Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank you everyone!

First and foremost, thank you all for your kind words and prayers this week. One person put it so right when she said that this is where the blogging community is at it's best, upholding one another in prayer. (thank you Carrol family!)

It was lovely here this weekend. The sun was out, the temps mild and it seemed like everyone was out raking their lawns, puttering around the yard, just enjoying the sunshine. There are three boys that live down the street from me. They moved here when they were just little tots and now one of them has a drivers license with the other two coming along to it quickly. I looked out yesterday morning and they were raking my neighbors lawn for her, the one who lost her husband so tragically. I've known these boys for years and always thought they were such nice boys, always waving and smiling and now I have an even higher respect for them and for their parents that brought them up to have a caring heart. I think I am going to go buy some Micky D coupons and send them over to the boys just so they know their kind act didn't go unnoticed!

The kitchen romodel continues on. Hubby took me out to the furniture store that I like and we found just what we were looking for for bar stools. We don't have a lot of room between the new bar and the dining area so I wanted something that would tuck right in under the overhang nicely and I think these fit the bill! We brought them home and Dad and Hubby put them together and I am tickled pink! Should have more cupboards up today and hopefully my refrigerator put in tomorrow.

Speaking of refrigerators, little D came in last night after church and wanted a juice box so headed for the refrigerator............."Grammie, is your refrigerator invisable?" he asked. I told him for the moment I didn't have one so he would have to go over to the apartment and get something out of Mimi's refrigerator. That worked and he was happy. :>) My invisible refrigerator!

It was my birthday yesterday so the kids brought gifts and a Dairy Queen cake over after church last night. I had my camera sitting right on the table but got so busy gabbing with everyone I didn't take one picture! :0( Good grief, I'm slipping! D and T had made their own birthday cards and they are soooooooooo cute! Those will go in my memory book for sure!

Gotta love this one!!!

T's was also pretty and creative.

Even a little pop out!

I loved the signs that they brought me.

It was a fun time and the best present for me was having my family here with me. We are planning a little overnighter in Portland soon too so that will be fun. I like to go to the big city occasionally. And then I like to come home. Amen.


Susie said...

So glad you had a great birthday!!The cards from D&T are precious.
Your kitchen is coming along beautifully. Those stools fit nicely under the counter..
That was so heartwarming to read about the neighbor boys pitching in to help with the yardwork.
Is your getaway coming up soon? I know you'll enjoy it!
love you,

Mrs Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Your Grandbabies are wonderful kids MM! Hearing their stories and seeing things they do is always heartwarming.

LOVE that countertop and those bar stools look perfect there. Nice job!

Hearing you tell of the neighbor boys gives me hope too. Hope that not ALL kids are turning into delinquents. Thanks for sharing that- THAT is the "hope" we ALL need right now!

Many many sunshine filled hugs to you, wonderful lady, and have an awesome, incredible, joy and blessing filled day! ;)

Tonya said...

Those cards are precious. Glad you had a wonderful birthday. I know you are a wonderful Grammie.

I'm sorry I didn't read up in time to know about the tragedies that had occurred. I will keep everyone in my prayers.

My dad had open heart surgery on the 7th, was discharged doing fabulously on the 11th and had a stroke on Easter. He's doing ok but has lost some use of his left side. He is in inpatient rehab now. Please keep them in your prayers.

hippo chick said...

Happy Birthday, belatedly. Sounds like it was just what you wanted and needed.

Isn't it wonderful that those boys came to the aid of your neighbor. What a blessing it is to have good and caring neighbors. We had three nice neighbor boys like that when I was growing up and I married one of them.

I will continue to pray for your neighbor. My heart goes out to her.

Have a good week.

~hippo hugs~

Fun Size said...

LOL I love how you call Portland 'the big city'. I guess for Maine it is, but when I think of all the places you've been to, Portland just seems so small.

Good thinking on the Mickey D's certificates - the boys will be psyched!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Invisible. What a riot.


And I'm totally lusting over your new counters. That's exactly what I want. LOVE!

PEA said...

Aren't those homemade cards the very best?! I can't wait to get one from Lily when she's old enough to hold a crayon! lol So glad to hear that you had such a terrific birthday with your family...ahem...where's MY piece of that Dairy Queen cake?????

I just love the stools you found for the kitchen bar, they're perfect and really tuck in underneath quite nicely! The end seems to be coming in sight, you'll soon have a brand new kitchen to enjoy. Had to giggle at the "invisible fridge"! hehe

How wonderful of those teen boys to be helping out your neighbour like that. Goes to show not all teens are just out to cause trouble:-)

It's rainy and cold here today and I really didn't feel like going out in it but I needed a few groceries. So glad to get back home and into my pjs. I know it's early but I don't intend on going anywhere! lol Love you! xoxoxoxo

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday!! I have been a bit late on my blog reading so I have missed a lot going on over here! I love your birthday cards! Very cute, and that pop out card was so very creative!

Your kitchen is looking beautiful! Love those stools!!

Dawn said...

Those boys have definitely been raised right! What a blessing.

Your kitchen looks fabulous. I love the "invisible refrigerator" - too cute!

Your birthday gifts and cards are great - love the cut-out.

Maybe we'll meet in the big city someday!

Nancy said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! The cards from your grands are so heart touching!!! My b'day is today, the 21st. I had my little party yesterday at my daughter's, so my ex is coming this afternoon to help me with the ceramic saw. I have never used one before and need a man's help in getting it set up and running! Ready to do all the custom cuts now!!! Should have it all laid by end of the week. I am going out to lunch for my birthday with some friends on Wednesday. I hated to cancel my ex as I really need his help today with this big saw.

Your choice of bar stools is wonderful! Out of the way, yet so functional!!! Your counters look great, too! You'll be done before I am! ha-ha

What a wonderful story about those boys raking your neighbor's lawn. There are still good young people out there yet! So nice that you let them know that you saw them helping and rewwarded them, too!

To get hot here the end of the week...83 is the prediction for the weekend days!

Have a great week!

((( HUGS )))

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! the countertoops look GREAT! and the bar stools are awesome! i never seen any like that before!

looks like things are coming along there nicely!

So happy you had a nice Birthday and those cards are real keepsakes for sure so precious!

those Neighbor boys sound like Blessings!

Sounds like Spring is here there! going to be cooler and rainy here for a couple days, I have high hopes though warmer weather is coming indeed!!!

Needled Mom said...

Awww....the cards that the kids made are so cute. They will definitely be keepers.

The kitchen is looking so nice. I love the invisible fridge. Does that mean that you don't have to clean it? Where can I get one of those?

Your neighbor boys sound wonderful. The parents must have done a wonderful job raising them. Perhaps they deserve the Mickey Ds?????

Glad that you had a nice birthday. Hugs.

Margaret Cloud said...

Happy belated Birthday wishes. Don't you just love home made cards, they are from the heart not a printing press. Have a Happy Earth Day.

Alice Grace said...

Love the way your kitchen is looking! and HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!
Those are such cute cards from the grandchildren. Aren't they great!

Valerie said...

Happy late birthday! I am just now reading your last post. That is so sad. My prayers go out to you all.

P said...

I clicked on the Feedjit link above my blog and came across your blog. Beautiful and well-done! I love all the interesting things you have in the side panels.

I'm at:

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I am sorry I missed your birthday. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration with all the people that mean the most to you. Cute cards made by precious grands. What could be better!

Your kitchen is looking great. I know you can't wait for it to be finished. Bet you will cook up a storm, as soon as you can, and have a big celebration with the family.

Happy Belated Birthday, Louise!

Hugs and blessings,

Renie | Envelope Printing said...

A belated Happy Birthday! From the looks of it, sounds like you had one special day :) That is so sweet, and those cards are really treasures. Sometimes gifts need not be expensive. Oftentimes it's those that don't cost a lot that are the most appreciated.