Friday, January 2, 2009

Random Friday

We're having a heat wave today! It's about 25* out compared to the -40* wind chill factor that we had yesterday! I think I might even venture out to spend some of the gifts cards that I got for Christmas. They are kind of burning a hole in my pocketbook. Not that I need a thing mind you but you know how it is.......Jo Ann Fabric is calling my name.......

It sounds like you all had a nice New Year's Eve. We were in bed by 9:30 so didn't get to see the ball drop in Times Square. The kids came over early for steak and lobster. We couldn't cook the steak on the grill as the cover on it was frozen and it would have torn it all apart to try to get it off. I usually can grill outside most of the winter but with the cold temps we have been having that was out of the question this time.

The turkeys have arrived back on the scene, about 30 of them so far. During the summer they go off in the woods where there is plenty to eat so we don't see much of them but once there is a lot of snow they are back hungry as can be. I enjoy watching them although they do fertilize the back lawn quite a bit......ahem.....if you know what I mean.

This morning Noodles wanted to go outside so I let him out. A few minutes later he came back with a sparrow in his mouth. :o( He had the whole head in his mouth so that the poor thing was bottoms up! I didn't want him to bring it into the house so I opened the door a crack and told him to put it down, which he did, and the poor thing flew off! Yea! One for the sparrow! I hope it is all right, it didn't even seem to be dazed or anything so there is hope. I know he was just being a cat but I hate it when they catch the birds!

Went up to see the boys at the stable. They are sure fuzzy!!!! Kipper looks like he was put in the dryer on air fluff as his hair sticks right out straight! Lil' Bud has so much hair around his feet it makes them look so small. They had gotten into some burrs so we spent a good amount of time getting all of those out. Nick is snug and warm in his blanket. Okay horse people tell me this, will he ever get enough hair for these Maine winters???? He is the first horse that I have owned that just doesn't get enough to stay warm and has to be blanketed from late November on. I have tried letting him go without one to see if his hair would thicken up but he gets cold and then colics so I can't have that. What do you think????? He's half Thoroughbred and half Welsh pony and he sure didn't get the Welsh pony hair.

D spent the night last night. He beat me at Sorry numerous times and thought that was just the best thing ever. He's such a good little guy and so easy to have. He loves drawing so we did a lot of that last night. When his Mom came to pick him up a while ago he was trying to talk her into going to Walmart for a toy. She reminded him that he had Christmas toys that he hadn't even tried out yet. He said lets take one back and I can pick out something else! The kid is always thinking......

Just found a pair of winter Ariat boots in one of my horse catalogs. I think I am going to order them as they are tall. I wear my short ones and my legs get cold. We don't ride much in the winter, even in the indoor arena, but we groom and do other stuff and I hate being cold. I don't like to ride them and get them sweaty with all the long hair as it takes forever to cool them out. Have got to call the vet today and talk with him about Lil' Bud as he just seems to be getting so fat especially in the neck and that scares me. He's only on a handful of grain twice a day plus his hay. I'm wondering if he needs to go on Thyro like Buddy was on. That sure helped keep his weight in check. Last summer with three of us riding him it didn't even get his weight down much. He's in his early 20's now and old Morgans can tend to get cresty.
Guess that's about it for today. Must go down to the barn and feed little stray barn kitty. Wouldn't you think I would come up with a name for her? Next week is the week to trap her again and take her to the vet for the works. I hate trapping her but it has to be done and the Have A Heart Trap doesn't hurt her at all. This time I will put a blanket over it as my friend Nancy at Nancy's Nonsense says that calms them right down. Wish me luck!


Mike S said...

Isn't this summer weather nice??? We're up to 14F right now.

I love barn kitties. 'Wannabe' is a possible name. She wannabe fed, warm, & treated like the other 'bigger barn kitties', except 'kitty' wannabe da boss:)

Needled Mom said...

It just sounds "toasty" warm to me!!!!! YIKES!

Wish I was going shopping with you. We could certainly have some fun.

We need to see more pics of those turkeys. They always look so pretty in your yard.

Have a fun day, my friend. xox

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, my younger son came for the weekend and took me on a shopping spree with the gift cards earlier today. I sure enjoyed it, but have 2 more to go.

We have 55 and sunshine today. Feels like spring.

I was in bed by 9 on New Years Eve, but went to a fine New Year's Day luncheon on Thursday. Then went to a Mexican restaurant with Greg today.

I think you are right about the turkeys. They are back, here as well. I put chopped corn out for them and for the deer as well. The crows eat the leftovers.

Oh, yum on the lobster. Haven't had that in ages. We have to travel fifty miles to buy one, and they are usually live in a tank, and I just can't do the dunking into the boiling water. I'd rather bring them home done!

Glad the horses are doing well, for the most part. And I have the same problem with the cats catching birds occassionally. I hate it as well, but cats will be cats. They are not often succeessful, thank goodness.

I trapped the calico kitten that lived in the woods, and she is doing very well now, warm and happy inside. She also has to go to the vet soon, for the works. I named her Smudgie, as she has a black smudge on her otherwise white nose. Very original, don't you think? lol

Hope you come up with a name for the barn kitty soon. And good luck with taking her for the works!

Have a great weekend!


Renie xox

palmtreefanatic said...

good luck with the kitty!;)

our temps havent been THAT cold...brrrr...

D sounds like such an entertaining character;) sound like fun!

like the snowflakes on your blog, cute!

Margaret Cloud said...

It is real cold here in Michigan, it was 28* but the wind chill was much lower. I never made it New Years eve, I fell asleep waiting for the ball to drop. My sister has a lot of turkey's all year, she tries to discourage them from her yard, they poo too much and big piles.

Patti said...

I have a few gift cards that I got for Christmas too and they are burning a hole in my pockets! LOL

Dawn said...

That's quite a temperature change in 24 hours - sounds like the crazy place I live!

Glad the bird was okay - I know they're doing what comes naturally, but it's yucky!

We have lots of geese that wander around town by the ponds and fertilize the lawns in the vicinity - I do know exactly what you mean!

I need to get a Sorry game. Care Bear loves to play it. And chess with her grandpa - she's amazing - she's working on strategy at age 6!

Tammy said...

We had some balmy weather after our deep freeze too...well, up into the 40's anyway. But then, out of the blue, it snowed during the night last night. Just a dusting though- not like the unusual two feet we had about a week or so back!

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your random Friday!
A very Happy New Year to you dear friend!

PEA said...

This is too know how I just said in my email how much we're alike? Well, I smiled when I saw your background because that's the one I put on mine yesterday but then changed it to one I have now...then I noticed the graphic you have in your previous post is the one I used to make my header! hehe You know what? I think we're twins that were separated at birth! LOL

It's 3f here right now and although the sun is shining, I'm not going out there!!!! Well at least not until it warms up to 5f!! lol This has been such a long winter already and it's just started...I guess with having had snow since early November, it feels like it's been winter for months already.

The turkeys are back because they know they're safe from being dinner now that Christmas is over! hehe Oh no, poor little sparrow, he couldn't have been having much fun in Noodles' mouth but glad that he was able to fly away:-)

I had to laugh at what D said about returning one of his gifts and getting something else! hehe Smart kid!!

I wish I knew more about horses...heck, I don't know ANYTHING about horses except what I read about them on your blog! lol Hopefully Lil' Bud will be ok.

I haven't named the stray kitties I feed either...I guess naming them would make it even harder when I have to give them up! Sigh. Good luck in trapping yours, I'll let you know how I fare out as well.

Love you my friend. xoxoxox

Musings of a Housewife said...

Okay. Let me get this straight. You hate to be cold and you live in Maine? Um, HULLO! ;-)

Go for the boots. I have been SO PLEASED with my Uggs. Toasty tootsies make me one happy mama!

And there was something else I was gonna say, but I forget. I think I'm getting old...

hippo chick said...

I just loved playing Sorry with my girls when they were little. The loved to say very loudly, "SORRY". Like they really were. LOL.

You know, I've never ridden a horse and it's on my "Bucket List". I think I need to really do that this winter in Nevada. I'll let you know how it goes.

~hippo hugs~

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Our JoAnn Fabric store closed last year....I miss the place alot!

Kerri said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas. It all sounded like such fun, even with all the busyness leading up to it, and the health problems you and your mom had. Glad she's doing well and hope you're feeling tip top again.
I loved all your family photos and enjoyed catching up. Seems like I'm always doing that. Just can't keep up with all my dear blog friends :)
We've had our share of snow too. Must be that darn global warming (smile) ;)
Wish we had some of that lobster!!
Wishing you joy and many blessings for the new year.

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Have fun shopping! Gift cards are a great gift to receive!

It's been really chilly here, but hen you put it that way, I'd much rather have my cold than yours. LOL!

Good luck with the barn kitty. I am so glad you have taken care of her.

I've passed on an award to you. Check it out when you have a moment.

Broken Y said...

You are warmer then Kansas! We hit 35 today! Windy though so it felt worse! Love all the randomness of your post!


Nancy said...

I was working on this comment when my electric went off for a few seconds! Lost it all! Anyway, I'll try again....

Good luck with the kitty trapping. Usually, they won't enter the trap again. Maybe if you put some shredded newspaper on the floor of the trap, it would kind of disguise it. I have even put the blanket over it beforehand, too, to get them. They feel it's a safe little hole to hide in that way. I have one out back yet that I trapped and had spayed about 7 years ago and then released her, and I have been trying to get her in the trap again so I can get her checked out again and keep her inside for good. Poor little thing, but she wants nothing to do with that trap anymore. If your kitty was a male, I'd name it "Barney." For a girl, how about "Milky"....just the opposite of her color! Mine all have names...all 33 of them!

We had 70 degrees the other day when we were taking outdoor Christmas decorations down. It was actually hot in the sun! We had a rainy day yesterday, and today it is 54 at present.

You are so good to your horses! Keeping them warm with blankets and all. They are just like any other pet, I guess, despite their size. They all have feelings.

Wishing you a great 2009 with good health, fun times and many blessings!

((( HUGS )))