Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bow making tutorial

The leftovers have been eaten and Thanksgiving is a sweet memory.  I don’t think anyone went away hungry especially me, the scales told me that this morning.  Also my jeans feel a little snug around the waist.  How can one day of feasting do that to a person? It looks like I have my work cut out for me this week to do some damage control.  :o(
What a lovely day we had though with friends and family.  And of course the Patriot’s won their game so that was the frosting on the cake!  I do insist that all televisions be turned off while we eat.  Nothing annoys me any more then having a tv blaring during a meal, especially when I have spent the last three days getting it ready.  I did not win any popularity contest on that one but they all survived! heehee! 

bow making tutorial 025
I have wrapped most of my Christmas shopping except for the bows so decided to get started on that last night and it seemed a good time to do a tutorial.  My mother in law taught me how to make bows many, many years ago and it has served me well all these years.  She has been gone for a long time and I still miss her, she was an amazing woman.
bow making tutorial 022

First you put your ribbon around the gift package and tie it.

bow making tutorial 027
Next take the ribbon and make a circle noting the size of the package and making the circle accordingly.  You don’t want a bow that is too big or too small for the package.  Just eyeball this.
bow making tutorial 028
I loop at least six loops, a couple more if the ribbon is thin but it’s best to use a heavier ribbon and imperative to use the kind with the wire in the edges.
bow making tutorial 029
Next flatten the ribbon and fold in half.  Make sure your halves are the same length.
bow making tutorial 030
bow making tutorial 031 
Cut your notches, you will need heavy scissors to cut through the layers and the wire.
bow making tutorial 032

At this point you can take a piece of the matching ribbon and cut about a five inch strip of the wire and tie it tightly around the notches OR you can lay it on the ribbon you tied around the package and tie it.  If you want to save the ribbon for another time you have to tie it with a piece of the ribbon with the wire in it other wise when you open the gift the ribbon with come apart.
bow making tutorial 034
Next you start pulling out the loops from the inside out and twist them around a bit.
bow making tutorial 035
bow making tutorial 036
bow making tutorial 037
When you get all the loops outs shape your bow the way you like it making it look puffy and pretty.  Very easy but practice a bit with some inexpensive ribbon.  I get all my ribbon on sale or at Sam’s Club.
bow making tutorial 039
 bow making tutorial 041
bow making tutorial 024
bow making tutorial 020
Have fun!

Colleen at Lucky Duck Dreams is having a fun give away of some vintage 90's Christmas fabric.  Go on over and throw your hat in the ring!!! It closes the 30th so hurry! If you are anything like me you have lots of patterns you'd like to do and this would be a fun collection of fabric to use.


Eileen @ My Evergreen Place said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I have always wondered how those types of bows were done.

My MIL was also very talented and I miss her a lot too.

Have a nice Saturday! :0)

Alice Grace said...

What a beautiful job on those bows! I will save that one in my favorites! I agree with you on the TV going while having a meal.
We had a great Thanksgiving too, and I am now ready to get to sewing again!
Wishing you and yours the very best blessings!

Hollie said...

Those bows are beautiful!!!

Dawn said...

Thanksgiving Day I did really well with the control - the next day not as much - ironic!

Your packages are so beautiful - I haven't even started to think about what for who and where and how to do it with all the kiddoes around. Yike! I think the internet will be my best friend again this year - or Sam's.

Kev's leaving tonight for Portland - at midnight. It's been great having him home. He has a new wrinkle to pray about and decide in the next two months.

Val said...

Oh my goodness! I LOVE your bows. And thank you for showing us how. I am gonna try this!!!

Ms Martyr said...

Thank you for this tutorial. I have so many pretty ribbons that I've picked up on sale at Michaels craft store. Maybe now I can actually use some of them.

Anita said...

It's nice to see your Christmas bows! I only see big, beautiful bows like those on presents from my brother because he has all his presents professionally wrapped. The other bows I see, are the ones packaged at "30 for $1.99" or something like that. You know the, green, red, and white. lol Although, nothing wrong with them either.

You've inspired me to beging my shopping!!!

Barb in Mi said...

Thanks for the beautiful bow tutorial! It will come in handy real soon. Looked around your blog after you left a comment on mine (thank you!) - like what I see and will come back! Never been to "almost wilderness", but it sure sounds intriguing. Best wishes from Michigan!

Needled Mom said...

Great tutorial. The packages all look so pretty too.

We have our leftovers tonight as our big party was last night. Today has been major cleanup here, but I had to take a break.

I received the fabulous snowflakes yesterday. Thank you soooo much. I can't wait to play with them.

I will e-mail you when I get a spare moment. I have to convert this house to Christmas this week as our big dinner party is next Saturday. Lots to do this week.

FunSize said...

I would like to set up an appointment for a private bow-making lesson please!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What beautiful packages you have wrapped there. Thanks for the instructions on making those lovely bows. I do like wire ribbon as it handles so nicely. I sure wish I was at the point that I had some gifts to wrap but I am almost 1/3 done making gifts now...well almost.

Chrissa said...

Beautiful bows!! After Funsize has her private lesson I will have her give me one!

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! those packages are just BEAUTIFUL!!! and who wouldn't want one of those!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
I loved the tutorial! However, My mom does my wrapping as I am a bag person!:) I can never get my corners straight and clean! U gotta be crafty i guess and i Do NOT have it!!!hahaha! So as long as my mom is around I am blessed to have her package my gifts:)

Barbara H. said...

Those bows are gorgeous!

Wanted to let you know we're paired in Mary's Christmas book swap. Would you e-mail me and let me know if there is particular genre of book you prefer? Fiction or non-fiction?

We sound like we're in similar stages of life, though you're ahead of me just a bit. I've been married for almost 31 years and one of my sons has been married about a year -- no grandkids yet, but I am looking forward to them!

My e-mail is barbarah06 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Lynn said...

This is a good tutorial! I've been doing the wired ribbon bows for several years now. They look much nicer. But I didn't make them like this. I just tied a pretty shoe string type of tie. I definitely will be using this tutorial! I LOVE these big full bows. I hope you don't mind - I did a post on this and linked your post so my readers can learn this method! I included one picture so they would see how pretty they are and hurry to your blog for the instructions!

I enjoy reading your blog but don't think I have posted before.
Merry Christmas!

Margaret Cloud said...

Now I can refer to this post for tieing bows, thanks.

Musings of a Housewife said...

I remember sitting and watching Gramma make those bows. Now my mom makes them. :-) Me? I'm lazy. I buy my bows. Thanks for sharing! I had forgotten all about those.

melodramaticfool said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I followed your instructions and made the prettiest bows ever! I giggled at how well they turned out. I consider myself a "crafty" person but bows like these, I've never been able to do. Thanks again for sharing. :)

Susan said...

Hello from not so sunny right now So CA. I enjoyed your tutorial on bow making. I found it from Lynn. I got just a taste of Maine in 2008 when our cruise shipped stopped there. We visited Kennebunkport. You have a wonderful state! Nice blog too! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

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