Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The One I Forgot To Publish

Oh me oh my. I got so stuck on my snowmobile yesterday. Stuck. Really stuck. Did I say I got stuck? With the foot and a half of new snow we just couldn't resist going out for a spin when Son got home from work. Cousin K went with us and was a good help. We had just left the barn and headed out the carriage road when we came upon a tree that had blown over in the storm. Son got off to try to move it but it was just way too bogged down in heavy snow to budge.

We decided to go around it and come back later with the chain saw and remove it. I say 'we' but I mean the guys. Getting off the packed down track is always iffy and of course I was the one that sunk like a stone. My sled is the biggest as it is a two person one and weighs a ton it seems.

Yes, that's me up to my waist stuck in the snow!

The hole.Finally after much shovelling we were on our way. The branches were hanging low with all the new snow not unlike a canopy over us. We did get some snow down our necks as we hit them but the beauty of it made it worth it.

Always remember to carry a shovel with you when you go out on a ride!

My computer guy was here on Thursday as I begin learning how to use Photo Shop. I think it's going to be a long process but will be well worth it in the end. Here he is teaching Miss T how to use my new Ipod Touch. She picks these things up much faster then I do!!! She had fun watching Madagascar 2 on it. This thing amazes me. You can click on Maps and put in your zip code and see your own house via satellite! Amazing but kind of scary in a way too if you know what I mean. Talk about big brother watching.........

Hubby is driving to New Hampshire and back today. I don't envy him, it's a long haul but he hates staying over in a hotel so would rather drive home.

I just found this in my drafts folder, thought I had already published it so don't be confused about the dates and all.

The sun is shining today and it's fairly mild. I have my Humane Society board meeting so will be heading over there in a few minutes. I go early so that I can visit all the animals before the meeting. We have such a good adoption rate, the staff does such a wonderful job! I would say that at least 95% get adopted and the other 5% are too sick to save or have aggression problems that can't be solved. They go way beyond the extra mile to find homes for the animals.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!! :o)


Needled Mom said...

Really, really stuck???? Goodness gracious..it was a good thing that you had some help along with you. I would have hated to see you have to walk through all that snow to get home.

I can't wait to see what you do with Photo*Shop. I can already imagine al the fun things you will do with it.

Our Touch is still in the package. The kids have offered to teach it to me, but the time has been scarce again lately.

My mom's latest MRI still shows fluid on that hip so they are doing daily IV antibiotics. Since I am a R.N. they are letting me do it through a PICC line in her arm, but it slowly infuses over 2 hours. It is to be done daily for 42 weeks!!!!! Same time each day. So between that, weekly wound center care, doctor appointments and home health nurse three times a week for dressing changes, she is really frustrated at how little she is getting done.

Thankfully, all else is going well here with the rest of the gang. I just wish the days had more hours. Sigh!!!!

Have a great weekend. Hugs.

Susie said...

I'm so glad you weren't out riding by yourself! The snow is so beautiful and it must be such fun riding through the woods!
T looks like she's got that I touch all figured out. They pick everything up so quickly don't they.
Have a wonderful weekend!
love you,

Joy said...

The snow-laden trees in your photos are really beautiful. Glad you got un-stuck. ;o)

Renie Burghardt said...

Well, I'm late but enjoyed reading this. Not because you got stuck, mind you, just all of it. We had 6 inches of pristine snow yesterday, but today the bright sun is melting it like butter on hotcakes! Unfortunately, it was still here this morning, so I had to miss going to church. But that's just how I like snow-here today, gone tomorrow!

Your little T is adorable and bright. A great combination.

I'm glad your Humane Society does such a great job. We have one in Pocahontas which is a wonderful no kill shelter. Unadopted animals are allowed to live out their lives right there. Cats are not kept
in cages, but have free run of a large room. I can actually stand visiting it without feeling terrible, and support them as much as I can.

Happy March!



PEA said...

Well for goodness sakes, you sure were stuck good in that snow! Wow! Glad you hadn't gone alone, you'd probably still be there! lol It sure looked beautiful with all that snow on the trees, though, and as you say, well worth getting snow down your neck:-)

Kids these days sure seem to pick up all this technology so much better than we old folks do! lol I hadn't even heard about the I Touch...I'm wayyyy behind with things it seems! lol

Love you! xoxox

Nancy said...

Boy, when you get stuck, you get stuck!!! That was quite a hole! Glad you weren't alone! Looked beautiful along the trail!

T is one smart little lady! Kids pick up on all that new stuff so much faster than we older folks do, don't they? You're lucky to have them as they can teach you then! I'll have to remain a dummy since I don't have any grands....ha-ha

Good luck with PhotoShop. I have my notes somewhere and can't find them! I am sorting a little at night so, sooner or later, I will run across them!

((( HUGS )))

Jmkdreak said...

cute pictures! we love rescues and help them out here in OHio often.
my mom reads your blog Renie, and mentioned you might know about travel to Puerto Rico? I would love and places you've stayed or any info. at all as we are trying to plan a last minute trip for a little spring break! thanks for any help, Andrea