Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm mad at Blogger!

Tuesday already. When I think of how for a year or so I posted every day it blows my mind. Now I am lucky to get three posts per week out. It's either that I am really busy doing other things or that there just isn't enough going on here to write about. I prefer the former rather then the later.

In my quest to get Barney The Barn Cat tame enough to live in the house I have started feeding him on the back deck rather then in the barn. I think if he spends more time around the house and the goings on here he will get used to us quicker then living his solitary life in the hay loft. He has been coming out more and playing with Noodles on the back lawn so that is when I made the decision not to take food down to the barn each day but urge him to come up here to eat. It has worked beautifully, he watches for me to bring the food out on the deck, waits till all is clear and then comes and eats. One step forward!

The week of school vacation I called T and D to see if they wanted to come over and play for a while which they did. Then I decided to take them to the feed store to see the baby goats that are there for sale. The feed store has a long time resident rabbit named Stuart and when we walked in we saw Mr. Stuart in the pen with the goats! He was right at home with them, I think he likes the company and was even letting one of them chew on one of his big ears!

For some reason Blogger isn't letting me download any pictures. Grrrrrrrrrrrr..... It is saying that I have exceeded my photo quota. Now what does that mean?????!!! Anyone know what this is all about???? Blogging without pictures just quite 'ain't' the same!!


Patti said...

oh I miss your pictures! Posts just arent the same without them. If you have run out of quota, then you either have to buy more space(which Ive been told they will automatically deduct that every year automatically whether you need more space or not), or you can download your pics to a website like Flicr and then copy the html code on here and it doesnt use up space but its more trouble to do it that way but its free.

hippo chick said...

Some days you just can't win with blogger. So far, I've not run into that, but being a picture person, I'm sure it lies ahead for me.

Hope you can figure it out as I love your pics.

~hippo hugs~

Needled Mom said...

Glad to hear that the barn kitty is coming closer for you. Perhaps he will soon be a member of the house.

I have read about your blogger problem on other sites and the replies always end up the same that Patti has recommended. I was wondering if you could start a second blog and start fresh. Would there be a way to link to it from this post????? Be sure you let us know what happens for the rest of us to know.

Meanwhile, we will miss your pictures, but still enjoy your words.

Have a great week. Hugs, my friend.

The Mane Point said...

Gee - I have never even heard of that problem.

How can one blog with out pics?

C'mon, Blogger! Get with it.



PEA said...

Hello my dear friend:-)

It's as Patti has said...you're out of space quota on Blogger. I ran out of space a few months ago and decided to pay the $19.99 a year for lots more space. It was too much trouble doing it the other way, downloading on another site and then copying the HTML on Blogger! lol

Glad to hear that Barney is starting to come up to eat on the deck. As I've learned with the strays I feed, it can take a while but eventually they get to trust you:-) The mama kitty comes in the house with no problems to eat but the kitten still won't cross the threshold although she loves to get on her back and have me scratch her tummy! lol

No doubt the kids really enjoyed going to see the baby goats:-) You're such a good grandma!!!

Sunny today and supposed to go up to around 60F so that will feel good after all the rain we've had and cold temps! Love you my friend. xoxoxox

Susie said...

I used to post way more often, but I'm down to once a week or so. Real life just keeps getting in the way!
I haven't run out of space yet, but I
have been noticing that I'm getting close as the percentage I have left keeps dropping!
I had no idea how much it cost to get more space so was glad to read Pea's comment.
So glad that Barney and Noodles are becoming friends. He's made good progress.
When our son and family were here on Saturday they told us they had two baby goats. Can't wait to see them! That must have been such fun for the kids to see the rabbit in with the goats..
love you,

KC said...

boo to blogger.. I didn't even know we had a photo quota

palmtreefanatic said...

so sorry to hear of your frustrations with blogger! hmmmmm
I love your picture posts!I didnt know we had a photo quota? thats scary as i too post lots of pics! hmmm

glad to hear the barn kitty is getting more comfortable...

Dawn said...

I've never heard of that. I used to have that happen when I was using Flickr for my pictures. But not Blogger. Yikes - hope it's a fluke!

I have never posted daily, and am doing less now, too. Too much to do!! But I definitely don't want to quit.

kdwhorses said...

I don't know what the blogger thing is! I know the other day it kept giving me a error message when loading videos, very frustating!

The barn cat will come around!

Margaret Cloud said...

It is frustrating when things go wrong. I wish you a lot of luck with the barn cat. Have a nice weekend.

Callie said...

Oh, Good grief, I hope that doesn't happen to me! Yikes! I wonder what that means?

Donna said...

A few months ago I noticed that Blogger has a limit on how much space we can use with pictures. Since I've had a paid Flickr account for a couple of years, I make sure to use that for many of the pictures on my entries.

Nancy said...

I didn't know blogger put a limit on the pics one could post. Maybe you'll have to start a new blog and name it Home on the Range, Chapter 2 or something like that. Where do I find out how much space I have left? I read Susie's comment that she can see her percentage drop...but where??? Nothing is ever easy, is it? LOL

Barney will tame in time. I have tamed alot of them, but still have 3 toms that I don't think will ever tame. Happy to read that he and Noodles are playful friends now!

I am behind but my deadline has been met, and I am free to read blogs a little tonight. Then tomorrow my daughter is bringing Pizza Hut pizzas for supper for my ex and me! He's coming to help me get the electric ceramic saw set up and get these tiles sawed. I need to get back at that bathroom and get it finished! It's only been 2 months now! ha-ha

((( HUGS )))