Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Musings

It's raining cats and dogs here tonight. Most of our snow is gone and this will take the rest of it for sure. The pasture is so muddy from the horses walking around in it, what a mess. I'm glad they are at the stable and not in my pastures as I hate them all chopped up. They will be home after our business trip the middle of May and things should be dried up pretty well by then.

The Snowbirds have landed! Mom and Dad arrived Sunday about noon time on their direct flight from Florida. It is about the only direct flight we have from there now and it makes it so much easier for them not having to change planes. Buffy, as always, flew with them under the seat in her carrier. She is a veteran flier having made the trip twice a year over the past nine years. She doesn't yowl all the way like Mr. Noodles did when we brought him home from Florida. She is too dignified for that.

The kitchen remodel continues on. Today they made the template for the counter top. I hope it doesn't take the counter top people too long to get it cut out as nothing else can be done until it has been installed. To say that I am sick of dust would be an understatement. To say that I am sick of piles of stuff everywhere would be an even bigger understatement. I find clutter very tiring. I like things where they are supposed to be. I need to stop whining and get over it. This was my idea, my project, so I need to put a smile on my face and be thankful that soon I will have a nice new kitchen where everything works! (I am smiling now.)

Last evening at church the Sparkies youth group had their car races. They aren't old enough to participate in the Awana Grand Prix with the wooden cars that they make so it was decided that they would have some races with Matchbox cars. Usually they go and watch the older groups race but it's not much fun when you can't race yourself.

There is always the obligatory nose picking.

Waiting at the finish line.

Miss T.

Mr. D.

Son helping D get his car lined up on the track.

It gets pretty exciting!

Miss T grabbed the camera and took a shot of me. At least I wasn't sticking my tongue out this time.

Awana is a wonderful youth program. We have had it in our church for well over 20 years. The children learn the Word of God and have tons of fun doing all kinds of activities. I know some of you have this same program in your church. Son went through this same program when he was a youngster and now he is the director of the Sparks program. His Momma is proud! :o)

A few weeks ago when I was out running errands I stopped at Micky D's for a quick lunch. I went through the drive thru and parked in the parking lot rather then go inside as I like to watch the little birds that are around begging for tidbits. One little guy was particularly brave and landed right on my rear view mirror. Can you see the piece of french fry that he is coming in for? I think he is come kind of sparrow, anyone know for sure? Do you think these birds have high blood pressure from all the salt????

Guess that's it for tonight. Time for Dancing With The Stars. Oh to be able to move like that! Oh to be able to wear those costumes! Yikes!!!! I don't see anyone wearing a Spanx there!!!


palmtreefanatic said...

I have heard lots of great things with the Awanas program too! our church doesn't have this but something small as our church is small! you got some cute pics! including the one of you;)

we have had all day snow showers here and supposed to get 1 inch tonight! crazy weather! Least this stuff isn't to last! to far to be going backwards now ya know?!

Glad to hear your parents are home
and the kitchen is coming along!

Mrs Mom said...

Well, M. Mom, it sounds like our rain went NORTH!! Is it warm?? ;) If that is from the same system though, we got about six inches of rain out of that alone last week. I hear rumors of more coming here this week... man I hope not. I need a day or two to dry OUT some!!

Thanks for the support on the Journal- it means more than you know. That decision is a huge one for us, but boy do we feel SO much better since making it!!!

Welcome Home Snow Birds too! Glad they are able to fly. We met tons of them on the road Saturday. I can't imagine how tough it has to be, sitting in the car for THAT LONG!!!! And going all the way up to you guys??? Dude! ;)

Stay sane during the construction!! Just keep thinking about how fantastic it is going to be when it is done....!!!!

Dawn said...

I'm glad your folks got home safely. I'm glad your snow is going away. I'm glad your kitchen will be done SOMEDAY SOON.

Kev is in Maine - come over and read about it. How far away is he from you? Let me know.

Susie said...

Tell the rain to head way out West will you??
We could sure use it!
Your kitchen will seem much more together once the counter tops are in.
Loved seeing all the pics of the Sparkies having fun. D's cub scout pack had pinewood derby races which looks quite similar.
Glad your Mom and Dad arrived home safely and I loved seeing the picture of your sweet smiling face!
love you!

Femin Susan said...

Parcel my place some rain. We are starving here.

prairierunner said...

We'd take any extra rain too. I envy you the new kitchen but NOT the dust!!!

KC said...

Very cute pics. look like the kids had fun.. that is too bad that they don't get to race with the older kids. Our Awana clubs have Sparks and T&T racing and the Cubbies do the match box.. But then our group isn't as big as some..

hippo chick said...

What an exciting time. The pics of T&D are great. Granny too.

Hope the snow stays away. We head back on Monday and I will miss all this sunshine and warm weather.

Take care.

~hippo hugs~

Margaret Cloud said...

Our snow is gone but the chilly wind is still hanging around. My sister likes to fly to see her kids and always tries to get a direct flight but is not always lucky. Looks like the kids are having fun, hope you have a nice Easter.

Nancy said...

What a fun time for the kids! I think Son and Grandma enjoyed it, too! LOL Isn't it great to see kids having fun like that? There are so many in abusive homes and so many that go to bed hungry every night. Stuff like that bothers me so much. My cats get better care and are better fed than so many children are.

We have had a couple of cold nights in the low 30's, but now to be 74 tomorrow. One day the heat is on, and the next the AC is on! LOL Won't be long and that old heat will be here to stay, though....

I wasn just thinking...your kitchen will probably be finsihed before I get my little guest bath done! ha-ha

((( HUGS )))

Susan said...

Have a wonderful Easter.May God Bless you and your family.

Kerri said...

Our son helped our oldest grandson make a pinewood derby car for cub scouts and his came in second. It's a fun activity for the kids, isn't it? And Awana is a great program.
Your little bird is a male house sparrow. He's a daring fellow :)
I like that pic of you that Ms. T. took :)