Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas decorating

Warm Winter Wishes
With the addition of 8 inches of snow it has really put me in the decorating mood.  It is so pretty outside, it mesmerizes me to sit in the sun room and watch the big flakes come drifting down.  It wasn’t a huge storm but enough for school to be canceled much to the delight of the children.  My grand kids were out at 7:30 AM on their sleds and then came to my house about 9 and spent the day playing in the snow.  I had to throw the snowsuits in the dryer a few times and then they were off and running again.
I have been working on getting my Dept. 56 villages put up which is no small task but I enjoy it.  These are on the mantle in the living room.
Christmas decorations 2010 012
Christmas decorations 2010 014
Christmas decorations 2010 011
Christmas decorations 2010 015
These are over the kitchen cupboards.
Christmas decorations 2010 027
Christmas decorations 2010 025
Christmas decorations 2010 024
Over the kitchen sink.
Christmas decorations 2010 022
Christmas decorations 2010 023
Christmas decorations 2010 021
This year I put some garland over the door going out into the sun room.
Christmas decorations 2010 001
Christmas decorations 2010 006
This is a Nativity scene that I did years and years ago when I could still see well enough to do cross stitch!

Christmas decorations 2010 008
The tree in the sun room.
Christmas decorations 2010 003
Christmas decorations 2010 002
The tree in the living room.
Christmas decorations 2010 004
A few snowmen in the den and a mitten quilt that I did a number of years ago.
Christmas decorations 2010 019
Christmas decorations 2010 020
My Christmas cookie jars.
Christmas decorations 2010 017
Christmas decorations 2010 018
Christmas decorations 2010 035
My glass Nativity is going to go where the two little snowmen are now.
Hot chocolate mugs 004
That’s as far as I have gotten thus far and probably won’t do much more other then to put the gifts under the trees which add more color.

While reading my nieces blog Musings of a Housewife she gave a link to a wonderful post written by Renee Swope called Unwrapping His Christmas Presence.  No that’s not a typo.  Sometimes in all of our hustle and bustle we forget to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and Renee’s post will bring us right back to where we should be.  Thank you Jo-Lynne for sharing it with us, I loved it.  :o)  Click on this and it will take you to a page that says Error but you can see the name of the post in the column and just click on that.

My grandson drew this picture yesterday and asked me if I would send it to Santa for him.  Does that make you puddle up or what?
Santa letter from Dylan


Mikey said...

Awww geez, yes! That last one. Oh man. So does he get a puppy?!
Love your decorations, your trees are beautiful!! You go all out!

Needled Mom said...

All of your Christmas things are so pretty. The Dept 56 village looks so pretty on top of hte cabinets.

I love the Christmas cookie jars!!! That is a nice collection.

Your cross stitched nativity is beautiful. I have been working on one on and off for a year or so and am about halfway done with it. Maybe I will finish it for next year.

It is definitely looking like Christmas there. that pauupy going to arrive in Santa's sleigh?????? That is so sad!!!!

Julie Harward said...

Cute letter! I love your tree..they are so gorgeous at night! I love your little buildings, my favorite is the red barn! Thats the farm girl in me I guess. Have a great month! :D

Susan said...

Oh, how beautiful EVERYTHING looks. Wish I could just sink down on the couch and savor and enjoy it!!! Thanks for sharing.

Anita said...

Beautiful decorations!
Your cookies jars have reminded me that I need to get ours out!

PEA said...

Omigosh, how can Santa even think of not giving him a puppy, I mean that's all he wants!!!! hehe Love it!

Oh girl, you are a gal after my own heart, you love decorating like I do:-) Everything looks beautiful and I really love the idea of putting some houses up on your cupboards. I love village scenes and to me it isn't Christmas unless there's a village scene:-)

We don't have any snow yet but apparently it is heading this way. Where Steve lives they just had 3 days straight of snow and got over 100 centimeters (39 inches) of it!! I told him to keep it over there but he insists on sharing it with me. lol Hopefully we won't get as much as they did there!!

Your cross stitched nativity is just gorgeous but then that doesn't surprise me as everything you make is beautiful:-)

Love you dearly my friend. xoxox

palmtreefanatic said...

I just love it all! you have such nice decorations out! I lost time and the drive to getting all mine out so I didnt take out the ornaments or the main tree, I just did the pencil stick cluster trees this year but it is festive enuff and oh how I hate the clean up!

I love the cozy feel of your home! BEAUTIFUL!

Hollie said...

Everything is just gorgeous! Oh I sooooooooo love your sunroom! That's where I'd spend every waking moment. I know it's so nice to sit out there & watch it snow. It would be so beautiful!!!Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!

Ok, so what about the puppy???????

Hollie said...

Oh my goodness!!! Thank you for sharing the link!!! It's wonderful & with your permission I want to share on my blog also!!!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love all your decorations and especially your snowmen. I have loads of them but yours are all different from mine. It's amazing how many sizes and shapes they come in. You have more snow than we do as we've probably only collected about 6 inches through out the week here. Com Monday though they are warning us to be ready for a blizzard. I hope your Friday is a fantastic one!

Micki said...

I just found your blog...It is lovely, and your decorations are breathless. You have a beautiful home.
Hope your holiday is a happy and blessed one.

Margaret Cloud said...
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Margaret Cloud said...

You sure did a wonderful job of decorating. Your home looks like a show case, so beautiful.