Sunday, June 7, 2009

Splish, Splash

The weather here in Maine has just been glorious the last week or so which is such a delight after all the cold we had there for a while. The only good thing about the cold is it keeps the black flies at bay and when you have a hot flash it feels good to be only 37* outside.....ahem..... With that said I still love the nice warm sunny days of summer to be outside and getting a little tan.

Yesterday after a nice date day Hubby and I headed over to the kids house through the woods in the Rhino with bathing suits in hand. The water was crystal clear and felt sooooooo good. D was there with Son and was in that water with us before you could blink and eye. Now this little guy doesn't have much body fat to keep him warm and after about a half hour his little lips were purple and his teeth were chattering but he kept going. With Grammie and Grampie all to himself he was having a blast!

They have a great slide for the kids. It has high sides so is much safer then the old slides and it is a corkscrew which makes it even more fun. D loves his slide as evident in the many times he went down it while we were there.

The kids have done a beautiful job finishing up the pool area. Last summer they put the pool in and built the tiki hut and this year they did the landscaping and walkways. I think it came out really well and they will have many years of fun in the sun right in their back yard.

Miss T was busy with Mom having a yard sale. Each summer the whole neighborhood gets together and they all have their yard sale on the same day. I think there were 16 families all having a sale and the streets were mobbed! This year Miss T decided to have a booth to sell iced tea, popcorn and homemade chocolate chip cookies courtesy of Grammies kitchen. :o) I made a big double batch and she sold every one of them. When she cashed up at the end of the sale she had made over $50.00! Her Dad told her that next year she should franchise out to some of the other kids in the neighborhood. My little entrepreneur. :o)


Mrs Mom said...

Hey Look at that!!! No turtles in your POOL! Nothing to sneak up on you and try to snack on you. hehehe

Sounds like things have been fantastic up there, and no black flies is always a GREAT thing!! ;)

Bet your garden is going to look fantastic too.... All I have left is carrots, and they are growing like crazy. We keep thinking about planting more, but then it rains- lots- again. Oh well...

The kids pool looks amazing- they sure did a great job with it! That Country Time stand rocks!! Go T!

Needled Mom said...

Just catching up a bit since we have internet connections AND a moment of free time here at Mt. Rushmore.

It looks like you finally got your summer weather and that pool looks very inviting. The kids have done a beautiful job with the pool area. It is definitely paradise.

I loved the pictures of the cart rides and the story of the nest of eggs. What smart mothers they are out there.

The trip has been great so far. The weather not so much so. We are forecast for a little snow in Yellowstone and are hoping that does not happen. The kids have had a blast.

I'll check in when we get back home.

tonya said...

Wow, the pool is sooo nice. I am hoping one day we can have one here or wherever. Right now we have the "redneck" pool as we call it for the kids to cool off in, LOL.

Love the lemonade stand. My girls always want to do something like that but I've tried to tell them where we live is not really a high traffic area for that kind of stuff, espec. since we live off the main roads & on a dead end (no neighborhood so to speak).

Hope you are doing splendid!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

There are always so many fun things going on with you! I just love reading your post and looking at the pics!

PEA said...

I've been sitting here shivering because it's cold in the house but I refuse to turn my furnace back on! lol I just can't get over how cold it is today...I want to tell Mother Nature that I am NOT impressed.

Such a beautiful pool and I so loved seeing all the pictures, D certainly looked like he was having a ball with grandma and grandpa:-) I love the tiki hut, the slide, oh everything looks so perfect!! Not too many people have pools around here because our summer season is so short and it's too expensive to maintain for such a short time. The neighbours on one side of us have an above ground pool but they haven't installed it yet this year.

T and her little lemonade stand look so adorable and wow, she sure did good in sales:-) How could anyone resist such a darling smile and cookies!!

Well, I must continue with my visits to other blogs, am so behind, don't know if I'll ever catch up! lol Love you lots! xoxoxoxox

Callie said...

Looks like a blast!And such a beautiful pool! I sometimes miss my pool!It's still cold & raining here. What an adorable lemonade stand! Cute!

hippo chick said...

It all looks glorious to me. And those grandkids of yours are just darling. You are so blessed to live near them - and your parents.

Glad to see you enjoying the nice weather. We still haven't had much of what I would call "summer" weather. Jim says that's because it's not really summer yet. Leave it to a school teacher!

Hope you all have a great week up there in Maine.

~hippo hugs~

Dawn said...

Wow, their little bit of paradise looks just like that - beautiful! Good for Miss T for being so ambitious - and for having Grammy make the cookies!

Kev is in the country out of Winthrop, which is outside of Augusta. He says the flies are horrible. Glad to hear they don't last all summer!

We would call that a brownie sundae and we'd put chocolate syrup on top too. Sounds perfect.

Renie Burghardt said...

Splish, splash, it all looks so inviting and fun! D looks like he was really having a blast on that slide and in the water with Gammie and Grampie. And T looks so cute at her lemonade and cookie stand. I love yard sales, and Eileen and I went to a bunch Friday, plus to our favorite flea market. Even if we don't buy much, we run into neighbors and friends and do a lot of shooting the breeze, which is fun. Then we go for coffee and a snack, before heading home.

I enjoyed this post, as always. I haven't taken the time to update my blog. But maybe soon. There is always so much other fun stuff to do at this time of the year.

Have a great week!



bj said...

Oh, wow...what a lovely pool. It looks so so inviting. I worked in my garden most of the morning and got so hot..wish I had a pool to skinny dip in!! *wink
The little Welcome I received from Erin isn't a sign but a painting on canvas. She coats them several times it can hang outside. Do go over and see her remarkable blog. You will enjoy it. That is IF you can stay out of that luscious pool long enuf!!

Andrea said...

That pool looks great!! I would love a slide like that!! And that garage sale!! Oh how I wish I lived closer! What fun!

Deb said...

Hi ~ I wandered over here from Sweet Pea's place and I truly enjoyed my visit. Great pictures wih lots of happy faces. You are one busy lady! I live the next state over form you. My son went to the Univ. of Maine in Orono so we have spent lots of time on the Maine highways! Must run now but I will be back. Take care.

palmtreefanatic said...

the country time lemonade stand is so AWESOME!!! love it!!!

Love the pool and the pics to go with them;) I have yet to get the kids swimming! hopefully by the weekend!

Great post as usual!!!