Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday thoughts

Noodles is here on my desk giving himself an afternoon bath. Why he chooses this spot each time I am on the computer is beyond me but I like the company. Munchie never jumps up on my desk but will lay in the chair that is nearby. They are very different. Noodles is all 'let's get this game going' and Munchie is quiet and reserved. She likes to lay on the sofa beside me in the evening if I happen to be watching tv.

I was very tempted to bring home another cat from the Humane Society today. In fact I had her right in my hands snuggling her into my neck. She is a gray fluffy with with some white on her face. Adorable. I put her back though and decided to check with the other half of my household before I brought another animal into the mix. Not sure if Noodles will be too rough either as he plays very hard with Munchie. To be continued.......

I haven't posted in a while. It just seems like there hasn't been anything exciting around here to write about. I think blogging kind of goes in peaks and valleys. Sometimes there is so much that I could write every other day and sometimes like now it's pretty bleak. I've noticed that lots of people are posting less often then usual. Maybe it's just because it's summer and we are all out in the sunshine or rainshine which ever you have at the moment.
I don't know if this picture was taken in Maine or not but it could have been so I'm going to claim that it did. Can you imagine using a full grown moose to yard wood? This is just amazing! The story says that the moose wandered in one day and stayed. He is not fenced in or anything and comes and goes as he pleases. He leaves for a few days sometimes, probably cruising for chicks, and then comes back. The man has taught him to yard and he does it willingly. Now ain't that something? (No, I don't usually use ain't in my vocabulary but it just seemed to fit in this instance) :o)

One thing that did happen in Maine recently was hilarious if it wasn't so ridiculous. A man had been drinking and wanted some more beer. He didn't want to take the chance of driving his car to the convenience store so he drove his riding lawn mower! He DID get picked up for OUI, you can't drive drunk on a lawnmower either! Only in Maine! Sure wish I had a picture.


Needled Mom said...

I heard about that lawn mowing guy on our radio. Imagine!!!

How would you ever get a harness that big? Guess it would have to be a special order item. One of the Amish farms in Iowa had a deer that was a pet - just arrived and stayed. It's been a few years now so guess he is going to stay.

E is in Jacksonville for a few days with the B group. It is nice to have a few unplanned meals and free time for staying up late and sewing. I know what you are saying.

My mom is doing really well. She is now up to being up for 1 1/2 hrs. twice a day so she is getting up in her wheelchair. She should be finally getting out on July 1. Need I add that she is excited as all get out???

Yes, I did that quilt by hand and sewed it together. It has been several years in the making as I only worked on it when we were on our long driving trips. The fabric was from my grandmother's stash that I inherited along with a few reproductions. I wish the different fabrics could talk to me as I am sure they would have a tale to tell. The green was only 36" wide.

I can't wait to hear what you are going to name that new grey kitty!?!?!?

Have a great week, my dear friend. xoxo

Dawn said...

I heard about the lawn mower guy, too. Funny, but sad!

The moose picture is hilarious.

I've noticed a terrific lack of commenting lately - not much going on in blogland. But we won't quit forever, of that I am sure!

We have a huge patch of raspberries that I just enjoy so much every summer. I never make anything out of them, but just eat them fresh. My sweet hubby feels the need to share them with people, which is nice, but I then don't have enough to salvage for the future.

The only thing I can figure out with the girls and animals is that our neighbors had two really big dogs who were left to roam at will on our cul de sac - they would always come running down the driveway, never doing anything to harm the girls, but just intimidating them.

nancygrayce said...

i saw the thing on the lawn mowing guy! Sounds like something that would happen here! the moose is also a hoot. thanks for dropping by...:)

Valerie said...

That really is true about the guy on the lawn mower? You always bring a smile to my face.

palmtreefanatic said...

thats kinda funny/bizarre about the lawn mowing guy!

loved the cute jokes you posted!

Renie Burghardt said...

Well, where are the pictures of Noodles and Munchie? I can never look at enough cat pictures. The moose picture is great! I have the deer here all the time, and there is one that comes close to the house and stares in the kitchen window until I come out with a treat. She does it every day. The lawnmover story is funny!

Yep, blogging seems to slow down some in the summer. I post very little these days. Do enjoy reading, though. Today, I'm heading to town for lunch and shopping, but have to do a few things before I do, so I'd better get busy. Have a wonderful day, Louise!



PEA said...

I need to remember the magnet story as an explanation as to why I can't lose weight! LOL Your kitties sound so darling and I know how much company they are for you. Hmmmm, I have a feeling you may just end up bringing home that little gray fluffy one:-)

I know what you mean about not knowing what to post about some days. It's a good thing I can blog about my trip right now, otherwise I don't know what I'd write about. lol We're finally having some gorgeous weather so I've really been enjoying being out there and not stuck in front of the computer.

Oh my, can you imagine harnessing a moose?? Wow! Maybe he doesn't know he's a moose, thinks he's a horse? lol Too funny!

As for the man who got charged for driving drunk on his riding lawn mower...it takes all kinds, don't it! lol The beer must have killed whatever brain cells he had left!!!

Hope you've been enjoying a great day...I planted some more flowers in pots and think I'm finally done:-) Love you lots!! xoxoxox

Alice Grace said...

Awww, go ahead and get the new kitty! It sounds so loving! I wish I could have a cat! Some in my family have cat allergies! Not me, but I do love family to feel good when they visit.
I have been very slow at posting on my blog, also, maybe slower than anyone. But I hope to do better now that I am feeling much better. It is always good to come here to visit with you.

sue said...

I hate to be the "bearer of bad news".. but that moose pic has been around for quite sometime, and was proven to be a hoax.. I don't remember exactly how the story went, but I do remember feeling sort of sad when I found out it wasn't real... oh well.... it can be like magic and you can believe the part that you like....

KC said...

oh my goodness that guy and his lawnmower LOL..

KC said...

oh my goodness that guy and his lawnmower LOL..

Susan said...

Want to stop by and say hello.It has been a while.Hope all is well.God Bless.