Monday, February 16, 2009

Warning: This is long!

Today is President's Day also the beginning of February vacation for all the school children. The stores are open but the trash pick up is delayed a day. The banks are closed but there are huge sales going on. I for one won't go near the mall when it is a busy type day there. There is no sale great enough for me to step into Christmas like crowds and elbow my way through the masses. Hubby is off as his office is closed but he is squirreled away in his home office working diligently on our taxes. :o(

We had a busy weekend with a lot of grand children time which is always fun for us. Actually it started on Thursday as we went to T's play at her school. The children did such a great job doing their parts and what a wonderful way to get them used to speaking in front of a crowd which most of us find a bit daunting.

Friday night was the Father/Daughter Valentine's dance. I jumped in my car and headed over to their house to get some pictures as I didn't want to walk though the snow in the woods. After getting them off to dinner at Bugaboo Creek we took D and DIL to dinner at Lonestar so that they would have a special evening too.

I am told that after the obligatory dance with Dad the girls tend to have fun together as the dads stand around watching and gabbing with each other.

The young lady in red is one of my nieces. She is a teacher but works part time at the recreation dept. and helps out with all the functions. She says that this dance is her most favorite function of the year.

Saturday they came tromping through the woods with all their gear on ready to play outside in the snow. They loved swinging on the swing set with all the snow around them and T did dismounts like in gymnastics.


A 10 for sure!

Whoops! He missed his landing!

Nothing like like pink cheeks!

Noodles was out there with us.

It's VERY icy around the barn!

Later that evening we decided to do some cooking so that Mom and Dad would have a nice dessert when they got home from their Valentines dinner. Apple turnovers. We added some vanilla ice cream and they were delicious, just a nice fun little recipe for kids.

Whew! If you have hung in here with me this long you are a trooper! Thanks! :o)


Callie said...

Wow, Sounds so busy! And fun. I remember launching off the swings!

Linds said...

What a great idea to have a father-daughter dance! Lovely for all of them. I wish they had things like that here too! And those turnovers look superb. I must try those. I even have the crescent rolls in the fridge as I speak. And Apples. They are calling my name!

Nancy said...

Looks like I am trooper #2! I found this a very fun post to read in its entirety. The kids are so cute...oh, to be that age again, huh? LOL

Loved the Father-Daughter Dance pics! She looked adorable!!! And Dad was a handsome date, too!

Loved the landings from the swings! I broke my arm one time flying through the air out an appple tree!

Loved the pic of Noodles! You'll have to get him some of those little boots they have out now! ha-ha I remember when we were kids we used to put paper booties on the cat and watch her dance. Weren't we awful!!! I would NEVER do that to a cat now!!!

What a pretty picture of the barn!!! Picture perfect!!! Nothing like the barns you see around here...some places don't even have barns for the animals...they have to herd under a big oak tree when it rains. I'll have to take a a picture of a local dairy barn close to where I is sickening! And to think milk comes from there! Those poor cows stand in muck most of the just looks cruel to me!

I see you have another post I haven't read yet, too....

Give the kitties hugs from me!!!

((( HUGS )))

Nancy said...

P.S. Buster is having surgery this morning...another growth in his small intestines showed up on ultrasound last week. I did a post about it and will do an update later today after they call me after his surgery. Poor little guy!

((( HUGS )))

Mrs Mom said...

Oh my gosh MM, those turnovers look DIVINE!!!! Mega yummy!! Going to have to try that here ;)

Yep, I would say that landing was for sure a 10. Hard to stick a good one in the snow too!

Looks like fun was had by all at the dance too. Never had anything like that when I was a kid- almost makes me wish we did....

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was a busy and fun weekend for everyone. How nice to take D and DIL out for dinner while the others were at the dance. I think most father/daughter dances end up the same way. Too funny.

The snow pictures all look so wintery. Isn't it nice the kids can make their way to your place and enjoy the swings, etc.?

Those apple dumplings look so good. My daughter was just saying on Saturday how much she is enjoying making the apple dessert with the Mountain*Dew.

We are getting lots of much needed rain this weekend. Snow levels are around 2000 feet so it is a cold storm as well. It's a good day to retreat to the sewing room and have some fun.

Have a great week. Hugs. xox

Margaret Cloud said...

I love to come to blogs that have their family fun time on them. Don't you just love those school plays, the dance looks like a lot of fun, the apple turnovers look yummy. Thank you for coming by.

Andrea said...

Those apple turn overs sound delicious!! How do you make them???

hippo chick said...

First of all, what a great idea, a Father Daughter dance. How cute. The turnovers look yummy. You are so blessed to have your family nearby.

I have so enjoyed being near my girls this past week. We'll be seeing a lot of Gretchen and Brian this next two months. I really miss them.

Happy President's Day.

~hippo hugs~

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm with you on those crowded malls, I'd just as soon stay home as deal with all of that stuff.

The father daughter dance looks like a great event. Overall, it sounds like one busy weekend to me.

Susie said...

I totally enjoy your nice newsy posts! Looks like the father daughter dance was such fun. T looks adorable in her dress..
They look like they are having such fun on the swings out in the snow.
I've read that Maine Coon cats have the big feet to walk on the snow. Can't imagine Vincent venturing out in it though. He won't set foot outside if it's raining here. (such a big baby)
Your apple turnovers look delish and I have some crescent rolls.
Have you posted the recipe before?
I know I've seen it somewhere, but just can't think where!!
Have a wonderful week. We're still having cold and lots of rain :)
love you,

Renie Burghardt said...

Love to read your posts, they're always so full of family, fun, and even adventure! I love the picture of cute little T and her handsome Daddy. And your Noodles is quite a sport. My cats venture out in snow, but don't stay out too long. During the ice storm, they stayed in, hiding under the beds a lot.

Oh, those apple turnovers look delicious. I'll have to try those. I have crescent rolls in the fridge too. Just bought them, cause the fridge was empty during the ice storm, and I have been restocking. Will search for the recipe. The pictures are good illustrations though, and the kids look like they were enjoying themselves making them.

I've read the posts below. You sure get some fun out of winter, and the Key Largo trip made me yearn for some warmth and sunshine.

As always, I enjoyed my visit, and loved all the pictures. Have a wonderful week!


Renie xoxo

Carroll Farm said...

Great pictures. The girls look like they are having fun. LOL

Mary said...

Beautiful photos, each and every one. The father/daughter Valentine dance looks like a LOT of fun.

Glad you enjoyed the Grands. I love having fun with mine.

Today was Family Day in Ontario. All federal offices were open, the mail lady delivered the mail, but all grocery stores and other retail establishments were closed.

Have a great week.

Dawn said...

It was a "holiday" for some, but not for me, or for the local schools. For shame. They take off MLK instead.

I spent the day with two fussy babies and a big sister. One puked all over me and the other had diarrhea. Then about halfway through the day Mommy, who was supposed to be studying all day, which is why I had them, came down with a really bad bug and is in bed shape - thus, the kids are all here. I hope I don't get it - I'm pretty wiped out right now.

Looks like you've had a great week-end and holiday!

PEA said...

I'm finally back in the land of blogging, after having had Steve here for a few days I didn't get a chance to do any visiting so blame him! lol I had seen on my calendar that it was President's Day in the States yesterday...for us it was Family Day, a new holiday our government came up with a couple of years ago so that families could have one day together. I'd like to see how many families did do something together though! lol

It must have been so much fun going to T's play at school, I so miss these days with my own kids. T looked beautiful for the Daughter/Father Valentine's Dance...such a special time for them.

Loved the pictures of the kids jumping off the swings...I remember doing that myself when I was a kid! hehe I was always braver jumping off them when there was snow to land on!

Oh yummmm, those apple turnovers look so good and makes me look forward to when I can do some baking with Lily when she's old enough:-) Love you! xoxox

kdwhorses said...

You've been busy!
Noodles didn't look to happy to be in that much snow!
Yumo on the dumplings!
And the dance, how sweet!

Rising Rainbow said...

There's an award waiting for you at my blog. Come take a peek!