Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Talk

The trees are down and put away in the basement. The outside lights are down and packed away in their bins and are in the loft over the garage. I guess that means Christmas is officially over. Some of my neighbors leave their lights up until after New Years but as excited as I am to decorate I am just as excited to get the house back in order and the things put away. I even gave away my poinsettias, they are going to the nursing home to brighten things up there. I am so concerned that my cats might get at them and get sick or worse so I was glad to see them go out the door even though I love their deep rich color.

The Snowbirds have flown the coop. Mom and Dad took off today in the midst of a small snowstorm and now are in the land of sunshine and warmth. They called when they landed and their driver had picked them up so they were headed to their home in Zephyrhills where so many people from Maine go in the winter. It was hard saying goodbye even though they will be back home here in Maine in April. We always have to shed a few tears, you'd think after all the years they have been going there we would get over it but being such a close family we still tend to snuffle a bit.

Speaking of snuffling, DIL, T and I went to see the dog movie Marley last evening. From the ads on television wouldn't you think this was a comical kids movie? Wrong...sort of. (If you haven't seen it and you are going to just skip the rest of this paragraph.) There is a lot of comical stuff about Marley the lovable yellow lab but there is some adult content and a little bit of language that I wasn't comfortable having my six year old grand daughter see and hear. Not that she probably hasn't heard the words on the school bus but that's not the point. I don't want to be the one taking her to see and hear things she shouldn't. DIL and I both put our hands over her eyes in a couple of places. Now this movie isn't awfully bad but the couple is trying to get pregnant so there are some love scenes. Also it is very sad at the end. Very. Good thing I had my tissues in my purse as I put them to good use. It doesn't advertise that it is going to be sad. Thank goodness for a potty break for T during the final moments of Marley's life as I think it would have been rather intense for a six year old. It was for me!

Just talked with my oldest sister who lives in western Maine near the town where Patrick Demp*sey grew up. One of my grandnephews is a waiter in a restaurant in Lewiston and went to work last night to work a banquet and guess who the banquet was in honor of??????? Yep, Dr. McDreamy. His mother has battled cancer several times so he has funded a cancer wing at the hospital there and they were honoring him for that. The waitstaff was instructed not to ask for pictures which I think is appropriate, let the man eat in peace. I love it when celebrities use their wealth and name to do such wonderful things rather then just waste it on who knows what.

Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve. I have ordered lobsters for me, Hubby, Son and D and bought a couple of steaks for DIL and T who don't like lobster. Lobster is at an all time low here in Maine so I am taking advantage of it. I have them cooked right there at the market as I don't like plunging them into boiling water, it kind of spoils my appetite, BUT if someone else does it I can eat like a pig. Go figure! We'll eat fairly early and just spend some time visiting or playing games and that will be the kind of celebrating we like to do.

These were the headlines last week in our local paper. The national news reported that we got 9 inches of snow but in actuality we got about 18! We have had some rain to take some of it off but it looks like more coming tomorrow and Saturday. I still haven't been out on my snowmobile but with the holidays and all there really hasn't been time.

We have a Saint Bernard at the Humane Society right now. He came in as a stray so is rather thin but they are working on that. He is just a sweetie, loves everyone and is only two. Each Tuesday morning we have a segment on one of the local tv programs where we spotlight a dog or cat that is ready to be adopted. This morning it was the Saint Bernard so I think he will have a home really soon. This picture reminds me of him.

I love this picture too. What a look of pure contentment on the cats face! What do you think the dog is thinking?

Guess that's it for tonight. Headed to the stable tomorrow morning to see the boys. They are just fat and fuzzy and enjoying their winter vacation.

Happy New Year everyone!!


Needled Mom said...

Would you please come put my Christmas stuff away now????? I can't believe that it is almost January already.

Glad that your folks got out between storms. I know that your dad will be thrilled to be back in the warm air.

Lobsters here are really cheap too. Must be the economy. We always celebrate with my sister, brother and their spouses for New Year's Eve, but not this year. We will be close to home with my mom. We do have a couple of lobsters that our son caught earlier this season so will enjoy them.

It looks as though my mom will have surgery next week for an abscess in her hip. She has an MRI tomorrow and we will see how involved it is. The pain, they suspect, is from the sciatic nerve being exposed in the abscess. It doesn't quite seem fair that a paraplegic should have to feel nerve pain when they have no feelings.

Thanks for the heads up on Marley. It's always nice to hear it from folks you can trust.

Take care and enjoy the next storm. You will have to get out on those snowmobiles.

Hugs, my friend.

kdwhorses said...

Yum~O lobster! Eat some for me! Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

I still have the tree up, normally don't take it done until after New Years!

Patti said...

Enjoy your lobster! I hope you have a Happy New Year!!

sarah said...

My daughter went to see Marley and Me and I had no idea. She said it was really sad.

Our Christmas stuff is still in transition on the dining room table, waiting patiently for momma to get off the computer. Not tonight!

Happy New Year!!

Dawn said...

We headed off to our anniversary get-away right after church Sunday - so now I have to put everything awayo look forward to. I dread that part of the season! But it does feel good to have it all put away. I will keep the poinsettias out awhile, though, since there are no cats around any more.

Now we have the twins' birthday to look forward to. Can you believe it??

Happy New Year! We never do anything special. But this year we'll be taking the Kev and Sema to the airport for their big trip to AFrica!

Mike S said...

Wow, we're having lobster on the 1st. My cousin fishes & is coming down with them. He's having a struggle with the low prices.

Funny, your sister lives near us & your parents live where my ex-wife & her mother live. Used to drive me nuts going to visit back when we were married(20+ years until 1989)as it was usually winter & the 15-20 minute drive from I-75 to their place in summer took well over 1.5 hours in winter. Even the flight from overseas seemed faster at times. My oldest son & family live in Tampa suburbs.

Enjoy the celebration. LOVE the photos, especially the dog & 'happy' cat:)

Dawn said...

I just re-read my comment - I'm having trouble with my computer - when I'm typing comments or in e-mail, words will just jump up and land in the middle of other words - very frustrating. I see I didn't catch one of those incidents when I was writing to you! I don't know what I'm going to do to get it remedied - it happened 3 times since I've been writing this comment - oops, make that 4!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Wow, 18 inches, that is amazing!

I can't wait to see Marly and Me. I had to skip that paragraph so that I could be suprised though.

I hope your New Years is joyful and welcoming. I have very much enjoyed getting to know you over the course of this year. Thank you so much for being such a good friend. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2009.


Happy New Year L!

Linds said...

Happy New Year! We don't take our Christmas decorations down till the 6th Jan on 12th night hwere in England. Or South Africa, or Europe either! So we stay festive for a while still. Lobsters....I would LOVE a lobster right now!

PEA said...

Doesn't it seem like we just put UP our Christmas decorations and now we have to take them DOWN already!! I don't usually take anything down until the day after New Year but yesterday the mood hit me to take as much as I could down...now only the tree is left and I'll take that down tomorrow or the day after. Always nice to have the house back to normal again:-)

Glad to hear that your mom & dad made it to Florida safely. Sure wish I could be joining them, I'm really fed up with these frigid temps we've been having since November and all the snow. Depressing to think that Winter has actually just started!! lol

I haven't seen that movie yet but I agree with you, there should be some sort of warning that there is language and scenes that might not be good for a child to see and hear!!

Dr. McDreamy....swooooonnnnnn!! I agree with you, it's nice to see celebrities using their money for good things like that instead of spending it all on cars and baubles. Unless they want to spend it on me...well then, that would be ok:-) hehe

Sounds like you'll be celebrating New Year's Eve in a wonderful way. I don't have any plans at all, just relaxing and putting my feet up. It's been so hectic the last few weeks, it's nice to have nothing planned:-)

Lol that cat certainly does look contended! I had the mama kitty and her two kittens inside the entrance last night...now she lets me pet her all I want and she loves being scratched behind the ears, she actually presses her head into my hand:-) I know I have to trap them and bring them in but I'm procrastinating! lol

Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2009 has to offer, dear Louise. I look forward to another year of friendship with you:-) Love you!! xoxoxo

Callie said...

Lobster! You make me envious! We'll have snacky cheese foods and shrimp! Nice pics! Happy New Year to you and all of your family!

hippo chick said...

I'm with you about being ready for all the Christmas stuff to go away. We will do that tomorrow. Jim will have the tree down before I get out of bed.

I loved this post. We also love lobster, but have never had them at home. It's always saved for an eating out treat. We spent a week in Maine several years ago and I really gorged myself on lobster.

This was to be a very short "Happy New Year" but has gotten out of hand.

We are going to skip Marly as we are still mourning our Frazier (after two years) and don't want the tears.

~hippo hugs"

Mary said...

I too am glad that Christmas is over. I won't take my tree down until Friday, because we didn't put it up until a few days before Christmas. We always have a live tree and I like to enjoy it.

No celebrating here. Hubby had to work tonight so I watched a movie while he slept and now I'm off to bed. It's a New Year and I wish you and your family abundant blessings.


Renie Burghardt said...

Well, I removed my Christmas tree from the sidebar of my blog, but it is still up in my living room. Had the lights lit last night for a while. That tree is 8 foot tall while I'm 5 foot tall, so I will need Greg's help and he will be here for the weekend to help me get it out and put everything else away.

Love the pictures of the animals. We may go see Marley soon.

Have to get ready for church now. I always enjoy your posts. I hope 2009 brings many blessings to you and yours. Happy New Year!


Renie xoxo

palmtreefanatic said...

Wow! lots of snow there!!!

I just am not ready for putting all the christmas away and the kids informed they do NOT want me to either! However since today is the day i usually would do it i think i will wait till sunday as my BIL and his family are coming saturday night!

sounds like a wonderful feast at your house for New years eve! yummy!

I was wondering about the Marley and me movie! Thanks for the info it sounded good! and the news about Patrick!

Happy New Year my friend!

Broken Y said...

Happy New Year to you!! My Christmas stuff is down also! AND I've gone through a bunch of stuff that is just time to get rid of!

Today, Kansas is bright and sunny - looking at about 50 degrees. Really, it's a pretty great place to live. We'll probably be down to 7 degrees next week but then up again to 50! Krazy Kansas!


Pony Girl said...

Happy New Year! I hope the lobsters were delicious!
I saw Marley & Me and cried, too. But I read the book so I knew why it was sad, it was actually sad off and on throughout, as well as laugh-out-loud funny. The book was more detailed and more about a young couple's life and Marley's part in it. They were both good.
I always like Patrick Dempsey. I loved him in Can't Buy Me Love, one of my favorite teen flicks from the 80's! ;)

Rising Rainbow said...

Geez! We barely got our stuff up in time for Christmas.....there's no way I'm taking it down now! I'm going to enjoy it for a while....so the tree stays for at least another week......the poinsettas too since I heard they really are not poisonous. I have the biggest most beautiful one I have ever had, it stays as long as I don't kill it.

I did see something that made me think the movie wasn't little kid material. I'm not much of a movie goes anyway so I will probably miss it. Can't sit that long right now anyway. LOL

My hubs got me lobster for New Year's. I still haven't cooke it. It will be my first time ever cooking my own lobster. I think I am chicken. But I better get it figured out by tomorrow, don't you think...........I really do LOVE lobster.

Sorry to hear you have another storm blowing in. It doesn't surprise me though. It's been almost non stop here and then it heads your way.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year!!

Susan said...

Happy New Year.May God Bless you and your family this year.Have a great day.

Tonya said...

Happy New Year!
C. has a tournament in Florida in a few weeks. He and some friends drove down right before Christmas to check out the lake(s). He said he has never seen so many snowbirds, golfcarts and retirees in all his life. He was amazed at the amenities.

Can't stay long, just trying to say hi!

Take Care!

Nancy said...

Yes, Christmas is over for another year. But isn't it such a wonderful time of year? I am looking forward to Spring now myself! I go from one to the next, just like that! I don't like all that in-between time at all! LOL

I don't care for lobster so I would opt for steak like your DIL. I look at the poor lobsters at the market and feel sorry for them. I couldn't cook them, either, but if I loved their meat, like you, I could eat them, too!

Kind of sad that they had to ruin the Marley movie like that, although I'm sure a LOT of youngsters will see it, also. Nothing is ever just good clean entertainment these days!

Glad your folks arrived in FL safely! The weather is great right now there. I bet they aren't missing the cold weather back in Maine.

Oh, I have always wanted a Saint Bernard!! They are really such a gentle breed. I am so glad you are on the board there!!! And I'm sure they are happy to have you, too!

((( HUGS )))