Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You played golf with WHO?!

The rain has moved in on us. I'm not really complaining as we need it but those days of warm sunshine were just so nice. I got all of my plants in the ground finally, my containers planted with annuals and my small veggie garden put in. The one thing I didn't do this year was to put out six hanging baskets on my front porch. It got so late that I couldn't find much left to pick from that matched so I decided not to get any. I've lived in this house for 16 years and this is the first year I haven't had something hanging there but it is what it is.

Son and Hubby had a fun time yesterday. They flew down to Massachusetts to play golf with the New England Patriot's at their annual fundraiser! They were some excited about that! I sent Hubby loaded with cameras but they weren't allowed to take any pictures or ask for any autographs. :o( They did take a couple of pictures for each of the participants and put them in a nice double frame to bring home. Of course I had to take it apart and scan the pictures so that I could share them with you. Hummmmmmm.....I wonder if the scanner police will be coming after me.......

Can you pick out which one is Hubby? He said he felt awfully short while he was there!

This one has Son second from the right and a few of the others that were there. I guess once again you can tell which ones are the football players.

They had just a great time with the players, it was a day to remember for anyone here in New England that loves football. I wasn't invited......sniff sniff......

Miss T had another riding lesson today. She had been a bit nervous about doing much cantering and I was wondering if she would even do it but she cantered her little heart out and did a great job. I really liked this lesson as there were only three in the class, she was the youngest but the other two weren't that much older. They were chatting away and having a great time. The instructor took a piece of yarn and tied it around one of their pinky fingers and the horses bit. If their hands got up too high the yarn broke so this let them know they had their hands up too high and helped them keep their hands low where they are supposed to be. Miss T's only broke once when she reached up to scratch one of her eyes. It really did help the girls be conscious of where their hands were positioned. I didn't take my camera as it was supposed to rain but I wish I had to show how you how this worked as it was pretty neat.

While out on our date day last weekend Hubby and I stopped at a great place near the coast that has fabulous kitchen items. I had been wanted to stop there for some time as they have lots of things that you can't find anywhere else. I have been online drooling over the different colors that the Kitchen Aid mixers come in now and wouldn't you know they had them there at the store! Yippee! I had to come home with the yellow one to match the walls in my kitchen. Now isn't this just the 'purtiest thang' you've seen in a long time?

Guess that's it for tonight, got to go tuck the boys in and make sure they have enough hay to snack on. Kipper's diet is coming along pretty well, he's getting more exercise and less treats so hopefully he will slim down a bit. He's just so darned cute!


Nancy said...

I only read this one post but will return and catch up! Sounds like it was a great golf outing for the guys! We know they had to be thrilled!

Love your new mixer color, too!!! I would be lost without my Breadman bread machine! I don't use a mixer much anymore, but that breadman I couldn't live without! I make my dough in it only and them make my rolls or loaves the old way and raise them and then bake them! What did the poor women do back in pioneer days? They must have been so tired when nightfall came!

You asked about Farm Town...I will send you an invite to Facebook. Once you join, then I can invite you to join Farm Town. You WILL become addicted to it, I am 100% certain!!! LOL Some of us bloggers stay up til 3 and 4am (or in my case most nights, til daylight!) playing it! You plant your crops, wait for them to mature, then hire them out to be harvested (you make more money by hiring them done) and keep replanting and saving your money til you can keep enlarging your farm. I just sold most all my animals and made mine a horse (and a few chickens) farm. It's really fun! You need to find a buddy to trade crops with or you can go to the marketplace and hire yourself out to work on others' farms and get paid. I'll be happy to help you in any way I can...I have free long distance so it would be no problem to call you when you have a question. It's just a wonderful past-time! This is why I haven't been blogging as much! I know, I know....shame, shame, shame on me! LOL

I'll be back to read more tomorrow. I am a month behind in reading everyone's blogs! Yikes! LOL

((( HUGS )))

Musings of a Housewife said...

What fun pictures!!! And you will LOVE your kitchen aid mixer. I couldn't live without mine.

Needled Mom said...

What a fun golf outing for the guys. I can understand why they felt so short.

My drab white mixer looks pretty boring next to that lovely color. Be sure to get yourself a "Beater Pl*us" blade to go with it as it is a scraper as well as mixing paddle. I LOVE it.

Home tomorrow and will check in then.

PEA said...

Good for you for finally getting all your flowers planted!! I still need to plant a few but the weather hasn't been cooperating this week as it's rained and been cool every day. I also need to buy a couple of hanging baskets so hopefully there will still be some choice.

I can just imagine how exciting that golf game was for your hubby and son...imagine golfing with some members of the New England Patriots!!! Ummmm...who are they???? LOL Ok, ok, I think they play football??? You can smack me now! lol I just don't follow football at all but I have heard the team names:-) You also mention in your post that they are football players! lol

Ooooh I just love your new mixer, such a pretty yellow! I've seen the red and pink ones as well...I would love to get all the red accessories.

Good to hear that T is doing so well with her riding lessons. I find it so amazing the ways they have to teach children how to ride, it's awesome.

Well, I must get to the grocery store and buy some food...I have a pantry full of food but you know how it is, there's just nothing to eat in the house! lol Love you tons! xoxoxoxox

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

What a great group to golf with...how lucky!

I love the mixer....I have wanted one too but wouldn't know where to keep it.

palmtreefanatic said...

GREAT golf pics!!!
I love the yellow mixer! i never heard of a yellow one so cool!!!I have a white one and i love love love it! I so can not imagine life without it;)

Callie said...

LOL, I have that exact kithenaid in that color as well!

Dawn said...

Less treats and more exercise - that's what I have been trying to do too!! Maybe Kipper and I will both slim down.

Your weather and ours have been so much alike - I've been checking up to know what Kev's living with. Hope the black flies end soon!

It sounds like our camp experiences were very much alike. Such great memories!