Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 006

I can’t believe Christmas is over.  The months of preparation were well worth the effort with only one gift card in the missing. I’m sure it will turn up somewhere.

I love the cooking and baking for Christmas Day.  The wonderful aromas permeated the house making it smell just delicious for several days.  I always make wassail for Christmas Eve the day before so that the ingredients have time to meld together for that yummy drink.

Christmas 2010 003

Sweet potatoes are our new best friend, they have so much more flavor then plain white potatoes.  These were for Sweet Potato Casserole which I could eat all day long. I like how they are mirrored in the bowl.

Christmas 2010 114

Nothing smells any better then onions, celery and butter simmering on the stove for the stuffing. Again, I could eat this with a spoon!

Christmas 2010 004

I use potato bread for my stuffing and this is drying out in the oven.

Christmas 2010 002

I love cooking with the grand kids, they took great care in decorating these cupcakes for Christmas Eve.

Christmas 2010 020

Christmas 2010 017

They also helped me arrange the gifts under the tree. I think a few packages were shaken when I wasn’t looking! :o)

Christmas 2010 008

Opening their Christmas baskets.  The hit of everything that was in there was the $1.00 Whoopee cushions….ahem….

Christmas 2010 025

Christmas 2010 027

Funsize and her beau. I love the new bangs FS!!!!

Christmas 2010 030

Who is this masked man? It’s not the Lone Ranger.Christmas 2010 044

A surprise for Son! I think he will hang this up in his office.

Christmas 2010 049

Son and DIL opening their stocking.

Christmas 2010 073

Christmas morning after I got the turkey in the oven we headed over to the kids house to watch the grands open their gifts.  Penelope the cat was VERY interested in the Dancing Mickey.

Christmas 2010 081

Christmas 2010 082

Christmas 2010 083

Checking out the tree at their house.

Christmas 2010 094

Miss T got this sweatshirt which is very true!

Christmas 2010 109

Opening her gifts. Remember the guy on Tool Time that used to always have something in front of his face?  This reminds me of him.

Christmas 2010 095

I have more pictures to download but this is enough for today.  It is WILD here today, we are getting the storm that has come all across the country but we are getting snow and not rain.  The roads are a mess, the driving is treacherous and I for one am staying home!

Storm 011

Storm 002

Storm 006

Storm 005

Not sure just when this is supposed to stop or how many inches of snow we are supposed to get but we’ve got at least a foot already.  Yay, I’ll get to use my snowmobile this year!!


Rising Rainbow said...

Ya gotta love the cat and the dancing Mickey. I have one here that would do the same thing.

Looks like you all had a great holiday. AND hunker down safely in this storm. The news reports say it's quite treacherous out there.

Hollie said...

I loved the snow we got. I think we ended up with 3 inches & I'm already tired of it! I'd love it if we didn't have to get out! I worry about the hubs & son on the roads! We just aren't use to snow like you guys are! I enjoyed seeing your pictures!

Ms Martyr said...

Loved your pictures and spied some wild turkeys through the window. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

Sharon said...

It sure does look you had one great Christmas with family.
We have gotten no snow here, but we did have an ice storm on Friday night.
great photos, can't wait for more.

Linds said...

Christmas looks like it was great fun at your place! I can see the turkeys out in the snow too. It looks like here, only the snow has stopped for a while, More due tomorrow I think. The weather has gone a little crazy this year!

You stay warm and snug inside and relax. I loved seeing the grands decorating the cupcakes! Maybe Missy and I will get to do that one year too.

Needled Mom said...

I have goosebumps just looking at those cold looking pictures!!! Brrrr. It does sound like it was a doozy of a storm that has hit you guys.

Christmas looks delightful at your place. I love the little ones and their excitement.

The cooking is such a huge part of Christmas....AND the eating. I am not too sad to be finished with that part of Christmas. I am ready for a good pot roast or stew myself.

I loved the picture of the cat and the mouse. Too funny!!!

Take care and stay toasty. I hope you don't loose your power, my friend. xox

Donna said...

I love the pictures; I can tell by looking at them that you had a GREAT Christmas. We eat sweet potatoes year around; I microwave them for a nutritious vegetable.

Dawn said...

Still no snow here in Colorado, except in the mountains. Kev said they got about 20 inches.

Looks like you had a great Christmas - the food looks wonderful. We had a very simple celebration on both sides. No huge cooking for me this year. Then yesterday I got the stomach flu and am getting over it today.

Love the cat's participation in the Christmas celebration!

Julie Harward said...

I think we both love to cook! ;D Looks like you had a great Christmas, I had to laugh at the cat and Mickey everyone had fun with that! I am a bit sad that Christmas has come and gone, I love it so much. I can't believe the snow you have there, we are at 7,000' and with so much sun ours melts right off, we got a tiny dusting yesterday was all. Have a great New Year! :D

Tammy said...

Hi, this is Tammy and I'm finally blogging again after a looooong absence! Loved looking at your pictures of Christmastime...a very Happy New Year to you and your family!

Mariel said...

fun christmas pics!! the snow is unbelievable!! wow!! in NC we got 8 inches and were the footage against your back door is nuts!! glad you had a blessed christmas!

nancygrayce said...

Looks like so much fun! But the snow, I'm just not so sure about. Living in Florida, snow scares me a little. I would probably hibernate all winter.

Happy New Year!!!

Tammy said...

Hi it's Tammy...long lost blogging friend! Looks like a wonderful Christmas! I'm back slowly into blogland so come over and aay hi!
Happy New Year!!

Mary said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Your dinner looks delicious. I love sweet potato. It is much tastier than white potatoes.

Here is Barbara H's blog addy.

Happy New Year.

palmtreefanatic said...

nothing like a white christmas there!!!! we had some left over snow that kept things white enuff!!
looks like FANTASTIC time was had by all! love the cupcakes!
honestly I have eaten sooo many cookies I need to reprogram myself now! UGH so much eating and so much yummy chocolate!!!