Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Friday

Do you ever sit down at the computer and not have one single thing to say? It's Random Friday and I don't have any randomness to talk about. Kitchen remodel is coming along. The counter top is going to be installed on Monday. I had a shot in my heel yesterday. That's always exciting. Bone spurs can be really entertaining. Now they are talking surgery and 12 weeks being in a cast for each foot. I think not. Well unless it gets so bad that I can't stand it any more. So that would be 24 weeks, six months. Ugg. So I either lose all summer of horseback riding or all winter of snowmobiling. I guess I would much rather lose the snowmobiling then the horseback riding, even though I fall off my horse more then my snowmobile. :o) Not really.

We are going out for Easter lunch. That's one thing about not having a kitchen, you don't have to cook for anyone. We've eaten out way too much lately. My waistband is complaining. I had the best salad at Longhorn yesterday with greens, mandarin oranges, crumbled cheese, strawberries, grapes and a nice light dressing. It was a meal in itself but I didn't know it was going to be so big so I ordered Parmesan chicken with a sweet potato too. It was soooooooo good!

You can see that I am struggling here to fill up space.

The snow is all gone.

The turkeys are trying to attract mates and being very vocal about it. They walk around with their feathers all puffed up and their heads a funny shade of bluish white. I guess that's supposed to be attractive to the lady turkeys.

Someone sent us an unsigned letter about feeding the deer. Sigh...... How about signing your name and we can talk about it?

Anywho that's it from Mud Country. I hope you all have a very special Easter. We all have so much to be thankful for and are so blessed!

Hallelujah, He Is Risen!

Job 19:25
I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand upon the earth.


small farm girl said...

happy Easter! Love your blog!
Im a horse lover too. Have a small bunch myself.

Needled Mom said...

OUCH!!!!!! The option does not sound possible for either season. I do hope that you can get that resolved. The best therapy that I had for mine was PT and ultrasound treatments. That really knocked that spur out for a long time. They are so dreadfully painful.

I can't wait until you post some more pictures of the kitchen. It must be fun to see what happens each day.

Life remains VERY busy here. Someday I will get back to blogging but I am having trouble even following blogs for now. Next week should provide us with some answers for our million questions - or at least we hope so.

Have a blessed Easter. Hugs.

tonya said...

Happy Easter!

Nancy said...

Heel spurs....ouch!!! I would get one foot done a year....that way you wouldn't be laid up so long.

We are getting rain here today. Good day for laying tile, but I have to work til at least 5pm. I need to go to the city sometime soon, too! For one person living alone, I sure have a lot to take care of! People think when you live alone, that life is easier. Wrong! You have to do everything yourself! I get tired of doing it all, but if I want it done, it's up to me to do it. LOL

Oh, those turkeys sound funny with their mating rituals. Guess men are alot like that (strutting theor stuff) when trying to attract a female, too! ha-ha

The eating out so often sounds good to me! I just don't go that much anymore. Too tired at night to go anywhere, usually. I don't care about cooking much anymore, so it's just quickie meals around here for me most of the time, except weekends, and then I do cook decent meals...especially if company is coming for dinner! LOL

What are people complaining about you feeding the deer for? GOod grief! Back in PA, they put food out for them or they would starve to death when the snow is so deep. People need to mind their own business!!!

Anxious for more pics of your new kitchen!!!

Happy Easter to you and yours!

((( HUGS )))

KC said...

Happy Easter to you also.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, those heel spurs must be painfull! I don't have that problem, but have a bad back, and keep doing stuff all the time that I shouldn't-like lifting 50 pound bags of chops! Then when my back goes out, I suffer, but go back to doing it again, once things are better.

Good thing no one has sent me an unsigned letter about feeding the deer, cause I would ignore it. I've been feeding them for several years now, and if I stopped, they might just come and break my door down and demand to know why!

So true about the turkeys. There are several fluffed up Tom's out there, as I write, and females busy eating, ignoring the splendor of the males. lol.

My younger son Greg will be taking us out to Easter Dinner, after church, on Sunday. Then my older son will be here for a few days starting Tuesday, bringing my youngest granddaughter. I haven't seen her since October, so it will be such a treat!

Happy Easter, Louise!



Mary said...

Happy Easter, my friend. I can't wait to see photos of the finished kitchen. I so want mine renovated. It is old as the hills. We haven't changed much except the paint in 17 years and I doubt anyone had done anything for 25 years prior to that. Oh, we did put in a different floor, but it wasn't something that I was fond of, so want to change it.

I'm sorry you missed the book giveaway. I will be having another one soon.

I would love to see the wild turkeys. I'm sure they are fun to watch. I do agree, the person should have signed the letter about the deer. *sigh*

Take care and enjoy the Easter weekend.

palmtreefanatic said...

heel spurs do not sound fun at all!

Happy Resurrection Day to you as well! May God Bless your whole wonderful family!

your dinner you described sounds fabulous! mmmm

glad to hear the snow is gone! come on spring;)

Margaret Cloud said...

Those bone spurs are very painful and surgery is no fun. I don't know why some people can't mind their own business, always have to stick it into other people's. Hope you have a nice Easter weekend.

Jen said...

Oww. That sounds painful. I would have to give up the snowboarding too. No way I could give up my whole summer of riding horses.

hippo chick said...

Question? Did you bring some of that chicken parm home for dinner or lunch the next day?

Have a beautiful Easter. I think Easter is my favorite holiday of the Christian year. Although I love Christmas, Easter really has more meaning. Because He is risen, we shall rise too. Hallelujah!

~hippo hugs~

Marcy said...

Happy Resurrection day to you! I am sorry to hear about your heel spurs. I am sure that is very painful.

I can't believe people are complaining about you feeding the deer. That's pretty ridiculous.

I can't wait to see more pictures of your kitchen either!

Alice Grace said...

Happy Easter! I love your post about our Redeemer! I thank you for your prayers in my behalf and wanted to let you know I am improving daily! It is so good to get back to my blogging friends!

Alice Grace said...

By the way, I hope your heel spurs get better, I have heard that is very painful also! I will be praying for you. Looking forward to that wonderful new kitchen makeover.

Kerri said...

Ouch! Those bone spurs are nasty, so I've heard. I hope alternative treatments help because the surgery certainly doesn't sound like a fun option!
You've sure been through an upheaval with the kitchen remodeling, but I'm sure it'll be wonderful when it's finished.
The blue of that water in Puerto Rico had me oohing and aahing. It looked like a wonderful time!
We have mud too, and the wind has been gusty and cold again today, but the forecast looks promising. Isn't it exciting to see the spring bulbs and grass beginning to green up?
Happy Easter! We are so blessed to have a risen Saviour!

Fun Size said...

An unsigned letter of complaint you say? Hmm, can't imagine who that could be...