.

Sharon said...

Thank you for stopping by.
I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.
They are forecasting snow here for Christmas.
Have a great day.

Donna said...

Loved all the pictures. Merry Christmas!

Chrissa said...

Merry Christmas Louise and family!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I wish you a very happy and blessed Christmas too! This time of year is wonderful!

Linds said...

Have a wonderful Christmas too! Wow - your grandchildren are certainly not babies any more! I hope you get your white Christmas.....I think we will have on ehere at least!

Alice Grace said...

A very very happy Christmas time to you and yours! I love the pictures of the cats! and the baby! What a gorgeous baby! I know you will have a wonderful holiday with family as we celebrate the coming of our Lord into this world. Merry Christmas!

Hollie said...

I always enjoy reading about your critters around your house. Sounds like you & Miss T had a great outing! Cute dress! I love the photos of precious Mr. D. & Miss T. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

No white Christmas here I'm pretty sure but that's ok with me. It makes taking care of the horses so much harder and I worry about my family getting here and back home safely since we are in the foothills and the roads get very bad.

I love how they used the kids art to make gifts. That is very cool and looks like the kids are very talented.

Dawn said...

I love your sparkly swags. So pretty. Sorry about the rain taking the snow away - we have neither. At least the mountains have a lot.

I asked Groovy to make some of Kev's favorite cookies for him and she's going to take them to him tomorrow - I can't wait to hear about his reaction. It's going to be such a quiet Christmas here with him out there, Angie in Africa, Kristen gone, and my sis and BIL in Idaho with their kids. It'll be nice and peaceful - well, maybe not with 4 kiddoes. They've been really hyper today!

Dawn said...

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and that your church was full of blessing this morning. I heard some of Maine at least is in the midst of heavy white stuff after a nice day yesterday (according to Kev).

Wow, onward to 2011 - how can it be??