Monday, February 23, 2009

Back To A Winter Wonderland!

We got up this morning to about a foot and a half of new snow with more coming down. It is just amazing out, everything is blanketed with fresh light snow the kind that sparkles when the sun shines down on it. Those of us that ski or snowmobile are very happy and those that don't well let's just say they aren't! :o)

This is the poor fire pit! Guess we won't be roasting marshmallows today!

This is the latest in winter attire. Note the combination of green scarf, hunter orange knit cap and red gloves. I guess I won't be making the cover of Vogue very soon.......You can see how deep the snow is on our back deck! I was just trying to get a path to my bird feeder.

This is how much snow there was on top of the feeder on the deck!

Noodles is saying NO WAY!

The trees are just heavily laden with the white stuff, I hope we don't get a lot of broken branches.

Yesterday after church I decided to go out for a ride by myself which I don't normally do, usually I am with Son and family but they all have colds so couldn't go. I took my cell phone and stayed right on our own property so that I wouldn't be too far away if I got stuck or something. The trails were glorious from the 6 inches of snow we got last week. A great base with the new on top makes for such nice riding.

I came onto a whole bunch of blood which made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I was about a mile or so out. One of my neighbors and his son came along and said that coyotes had taken down a deer. Now I know that is just the way of nature but I still don't want to SEE it!!! Thankfully mom doe and the twins came by to have some grain so I know it wasn't one of them. We have been watching the three of them since spring when they still had their spots. She must be a savvy mom to have gotten them through a harsh winter like this one.

School is cancelled everywhere but I hope the feed store is open as I need more wildlife grain. I'm waiting till the roads are cleared a bit more before I head out. I have 4 wheel drive and am used to driving in all conditions so I'm not nervous about it but it's the other drivers that can scare you to death. They drive like it's a nice hot July afternoon and there's no ice or snow on the roads!

This is what happens here if you drive out on thin ice. The ice may be a foot thick in some places but in others not!

Not only did his truck go through but his sled and trailer!

Here are a few of the cute pictures that people send me:

I don't know if these pictures were taken in Maine or not. Very rare though to see an albino moose!

A diva in the making.

This sleepy head is safe to ride in the car.

Guess that's it for this morning. Really need to go do some more shoveling. I just think of it as good cardio! :o)


Needled Mom said...

I had heard about your storm and also heard that you were going to get winds today. I'll bet it was gorgeous with the sun glistening on the new snow....magical!

I'm glad that mama deer and the babes are okay. That would not be a pretty sight to come upon.

I got my new computer opened up, but not set up quite yet. It will be nice to get off the laptop, but I am NOT complaining! Less computer time has been good for me as I have gotten more done in the sewing department.

Off to get my yearly mammogram and a bone density test this a.m. Have a great week, my dear friend. xox

Dawn said...

It is so beautiful - and scary for us when the foolish people drive like it's not there. We've had so many people out on our lake ice fishing, and we haven't had nearly enough deep cold to make it safe.

hippo chick said...

I love this post. What posesses people to think they are smarter than nature, i.e. driving out on the ice.

Coming up on all that blood must have been a harrowing experience. Like you, I know the ways of nature, but just shudder to think of it. When I see a dead deer along the road, I am so sad.

All your pics were just great.

It's 70 degrees here today. Though I loved your pics, I'm happy to be here in the desert.

~hippo hugs~

The Mane Point said...

AMAZING car pics!

Congratulations! I have chosen to honor your blog with the


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Susie said...

Your snow is beautiful, and I just can't believe how much there is!
How scary coming across all that blood on your ride. Glad mama doe and the fawns are OK though :)
We've had rain (and quite a bit of it) Some areas had about 4" in 24 hours over the weekend. We're less than that, but it's very wet.
That car through the ice picture says volumes about people's stupidity. He's lucky to be alive!
Have a great week..
Love you,

Nancy said...

Lucky you with all that beautiful snow!!! I am turning green! LOL Must feel like Christmas there all over again. I really do miss the snow. Lucky it didn't take them long to return to the feeder.

Your outfit will soon be the new trend...LOL Who cares, just so long as you were warm! I'm sure the birds love you, no matter what colors you wear. My ex had an aunt who dressed in wild colors all mixed together...she did it to get attention. She would hike her pantlegs up with rubberbands, so she was wearing the new capri pants before they ever came back in style. She was lonely and wanted people to notice her and talk to her...bless her heart. She would go to the library every day and read...she was really a very smart lady.

Noodles is smarter than the guy who put his SUV and sled through the ice! He's lucky to have survived that!!! People never learn, do they?

Glad your mama deer and her twins are safe and hope the coyotes don't get the younger ones. I am sick to hear of one getting killed, though, but it happens every day...I bet seeing that blood scared the daylights out of you! I just try not to think of things like that...that's the balance of Nature, though.

That albino moose is gorgeous! The wonders of nature astound me! And that little Diva pug is just toooo cute, pink boots and all!!! I would love a little dog like that!!!

You've got some great pics here! I enjoyed my visit again today!!!

Stay warm and take care of that heart out there shoveling...

((( HUGS )))

Margaret Cloud said...

I liked your post, the picture of that squirrel is so cute. I think you may have gotten more snow than us. I have never seen a white moose, I have to go shovel my feeders today also.

PEA said...

It's only right that since I had snow all weekend, you should have some too! So there!!!! hehe I couldn't even go to my auction because it was so bad out there...waaaaaaa! I guess I need to buy myself a snowmachine and skis to enjoy the snow!! lol Loved seeing that picture of you on your deck, really makes one realize just how much snow you have. As for the attire, well, my dear, I think you look just MAH-VEL-LOUS DAHLINK!!! :-)~

Oh dear, I can well imagine how upsetting it was to see all that blood in the snow! As you say, it's all part of nature when animals get animals but it's not something I want to see either! Ugh!

We hear of trucks/cars going through the ice here all the time on our lakes...people can become such idiots, not realizing when the ice isn't thick enough. I have no sympathy for them when they go through like long as no one is hurt!!!

Such cute pictures, I love that last one of the pup with his seatbelt on! lol I had received those pictures of the albino moose as well, sooo weird looking isn't it!

Stay warm and be good!! Well at least TRY to be good! hehe Love you. xoxoxo

palmtreefanatic said...

wow wow wow! That IS alot of snow!

those are some pics with the car in the snow! Hope it wasnt yours!

Train Wreck said...

Oh it is ok here. I thought it was cold, but after seeing your house? I'm good. Yikes! Man I can't wait till warm sunny weather!

Dawn said...

Me again - it's 65 degrees here in Colorado today! But really windy.

kdwhorses said...

Goodness at the snow! I would like to ride in it though, just once!

Love the pics as always!

Sharon said...

I am glad that you can enjoy all that snow.
I don't think there is a written dress code for snow removal.
Glad to hear the deer are safe.
Your photos were great, I really do enjoy looking at them.
God bless.

KC said...

That is alot of snow.. our snow has melted and it was 55 outside today. I was still stuck in the house with 3 sick kids and not feeling well myself to enjoy the warm but it was still warm.
OH MY GOODNESS about the blood and that car in the ice.. WOW scary..
loved all the cute pictures you were sent.

Tammy said...

I'm freezing tonight so seeing all your snow just made me turn into a popsicle!
But it is so beautiful to see...
Stay warm!

Andrea said...

HOLY COW!! That is a bunch of snow!! That is crazy!! That picture of you on the porch!! Oh dear, where do you even begin to shovel that???

People are stupid when it comes to driving in weather. Here it pours down rain, so bad and so much rain that water just stands on the roads. The mornings after storms like that you always see at least five cars in the center of the interstate!! It's crazy!!