Friday, February 6, 2009

Key Largo Part Two

One of the things that I always love doing while we are at Key Largo is to go to the cat shelter there. As most of you know we brought two cats home with us from that shelter two years ago, Noodles and Munchkin. They have been such a wonderful addition to our family and filled a big void in my heart left by losing our three old cats over a year long period.

The facility is only about two years old and is really nice. The cats don't stay in cages unless they are sick or recovering from spay and neutering. I love the openness of it and the fact that the cats can go outside at will to the back yard which is all fenced in to keep them safe.

It's sunny and bright in the cat area and is air conditioned for their comfort. They are a no kill shelter and the cats live out their lives there if they don't get adopted. Munchie and Noodles brother and sister are still there. I would have loved to have brought this little gray kitty home with us along with her brother. They were just a striking color and I could just imagine what they would look like when full grown.

All the cats were healthy, clean and loving except one that gave me a good swat on the hand!!!

This is their mailbox. Thanks go to Hubby who was the photograper. :o)

We like to go to the fishing village to look around. There are some shops to browse around in, a place to eat, ice cream shop and lots of boats to look at.

It has cobblestone streets.


We rode over to the airstrip in our golf cart and saw some of the private jets taking off.

Every Sunday morning the locals have miniature sailboat races. They are remote control and it looks like a lot of fun.

This is a lovely place to visit, there's no doubt about that but it's not where I would want to live all the time even if I could afford it. I guess I am just too used to the woods, snow, lakes, mountains and the way of life we enjoy here in Maine. Yes, we do have cold weather, no we don't have all the fancy stores and restaurants but it is what we love and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. We are close to the mountains and close to the ocean, what more could you want? I love the saying 'bloom where you are planted' and I think that is so true. Make the most of all the things around you, each part of this country has it's own kind of beauty doesn't it?


Linds said...

I totally agree with you - Bloom where you are planted - and where you are, with the mountains and ocean close by is just perfect for you.

But it is lovely to have the opportunity to enjoy other lifestyles now and then too! Especially when they are warm. I could get used to that yacht....!

Patti said...

What beautiful cats! Im a cat lover and I wouldnt be able to resist bringing one of those home with me!

Susie said...

Loved seeing all the kitties. That one looks so much like our Vincent :)
Ouch on the scratches. He must have been playing a bit rough!
That kitty mailbox is too too cute.
I'm going to have to show that to Bill and see if he can make something like that.
I agree 100% with "bloom where you're planted" or as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz says "There's no place like home!"
love you,

Alice Grace said...

That looks like a cat heaven! I love cats too, and can no longer have one due to allergies of a member of our family. If I have a cat, my dear granddaughter would not be able to visit me. But I do love cats and have happy memories of some of my cats in the past.
Looks like you had a wonderful time, and even tho it is great to get away, there is no place like home!

Train Wreck said...

Oh cobblestone streets! How wonderful. Yeah some of those people don't look like they are as bad off as some. Oh look at all those kitties! I agree Bloom where you are planted, but in a few years I will be transplanted. Hubby wants to move to Texas!!

Dawn said...

That looks like a sore scratch! Good thing they're well taken care of, with nothing you could catch!

What a beautiful place to visit. I would never want to live where it's hot and humid, so am thankful for where I was "planted." But I love to visit those places in winter, fall, or spring - not summer!

I do hope to get our your way someday.

Rising Rainbow said...

That "cat house," (care I say that? LOL) looks like a pretty cool place. I can't imagine that many cats living loose like that and all getting along though......truly amazing. I have just two, they are sisters and they still fight. LOL

I am a sucker for kittens. It's a good thing I wasn't there. LOL

Nancy said...

I absolutely LOVE that shelter!!! Lucky kitties who end up there!!! I could have taken 10 more!!! Sometimes, I wish I could start something like that here, except it would be run over with cats. People here are ignorant and so many don't get their pets spayed/neutered. Thus, the BIG problem with so many strays! I was told our county is highest in the entire state for strays! Our shelter puts down approximately 1300 animals every year! The low-cost spay/neuter clinic is cutting those numbers down a little each year since it opened. So that is good news, anyhow! But the shelter there in Key Largo is so beautiful...just like home for them! You should have brought those 2 home. I kept saying, "What's one more? And now I have 33, and THAT is a LOT of work! LOL But they are loved and well-fed and in where they are warm or cool, and that's all that matters to me. This is their home now. So many people have told me to get rid of some of them. Oh, sure! Which ones do you tell they have to go, that they are no longer wanted? NO WAY! They are here to stay as long as I am living, no matter the cost or the work involved!

I love those cobblestone streets!!! So pretty! And that yacht doesn't look so shabby, either! LOL

My vet has a dog on his mailbox. Just too cute!!! I get my mail in a cluster mailbox so I don't have one that I could add a cat to it. Loved it, though! But my vet is a dog vet...he loves dog. The last vet I had (who retired) was a cat man!!! He ahd 16 himself! I miss him so much now!

Looks like you had a great time in FL, and it was soooo nice that you visited the cat shelter again! I did not know Noodles and Munchins came from there. Did you do a post on it back then? That was before I was blogging...I'd love to read it, if you did.

We just had some bad news on Buster this morning...his cancer is back. He is scheduled for surgery next Monday. I will do a post on that later today, so be sure to check back. Poor little fella! Just a small growth this time, though, so it shouldn't be nearly as bad as last time. He just keeps losing weight, and he eats like a little piglet!

Enjoyed both posts about your FL trip! No place like home, though, is there? I am planted in SC now and love it!

((( HUGS )))

Callie said...

I've never been. Been to Florida, but not Key Largo. Interesting. Love the kitty shelter. It's looks so warm there, whish I could visit there sometime.

Needled Mom said...

How did you resist bringing another kitty home with you this year? It does look like a perfect shelter for all the animals. Perhaps the OR could use a few more!

You have certainly captured the resort's beauty. I just love that place - to visit. Like you, I would not want to live there permanently.

Have a great week.

hippo chick said...

Gorgeous place and gorgeous pics. The cats are wonderful.

~hippo hugs~

Train Wreck said...

38 years! Good for you! I love to be anywhere my Cowboy is too. My heart still gets all fluttery when I see him.Or if he calls. We have been together 9 years. It is important to "date" your spouse, even if it is a truck stop, or a plain ol shady spot under a tree. It isn't about money, or things you buy. Sounds like you know all about that! Congratulations to you!

PEA said...

Oh wow, that shelter looks like a kitty hotel! hehe I love it that the cats are allowed to roam loose inside..they all look so relaxed and content. In my next life I want to be a cat! lol Your hand looks like mine, when I play with the fluffy gray kitty, he plays rough! lol He's starting to learn not to be so rough with me, though:-)

What it costs to put gas in those yachts would probably pay someone's house payment for a year! Sheesh! The rich certainly don't seem to know there's a recession going on?? lol

A couple of summers ago, Steve & I were at this lake and there were a few guys having those miniature sailboat races and we had so much fun watching them. Steve was hoping to see one crash and sink but it didn't happen! lol

You're so right, no matter where we live, there is beauty around us:-) Love you my friend. xoxoxox

KC said...

beautiful place
and wow look at all those cats, I'm impressed you didn't bring the grey one home

kdwhorses said...

Man looks like a great time! The cats have a nice looking place! Bad kitty swatting at you!

Great photos, ejoyed hearing about your trip!

Kerri said...

I can understand you loving that shelter. What a great place for cats! A veritable cat resort :)
What fun that you and Needled Mom get to spend some time together at that convention. Loved the pictures of you both!
It does look like a fantastic place to visit (oh, for a walk on the beach and the smell of that beautiful ocean!) but I agree, it's a real blessing to bloom where you're planted. There really is no place like home :)