Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cats, cats and more cats

We finally got a little bit of sunshine to day. About an hour or so and it seemed so weird, really, I know that sounds odd but we have had so much rain in the past few weeks when the sun did come out it seemed odd. Well, the oddness didn't last long and we got some more showers off and on all afternoon. So much for mowing my lawns, they are going to be knee high, I'll need a mower and baler pretty soon!

Funsize has two new kittens! Sadly she lost her cat Madison about a week ago and her house seemed awfully quiet so we made a trip to the Humane Society to see what was available. We have had tons of kittens, over 150, but now are down to 20-25 thankfully. We looked around and Funsize picked out a few she wanted to look at in the kitten room where you can take them to get acquainted.

Doing the pre adoption paper work. That is Youshi our resident cat on the counter.
These are some of the prospects.

Look at those faces!

I think we might have a match.......

This is Lauren one of the adoption counselors. She transports the kittens to the kitten room. It's a rule. We don't want any dropped kittens!

Bingo! I think this one is a go!

Getting used to each other.

The new family!

They will stay at the Humane Society until they have all their shots and are spay and neutered and will come home on Friday. These will be indoor cats so that they won't get near the road like dear little Madison. It was bittersweet time for Funsize as she was excited about the two new furry kids but still in mourning for Madison. I'm glad she got these two though as it will help fill the empty spot in her heart even though there will always be a special spot there for Madison.


sue said...

oh how sweet, the orange and white one looks a lot like Annabelle ..our barn kitty.... guess there are kitties everywhere as the local shelter called me and asked if I would be interested in another barn kitty (which is something they seldom do...) we're going to give her a try and if Annabelle thinks its ok, she'll have a new friend at the barn....

Needled Mom said...

I am so glad that she was able to choose from that batch. I'm not sure that I could choose JUST two. I love the two tan one. I know they will provide her with great comfort and lots of laughs

So much rain for you folks!!!!! I hope that it lets up soon so you can enjoy your flowers, your rides and your yard. Will all this moisture also bring insects?

Take care and my the sun shine for your weekend. xoxox

Dawn said...

Okay, I'm confused - I thought I commented last night. Hmmmm. Well, I'm glad you came over to see Belle, the neighbor's kitty. And the littles. What a blessing they are.

I have been keeping a close eye on your weather over there - I would be so depressed by now! We haven't talked to Kev for over a week now, because he only gets one call and week and he was going to call his wife this time. But this week he's in New Hampshire fund raising at the Nascar event that's going on there. I'm checking their weather too, and it looks like it's pretty soggy there, too. Kev likes rain, but I'll bet he's pretty sick of it by now!

I really hope it warms up for you soon. But when it does, it'll probably get really hot and humid?

Mrs Mom said...

Awwww! Tooooo cute!!! Please give them a cuddle from us too! I am so sorry to hear about Madison though. Poor Funsize.

Can't wait to hear how the new kids do adjusting to their new life in a great place!!

Fun Size said...

I will always love my Madison, but the emptiness in my new house is too much to bear. I am warming up to the idea of having kittens in my home and am looking forward to making new, *indoor* memories. Thanks for coming with me to the HS!

In memory of Madison, May 2002 - June 2009

Chrissa said...

Thank-you Louise for going with Funsize to pick out her new babies. I am looking forward to meeting my new grandkitty's!

PEA said...

Awwwww they're both so adorable and no doubt will be keeping Funsize very busy! lol I'm so sorry to hear about Madison, the loss of a beloved pet is never easy. I can just see myself going there to choose a cat, I'd want to bring them all home! lol

I guess the sun was just teasing you and making sure you still knew what it looked like! lol We were supposed to have rain all morning but had blue sky and hot temps they're saying chances of a thunderstorm this afternoon...I just looked, still blue sky and hot temps! We really need the rain so stop hoarding it all and send some over here, will ya?!!! I have a stupid head cold, can you believe it? Nothing more miserable than a head cold in this heat. Ugh!

Take good care of you! xoxoxo

hippo chick said...

My Gretch has two cats too. One is orange and one is a calico. They are both rather scaredy cats. They don't care much for me, but do make up to Jim after awhile. Paige also has two cats and two dogs. Going to her house is okay for a day or two, but it gets a little hectic after awhile. One of her dogs is a Great Dane.

I'm glad FS was able to get some kitties. They won't replace Madison, but it will help heal the hurt.

Have a great weekend.

I can't believe the rainy weather you are having. It was 90 here today. We went to the LPGA this morning. It was hot. We had a thunder storm awhile ago, but Jim says it's warming up again. Too hot for the screen porch.

What's wrong with me, I just can't seem to stop writing?

~hippo hugs~

palmtreefanatic said...

awww how sweet! I wonder what she names them? girls or boys?
They are precious!

Nancy said...

Absolutely darling kittens!!! I love them both!!! I have 3 of the smokey gray color....they are all males and are very loving guys! I'm sure these new kittens will help ease Funsize's pain of losing her Madison. I know she will never forget Madison, though. God bless her for choosing shelter kitties!!! Two more little lives saved!!! Tell her she needs 31 more! LOL

Send us some of your rain! We could use some here. It's been so hot and humid...TV says 96 for today so the heat index will be much higher when the high humidity is factored in. And I have to go out for cat food and litter! Dreading the heat out there!

Come on over to FB and get started in Farm Town! You'll get hooked like the rest of us! LOL It'll take your mind off your rainy days me, IT WILL! LOL

((( HUGS )))

Margaret Cloud said...

They are so adorable, can't wait to hear their names. I am sorry about Madison, it is not easy loosing a pet. Thank you for coming by and hope you have a nice weekend.