Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Friday

It's Friday again. How time flies when you are having a good time. Is the kitchen remodel over yet? No. Are we moving forward? Yes. I have cabinets! Yea! There aren't any tops or doors but there are cabinets!

They arrived yesterday morning and I was doing the happy dance all over the house!

It didn't take long for the men to get them unpacked and some put in place.

We still have a long way to go but this progress is so encouraging!

Of course now I am trying to come up with what I want to put on top of the cabinets. At Christmastime I will be putting up my Dept. 56 villages which I think will look so festive but in the mean time I'm still not sure. My Mom has roosters on hers and they look so cute but I can't be a copy cat. I keep perusing TJ Maxx home goods dept. for ideas but nothing has hit me yet. One reason I wanted to do this remodel (besides the doors that didn't close, drawers that slipped off the track every time I opened them, etc etc) was to get rid of the soffett (I don't know how to spell that and spellcheck doesn't have a clue but you know what I mean) over the cupboards so that I could decorate there and now I am stumped. ANY IDEAS????????

Most of our snow is gone. We are officially in mud season. The footwear of choice for the next month will be muck boots. For good reason, I almost lost one of my Clarks off while going out to the barn yesterday to feed Barney Barn Cat.

Speaking of cats, Noodles is on the naughty list for staying out last night! He would not come in and we couldn't catch him. It was a very mild night so I think he was enjoying being out but I like them in the house at night due to the wild animals that we have around here. Finally we gave up and went to bed, leaving the garage door up so that he could get in. When we woke up this morning he was snuggled in with us sound asleep, all worn out from his wanderings! Tonight he's not going out after 5 pm!

I am loving the sound of drills, hammers and saws as I type. Music to my ears! Monday the counter top people are coming to do the template for the counters. More pictures to follow!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


The Mane Point said...

Nice job with the cabinets! ;-)


sarah said...

That is soooo exciting!! My husband is helping re-do my in-laws kitchen. It is such a good feeling.

Enjoy and have a great Easter week! Praise the Lord!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, your cabinets are looking good. Before you know it, the job will be done and you'll be enjoying your new kitchen.

I keep both my cats and dogs in at night. Too many wild critters out there at night. Glad Noodles came in and was ok.

We'll be heading to the cabin today to check on things and clean it and air it out. The weather has been beautiful, but a little nippy stuff is in the forecast for Sunday night through Tuesday. Maybe evn snow showers! Perish the thought.

I just hope Easter Sunday will be nice.

Hope your weekend is going well!



Needled Mom said... is really looking great. Isn't it exciting to see the progress?

I have my tops with some vintage kitchen items displayed. I can't wait to see what you will choose to decorate yours.

Poor baby - outside all night. Guess it will teach him a lesson though. A warm snuggle is much more comfortable and a lot less scary.

Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

Carroll Farm said...

my idea, something that is easy to DUST. i had tins for a long time, but the dust collected was just hard to keep under control. My mom does Americana nick-nacks and my mother-in-law has cows. just a couple more ideas.

Susie said...

Your cabinets really start to make it feel like a kitchen again, don't they! Now if all the stuff would magically put itself away..
I like roosters in a kitchen, but then I have them myself!
You'll find something just right for you...
I would have worried myself sick if Vincent stayed out overnight. He's done that a time or two and comes crying to our bedroom window on the second story.
I could never leave the garage door open as we'd have every cat in the neighborhood in our house!
Have3 a great weekend. We're off to Little League later today..

Fun Size said...

I stay awake half the night waiting for my kitty sometimes - the bed is so much cozier with her there!

Dawn said...

The cabinets are beautiful - can't wait to see your counteroo tops. I have to say I am beyond envious! Except for the mess, of course.

We have soffetts (sp?) too. So are you trying to figure out what to put on top of the cabinets? I'll be anxious to see what you decide on.

We're getting more snow today - although last week I was happy to see it. I still am happy for the moisture, but wish the rain we had earlier in the evening would have continued instead of turning into snow again.

Have a great week!

kdwhorses said...

Wow~love the cabniets!

Have a great weekend!

hippo chick said...

I remember when my cat wouldn't come in at night when I was a little girl. I would fall asleep crying. He usually was waiting on the back porch when I awoke.

The kitchen looks good already.

~hippo hugs~

Patti said...

Oh I love your new cabinets! I know how excited you must be!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Wow, the kitchen is coming along great! It's looks fabulous!

Decorating ideas, well how about horses? lol!

Train Wreck said...

Oh how excitning, a new kitchen! Just in time for your family to cook you a "Mothers Day" dinner! he he.
Thank you for your kind words, and your help. The response has been wonderful. I just posted a slideshow, of Brad and his family. He was so wonderful, I cried as I posted and watched the slideshow. There is nothing I won't do to help this family. Thank you for your friendship. I love you my friend.((hugs))

Mary said...

Your new cabinets look great and your kitchen renovation is coming along. Great job. I remember when we renovated the apartment last year, it seemed to take forever, but it was finally done and it was well worth it.

I have vintage items over my cabinets. Tea pots, cups and saucers etc. My house was built in 1856, so antiques or vintage look good in the kitchen. It depends on what you like. If you collect something, that is a good choice to put over your cabinets. Check Goo*gle images to get some ideas.

Sorry your little kitty got lose, but they do know where they live. I bet he wanted to visit a girlfriend. It's that time of year. As Owl in Bambi said, "Twitterpated."

Enjoy your day.

palmtreefanatic said...

wooohooo on the cabinets! So very exciting indeed! sounds to be coming along nicely!

funny how your cat roams out so late yet comes right back where he is fed;)

Have you ever been to a Hobby lobby?
what a great place for some ideas! or The flower Factory? do they have these stores by you at all?
They have nice clearances too!

glad to hear spring is on its way there, we thought it was here untill they been threatening snow shoers, and after 60 some dregrees that seems rediculous! UGH!

palmtreefanatic said...

OH! I wished badly you had a HOBBY LOBBY!
If You EVER are by one check it out! they have a great variety fabrics, crafty stuff, unique lamps, and all sorts of decor! Thats where i furnished alot of my african safari stuff!

anyway they are a christian based company and are closed on sundays! they have alot of unique quality stuff!

Margaret Cloud said...

I am a bit confused about Noodles, if he was still out, you left the garage door up a bit, how did he get in with you, did you also leave a door open? Your cabinets are very pretty, glad things are moving on for you, and thanks for stopping by.

Margaret Cloud said...

Thank you for answering me.

PEA said...

Oooooh I love your new cabinets, me thinks you will be very happy with your new kitchen once it's all done:-) As for what to put on top of them, I love the idea of various bird houses...I saw that in a picture once and just loved it. The lady had also put grape vines intermingling with them. You can get so many types of decorative bird houses. Just an idea:-)

Would you believe it's snowing here again today? I'm really starting to think that Mother Nature has forgotten us. A lot of our snow has gone but still lots of it left and now getting more. So, it's still winter boots and coats here.

Wouldn't you love it if Noodles could talk and tell you what he did all that night outside?? hehe I've got a broken heart right now because the fluffy gray kitty hasn't shown up in almost 2 weeks. The mama and other kitty still come but not that one. She was my favourite one too and I'm just hoping someone picked her up to give her a good home and that nothing dire happened to her. I really miss her:-( I'll post about it on my blog tomorrow.

So glad to hear your parents made it back home safely and I'm sure you're thrilled to have them back as well:-) Love you tons!! xoxoxoxo

Marcy said...

I like the idea of roosters too. They're my favorite kitchen decoration. I have roosters and fruit in mine. On the top of my cabinets I put my decorative serving pieces. That is mainly because I can't put them anywhere else! HA!

My sister likes the wine/grape theme. I have seen tea pots of various types, old canisters, etc...

This sky's the limit with kitchen decor. I have a friend who decorated their whole kitchen in Coca-Cola stuff. It looked great!

Good luck!

Nancy said...

Oh, your new cabinets look so noce already, even without the countertops! I am going black someday myself for counters. It really looks sharp with the white cabinets. I do love my white cabinets, though. I'll email you a link where you can see what the decorator in FL uses in the homes she does there....absolutely beautiful! I love the BIG coffee cups on top of the cabinets.

That Noodles! I would have died when he didn't come home that night! LOL I am paranoid about my even getting out here. They are strictly indoor cats. Too close to the road here plus our street is rather busy with young people speeding up and down. I have had 2 ferals killed right out here in front one time....broke my heart that someone dunped them, and the one fluffy one got killed before I could get her trapped. The other one I had neutered and released him on Tuesday, and the Domino's delivery kid hit him...the kid was speeding, and I went to Domino's and raised the dickens! It could have been a child! Glad Noodles came home okay.

((( HUGS )))