Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday night on the ole farm.

We got another day of sunshine today, dodging the rain, thunder and lightening that was forecast. Funsize came over for dinner and then she, Hubs and I went out to the barn to do some riding.

We harnessed up Kipper the Rotund Rebel and I took him in the cart while Funsize saddled up Lil' Bud and off we went. Hubby manned the camera so that I would have some pictures for the 'ole blog. We got them brushed up and sprayed with lots of bug spray and lots of people spray on us.

Funsize and Lil' Bud have a special relationship. She has been riding him since she was 11 years old and he goes better for her then anyone else. He does a lovely rocking chair canter for her that he will not do for me or anyone else but her.

We headed out through the carriage trails and it was blissfully bug free as there was a nice breeze. (Plus we had on enough bug spray to cover the whole town.....)

Now you may have noticed the Confederate flag saddle pad. When I bought it I thought it was pretty because I like red, white and blue. When I got back to the stable everyone started giving me a hard time, the Yankee that I am, with a Confederate saddle pad. I was clueless but I wouldn't take it back!

I took some pictures of my flowers this afternoon. The have started to perk up with a couple days of sunshine. These are in an old bean pot that I found in the basement of one of the houses that I redid.

Mock orange that has the most delightful scent.

I put white and yellow daisies along the walkway this year instead of petunias. They will get so big when they fill out and be gorgeous.

Aren't these shades of pink just delicious?!

More next time! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Nancy said...

Looks like a fun ride through the woods! Your horses are beautiful and so well cared for!!! Lucky horses, indeed! If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as one of your horses! LOL

((( HUGS )))

Margaret Cloud said...

I enjoyed your pictures very much. The saddle looks pretty neat. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like it was such a peaceful ride for you and Funsize. Wish I had been along.

I'm glad that the flowers do not look as though they have suffered too much from all of the rains. They are beautiful. I know that all the colors are a welcome sight after the winter.

Have a grand weekend, my friend. Hugs.

sue said...

such a nice blog!!! I so enjoyed your pictures of the horses!!!! what a special blessing!!!!

Patti said...

I always enjoy seeing all your pictures. You have some beautiful horses!

Carroll Farm said...

Great pictures. Someday I want to ride a cart like that!

Callie said...

Looks like a fun ride! Pretty flowers!

Dawn said...

YOur area is so beautiful! And I love the flower pictures - I love mock orange, but we don't have any around our place any more. Maybe we should plant some more.

I had to chuckle at your confederate flag! Too funny.

I am glad you got some sun, and here's hoping it stays around for you and for my poor soggy son! He's been in New Hampshire all week at the NASCAR thing, so am anxious to hear how that's gone.

Have a great week!

PEA said...

You always make me want to go ride with you....and I don't even ride horses! lol They really are beautiful and I so enjoyed every picture. Such a wonderful bond that Funsize has with Lil' Bud, she sits on him so proudly as well!!

Your flowers are gorgeous and I especially love those daisies, so beautiful! Glad to hear that you finally got some sun. Today it's half cloudy/half sunny and the temps are at 64F so it's really cooled off. MUCH BETTER! lol

My head cold is still hanging on but at least the worst is over, just have the loose cough now. At least I can breathe again, my sinuses are now all cleared up:-)

Have a great day, my friend. Love you dearly!! xoxox

Tammy said...

I always love looking at your horses...looks like such a fun day!

Thank you again for your prayers, dear friend...

Alice Grace said...

Beautiful horses! I love it when you show them! The flowers are absolutely gorgeous, and the old bean pot! Wow I would love to find one of those! You lucky girl!

palmtreefanatic said...

Those pics of the horses are amazing! ahhhh....GORGEOUS!

The flowers are so beautiful too!

KC said...

Glad you had a fun ride LOL about the bug spray for the whole town and the saddle pad..
Your flowers are beautiful.. and from a few post down.. How did VBS go???