Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Only in Maine

children and the snowman

Only in Maine.  The last week has proven to be a meteorologists delight with the weather changing minute by minute.  We started out with a snow day which the kiddoes loved, nothing like a day off from school to frolic in the snow.  Then we had rain, rain and more rain which took all that beautiful snow away and left in it's wake flooding!  I had to go a different route to get to my appointments as numerous roads were flooded here in town.  Next we had 50* temperature which was warmer then where my Snow Birds are in Florida!  Last night things changed again and we have snow again with more coming down all the time! Yay!

squirrels 015

The squirrels were tunneling through the snow to get the peanuts that I throw out for them.  I was taking these pictures through the glass so they aren’t really crisp but the squirrels had the cutest snowy faces.

squirrels 021

 squirrels 013

squirrels 020

The turkeys were around too, scratching away like a bunch of chickens in a barnyard.  I need to make a run to the feed store today to stock up on their grain.  I counted 37 this morning.  The flock is growing!  Daily.  Hourly.

turkeys 2013

squirrels 017

I had a fun surprise the other day when a package arrived in the mail from my buddy Needled Mom.  It's a Mug Rug and isn't it the cutest thing?!  Great for your hot chocolate, tea or coffee with a place to put your gingerbread cookie on the side!  Thank you NM,  I love it!!!!  :o)   These little rugs seem to be so popular right now and some even have a little pocket to put the new tea bag in.  You can make them any color or for any season, there are lots of patterns on the Internet.

Hot chocolate mugs 021

I have hit an all time low.  I say this quite regularly these days.  I was so excited to be going to a Christmas party at Gillette Stadium last night and had my camera battery charging in hopes of getting some wonderful photos to post.  My camera was beside my purse which was on the kitchen counter by the door so that I could grab it on my way out, which I did.

We arrived at the party and were greeted by some of the little cheerleaders (and I mean little!) so I told the Hubs to stand there with them so that I could get a picture.  He didn't argue.

I pulled my camera out of my purse and tried to turn it on and it wouldn't budge!  I tried again.  No luck.  You guessed it, the battery was in the charger at home…………Waaaaaaaaaa!

All was not lost as there was a photographer there so she took some pictures for us which will arrive in a few days but I would have taken a lot more……

Had fun meeting some of the players.  I like Vince Wilfork and he was there so I got a picture signed.  You see these big men on the field being very intense so it's fun to see them in real life, smiling and being so nice.  This guy is a great big teddy bear!

Vince Wifork

I got some other pictures signed, no not Tom Brady, he wasn't there. Sigh……..

I'm still working on decorating the house.  I love to decorate so it isn't a chore.  Taking everything down, now that's a chore.

squirrels 023

squirrels 025

Saturday and Sunday nights we had our Christmas program at church.  We put up close to 20 trees on Friday!  I didn't take any pictures during the program but here are some shots as we put the trees up.  The sound board or maybe it's called the light board could change the colors on the trees, make them dim, blink, off and on from the sound room.  It was just beautiful and the real meaning of Christmas rang true all evening!  The church was packed both nights.  :o)

Hot chocolate mugs 019

Hot chocolate mugs 009

Hot chocolate mugs 015

Hot chocolate mugs 011

Hot chocolate mugs 012

Guess that's it for today.  The sewing machine is calling my name as I have a couple projects to finish up.  Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season!  :o)

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Sharon said...

It sounds like the east is getting some bad storms these days.
We have been lucky here and they have just moved over us.
It has been bone chilling here and very windy.
I loved all of your decorations and the tree in the sunroom.
I sure hope the gs gets his puppy.
Have a Blessed Holiday.

Hollie said...

Your decorations are beautiful!!! Oh, how I love seeing your wildlife! Thanks for sharing!!

Needled Mom said...

Now that's a lot of turkeys!!! Oh my. They will eat you out of house and home with their multiplication.

Your decorations look so pretty. The colored trees are fabulous. That is a lot of trees too!!

Glad you enjoyed the mug rug. Thank you so much for cutting the snowflakes for me.

What??? No camera??? That is so UNLIKE you. I guess you will have to remember the evening in your mind. It is like my NY trip with B. I somehow deleted all of my great pictures of the trip of a lifetime. SIGH!!!!

Enjoy your sewing room. I hope to get there today too. Hugs!

Dawn said...

I am so far behind!! And I'm not getting much decorating done. Wanna come and help and we could talk and have hot chocolate? Sure would be fun! It's hard with 4 girls and a dog and 5 concerts, etc. etc. I finally did get a bit of shopping done yesterday, and won't be doing too much more. It's been like spring here - nuts. We're hoping for a white Christmas around here. Saturday is a shower, Sunday afternoon rehearsal and dinner, and Monday night the wedding. So it can wait till after all of that for my sake!

Your church looked beautiful! I wish we could have done our presentation more than once, after SO MUCH WORK. It was glorious. We found out, though, that our system is so old that the lights wouldn't work with the amazing programming done by our young tech genius - so it was either off or on, nothing fancy.

Dawn said...

PS - I love the camera story! Something I would do and probably have. Yep I did - left the camera charger at home when I went to Minnesota last summer. Maddening when it died!

FunSize said...

I love the mug rug idea, just may have to make those as gifts next year as I'm getting a sewing machine for my birthday!

Was Danny Woodhead at the Pats Christmas party? He's my new favorite player, and standing at a mere 5'7 makes him fun-size like me!

Julie Harward said...

I enjoyed your post...I wish we has some squirrls and turkeys! Love all the Christmas trees..too bad about that camera! You have a great week :D

Marcy said...

I don't know how you have time to get everything done! That mug rug is too cute! I really need to start learning to sew so that I can make cute things like that!

Donna said...

I have GOT to find a nice, pretty angel like that for the top of my tree. Last angel I had looked like a witch so I bought a star. The star isn't really what I want, though.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There have been no warm days here for us. Constant cold with snow on the ground and more to come so it will be a white Christmas. You have been busy there. I hope your day is a great one and you get those projects finished up. Mine are done and just need to be wrapped.

Val said...

We had the same thing...snow then rain and now at the SHilton it is so warm compared to the other days. I love your mug rug! Love your pics and those tress at your church are gorgeous!!!

Alice Grace said...

I always love your snow pictures with the wildlife around! How neat!
The Christmas trees are beautiful!
Merry Christmas, dear friend!

Claire said...

Love the trees at your church!!! I'm glad someone is feeding the squirrels because they are taking over all my bird feeders and making me feel very inhospitable toward them. I'm driving from Myrtle Beach up to Washington Crossing, PA for Christmas with one of my daughters and her family. My 90 yr old Mom and sister are going with me so all I did was put up a few lights outside and a manger scene and I was done. Next year everyone comes here!