Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Friday Early

It's really raining hard here today. It started last night and has kept it going all day. I am not happy about this. I like the snow, especially in February. Rain is for April when we all want the snow to be gone, not February. It seems like it happens so many years that a few days before February vacation it rains and ruins the skiing, snowmobiling and tubing. So many of our small ski areas depend on February vacation to end their season in the black. Guess it's not going to be so this year, AGAIN.

The painters are still here but making good progress. Unfortunately for me they are going north for Feb. vacation so my painting will have to wait but it's way more important for them to spend time with their kids having fun in the snow. Yes, they will still have plenty of snow up north and in the western parts of Maine in the mountains. This is a snow maker for them today, no rain.

I have been on a cleaning binge. With the painters working downstairs I have been working upstairs to keep our of their way. It amazes me how much stuff we can accumulate. I have been going through cupboards, nightstand drawers, shelves and the closets in the two guest rooms. I found some mail from 1970! Good grief, why did I hang onto that?

I have been working on our bedroom too. I purged my closet back a few weeks ago and now am going through other stuff and there will be more going tomorrow when I get over into Hubby's side of the room!

This is a quilt I made a few years ago. As you can see by the room and the quilt I was going through my lavender/purple stage. This quilt pattern is called Card Trick.

The woman that helps me with some of the heavy work was here on Tuesday and we tackled the basement under my parents apartment. They have two shelves and I have the whole rest of the basement! That doesn't sound quite right does it? I have those plastic bins for all of my Christmas stuff which is A LOT. I try to weed it out but hate to part with much in that department. We worked for two hours and did get rid of a lot of stuff, some to throw away, some to give away, some to take to Salvation Army and some things she took home for her granddaughter. I didn't care where it went as long as it went out of this house! We got about 3/4 done and will go at it again next week.

Of course when you go through things you always find some treasures that either you had forgotten about or didn't know where they were. I came across some pictures of Buddy when he was about 12 years old. Funsize was riding Lil' Bud who would have been about 7 or 8 years old. We had taken her brother to ride in the flying saucer behind Buddy out in the pasture. Look how dark Buddy's neck was back then! I had on enough clothes for six people, didn't have hot flashes back then to keep me warm!

Also found this picture of my son at one of the quarter horse shows, The Northeast HorseArama. I think he was about 9 or 10 then. This was the age where he lost interest and stopped showing. I think this was the last show he ever went in. He started at age 3, I think I have posted some of those pictures.

Also found some pictures of our ferrets, well at least two of them. Here is Tinkerbell and Mel, Pixie came along about a year later. They were so much fun, we just loved them. They call ferrets 'kittens that never grow up' meaning they always stay playful even into old age. We had them for 8 years until they passed away, that is about the average lifespan of a ferret. They can be imps getting into everything. One day they took all my bras out of my top drawer and put them in the bottom drawer. Go figure?

I used to keep them barricaded in the kitchen when they were out of their cage as we were still working on potty training. One day I could NOT find them, thought they must have climbed over the gate and were in the house somewhere. Finally I started looking in the cupboards and guess where they were?????? In the lasagna pan!!! I took a picture and scooted them out of there, washed all the pans and fixed the door so they couldn't get back in there!!!! They thought that was a great place to snooze..........

I guess this is enough of randomness today. All this rain we are getting is going to turn to ice tonight as the temps are supposed to drop quite a bit. I have a computer class in the morning and then plan on going to the stable so hope the roads are okay. Have a good weekend everyone! :o) Happy Valentines Day!


Mary said...

What a lovely post. I always enjoy seeing old photos. Your horses are beautiful and I love the little cowboy. Too bad he lost interest.

Your bedroom is beautiful. What a cozy place to have for your private domain and that quilt is exquisite.

It's been a while since I've had a chance to visit. Things have been hectic here. I'll try to do better.


Needled Mom said...

Aww...I'll bet the photos of Buddy brought back a flood of memories.

I can't believe how much D looks like J in those pictures. Amazing.

It sounds like you have been really productive with the painters around. I so need to get in and clean closets and drawers. Yes, it is shocking what all we accumulate over the years.

LOVE the card tricks quilt. Do you leave it on the bed all year round?

Those little ferrets sound like they were characters. My cousin had one and love it. We had a chinchilla and it got into everything...again...a kitten that never grew up. The picture of them in the pan is too funny.

We are also in for rain -- for the next week!!!! It has been chilly here and is to remain that way for the extended forecast. I need all those layers you were sporting there. It is a shame that your resorts are experiencing the rain instead of snow. Their seasons are so limited as it is.

Have a great Valentines, my friend. Hugs.

Valerie said...

oh I just love decluttering. My problem is I want to keep everything. I love your bedroom. I want it!

Patti said...

Great photos! Your bedroom is so pretty and I love the quilt you made, its just beautiful!
I hope you have a nice Valentine's Day tomorrow!

Linds said...

I love your bedroom, and can't get over the size! It is huge! Well, by UK standards. In SA our rooms were beautifully large too. And that quilt is wonderful too.

We have still got ice and there will be more tonight of course, as the temps plummet again. Have a great weekend!

Susie said...

We'll take all that rain that you don't want!! I could trade you for some cloudy sunshine, which you probably don't want either :)
Your bedroom is gorgeous. You have wonderfully large rooms, and your quilt (with kitty) is so pretty.
I'm sure it was a nice trip down memory lane finding the old photos. I can get lost for hours when I find things like that.
You sound like you're being so very productive getting all that cleaning and organizing done :)
Hope you have the Happiest of Valentine's Days!!
love you,

Andrea said...

I love finding old treasures and old pictures! They are so much fun. And it's nice to clean out all the "junk". I need to do that really badly!!

And I would die if I ever found those in my pots and pans!!!

hippo chick said...

Oh, arent' all those memories wonderful? I loved the old pics. The ferrets are a riot.

What a lovely bedroom you have.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

~hippo hugs~

Musings of a Housewife said...

Ugh, rain if Feb. No fun. Hey, why don't you send that lady who does heavy work down to me and let her help me get my attic and garage cleaned out. Now that would be a nice aunt. ;-)

Tammy said...

I loved seeing all the photos! How sweet to see Buddy again...
And how fun that your son was in all those horse shows...he looks so cute!

As for the term, February vacation, I'm not familiar with it at all. Must be a northeastern phrase? It took me a minute, but I'm guessing it means President's Day weekend?
I'm sorry for all the rain spoiling the snow season...we haven't had that much of it, surprisingly, but it's cold and I'm so ready for spring!

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful bedroom you have! I'm glad you're getting things de-cluttered. I headed to the basement - finally - this week. YUCK!! But it is fun to find stuff you've forgotten about.

Love the old pictures!

Come on over for a Valentine from LOVEland!

sarah said...

Good job on getting cleaned out. That is such a good feeling!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Alice Grace said...

I love that quilt! Sounds like you are getting a lot done. The pictures are great!

Broken Y said...

Please come on over . . . I need some decluttering assistance!!

Suzy said...

I just got finished with all the closet cleaning!
Whew...what a job.
I had enough crafts and sewing stuff to start a store,shipped lots of it off to the Salvation Army!
Hope you had a great Valentine's Day !!

Pony Girl said...

I love those old pictures of Buddy! He's so handsome, gorgeous color! I'm suprised as kids we never thought of using our ponys to pull us on sleds, LOL!
Stay safe if your rain turns to ice! I hope you had a great Valentine's day!

palmtreefanatic said...

cool post! those are great photos of buddy!
Beautiful quilt! And bedroom!
Those ferrets are adorable and funny where they ended up!
Hope you had a nice valentines day!

Nancy said...

Your bedroom is so pretty and so spacious! I had to give my ex the master bedroom furniture, and I miss my king bed! I'm sure all these cats would have loved it! ha-ha Your quilt is beautiful! That is one thing I have never done. My neighbor was into quilting and made some gorgeous ones, but I don't have the patience to work on something that long. But yours is gorgeous!!! I see the cat is enjoying it! How cute!!!

I have been trying to do a little sorting and such, too. I am now ready to paint my big room...dining/living room. It is 17' wide x 26' long with 13 foot vauled ceiling....I have my work cut out for me! Painting the same color, though. And then I am changing the fireplace from marble surround to either black slate or dark green marble tile. Can't wait to run the carpet machine over it and move on to a new project! I am still hobbling with my bad knee, but these things aren't going to get done by just looking at them, so I had to get started on them.

I loved the old pics! Too bad your son lost interest in the horse shows. He was one cute little cowboy! Lots of memories in those old pictures, huh?

LOVED the ferret pics!!! I have often though about getting one, but don't think so after reading about them. I have always heard they get into everything...LOL But they are darling little critters! Maybe someday. I didn't know what their lifespan was. After all the cats are gone, maybe I'll have time for one before I die. ha-ha I would love to have a parakeet again someday, too.

Keep up the sorting now! I hate to part with stuff and my kids don't want any of it I always end up keeping too much! Spring is in my blood so I am very motivated to get my place up to par again!

Have a great week....I lost my last uncle Friday (my mom's sister's husband). The funeral is at 11am today in PA. I couldn't travel as the weather is bad there, but my heart is there.

((( HUGS )))

Rising Rainbow said...

I loved seeing the old pictures of Buddy. How cool......but must have been bittersweet for you.

PEA said...

We had a couple of mild days lately and the snow went down quite a lot but now it's supposed to snow all week so we just can't win! lol

It's a lot of work decluttering but doesn't it feel GREAT once it's done? It's an ongoing process here and every time I think I finally got rid of everything I no longer want, I find more. I was able to sell quite a few things on eBay that were too good to just give away or throw away but of course that's a lot of work as well. At least I was able to buy my new laptop with the money I made:-)

Loved seeing those old pictures of Buddy, what memories they must have brought back for you. Can I move into your bedroom???? It's gorgeous and HUGE...I think my whole house would fit in there as it's only 1000 square feet! lol

Those ferrets look adorable and I've heard what great pets they make. Quite mischievous though, I see! hehe Too cute!

Take care of YOU and know that I love ya:-) xoxoxo

Tonya said...

Well no way pics of my bedroom will be posted anytime soon. It's a laundry nightmare! LOL

Love the horse pics and ones of your son.

My mom is such an animal lover and has always wanted some ferrets. I don't know why she has never had them....she's had just about everything else.

This weekend they bought a chihuahua pup and a Sulcata Tortoise. They are crazy - LOL