Thursday, December 18, 2008

Random Friday

It looks like a winter wonderland around here as we got about six inches of snow yesterday! Oh how I love snow at Christmas time! Having never lived in a warm climate I just can't imagine Christmas without snow. Up here in Tundra country as Mrs. Mom calls it we most always have snow for Christmas, but once in a while we have an 'open' winter without any and it is the pits. If it's going to be cold lets have some snow to play in plus the economy is helped by all the snowmobilers and the ski industry.

Dad and I are still fighting the battle of the Christmas lights. We were out in the storm yesterday working on them AGAIN and hopefully they will all come on at the designated time now. Evidently two of my outlets on the front porch are faulty so a call has been put in to the electrician but he said he may not be able to get here until after Christmas so we had to do some creative thinking to get everything working.

I took some pictures. They are a bit blurry. Sigh....... I tried using my tripod but for some reason my camera wouldn't work on it, I am very technically challenged you see. So I took it off the tripod and tried very hard to keep my hands still as the shutter speed is really slow at night and this is what I ended up with.

I love my little horse and sleigh. I'll try again to get some better pictures.

Funsize won a three hour limo ride on one of the local radio stations. Last night it pulled into the drive way as she wanted to pick up T and D for part of the ride. D bailed so DIL and T climbed in. This thing is HUGE! I think it is the Hummer version. You could live in this thing!

Funsize and friends.

T and Mom.

This is an imitation fireplace where heat really comes out.

They were treated to a drive to see all of the Christmas lights in the area. What fun!

Yesterday I had to go over to the Humane Society as the local Walm*art was donating $1,000 to us! That will feed lots of cats and dogs and we appreciate it so much! The Executive Director contacted all of us on the board to see if anyone was available to come over. Two of us showed up, the two on the board that are retired! We had to stand there holding the big check but thankfully didn't have to say anything. I would have keeled over if I had to talk on television! The Executive Director and the Rep from Walmart did all the talking but they did ask us if we wanted to say anything. Gulp. Nope.

John is new on the board as I am but has been volunteering there for years. He is so good with the animals and takes on some of the problem cases that need lots of patience and TLC. Here he is with Olive a lovely stray that come to us with a trap still attached to her paw!!!!!!!! Our resident vet operated, had to take off a couple of toes, but she will be fine. She is such a sweetie and I would love to have her for myself but I think I would be outvoted by Noodles, Munchie and Hubby!

This is Frannie. She is one of our resident cats. Her job is to lay on the counter and look pretty, she does it well don't you think? They did a calender with her dressed up in all different outfits that is a hoot.

I appreciated all of your comments concerning the Merry Christmas VS Happy Holidays situation. Nice to know that all of you prefer Merry Christmas!!!! I have to report and give kudos to a different restaurant that I was in last week. I quite often meet Hubby for lunch if I am out in area near his office. We decided on Ruby Tuesday's as I had things to do in the mall. After we had been seated I noticed the Christmas music was a combination of conventional songs and Christmas hymns!!!! When our waitress brought our check and said good bye she also said Merry Christmas before we even had a chance to say it first! Yea! I am going to send off a note to Ruby Tuesdays main office and tell them how much I appreciate it! :o)

We are expecting another snow storm this weekend. This one has the possibility of being a Nor'easter. Glad I got the ole' snowmobile in for it's yearly check up and it's ready to go! Like I said before, if it's going to be cold let's have some snow to play in!!



Chris said...

We had such a fun time in the limo last night! Thank you for NOT posting a picture of me!!! Your decorated yard looks beautiful, the pictures don't do it justice! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Needled Mom said...

The Christmas lights look pretty with a little blur to them. I did one of our tree and it had such an interesting look with the blur.

That limo looks incredible. A fireplace too???? That's amazing. Why get out of it?

What a nice donation from Wal*mart. That will help out in feeding and care for a lot of animals. I am glad that you were there to accept the check.

So you think that pooch would not be welcomed in your house? I'd try that vote and see what comes up. He's awfully cute.

Our lawn is all icy this morning as it has not been typical So. Cal weather lately. It is COLD!!!! I may have to borrow that snowmobile before long if this continues. ;)

I have much to do before next week as I have been spending a lot of time with my mom. She has been having some health issues and is not feeling well at all. I just pray she starts to feel better soon.

Have a good weekend and enjoy that snow, my dear friend. Hugs.

hippo chick said...


We have had a really snowy day here. I think we got about 8 or 9 inches. It was rough going on the roads this afternoon. It didn't keep me from my Christmas manicure though.

We have a wedding on Sunday afternoon. I can't say I'm happy about rushing off to a wedding after church. It's a first for us, but this is a very special boy.

I love limo rides. We rented a limo once for a family outing. It was such fun.

Have a great weekend.

~hippo hugs~

Renie Burghardt said...

Your light pictures are beautiful! And that limo looks posh! My friend Eileen's sister in law is in the limo business, and we also rented a limo once. It was great fun! We felt like royalty riding in it. LOL.

How wonderful of Walmart to donate that money. I always make a Christmas donation to our Humane Society. It's a must for me.

The animals are so cute. Especially Frannie! And you are right about Ruby Tuesday's. We went to ours for lunch today, and they were very vocal with their Merry Christmas wishes.

When I lived in Austria, I absolutely loved snow, but now that I'm old and somewhat decrepit, and live in the hills, I no longer love it. The ice we had here just melted, overnight, and today was the first time I was able to get out. Any frozen stuff just makes life to difficult in the hills.

I enjoyed this post so much. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Hugs and blessings,



Mary said...

Only 6 inches of snow? Wow! I could send you another foot if you like...only kidding. We got between 8 inches and a foot here. The snowplow ridge was about 3 feet high and neither hubby or I are supposed to shovel, so I hired the guy that was doing the neighbors. He wanted to charge me $40 but I got him to take $30 and that was JUST the snowplow ridge. I almost fainted. lol

The limo ride looks like lots of fun. I'm glad that everyone enjoyed it.

Merry Christmas, my friend. Sorry I haven't been over in a while. My Aunt May passed at the end of November and then I came down sick on December 1st and am still fighting it. I got some antibiotics on Wed and am feeling a bit better.

Christmas blessings to you and yours.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Look at that limo! What a blast!

Susan said...

That would be fun to ride in a limo to see Christmas lights.Looks like everyone had fun.The Christmas lights look so pretty.The pets are so cute.It was so nice for Walmart to donate to help the pets.I love animals.Have a great weekend.God Bless.

Nancy said...

Your Christmas lights look great! I know the work involved with decorating outside, but here we did ours in our shirt sleeves this year. I want to do a post with my outside decorations, since I don't do much inside. Just not enough time for me to work and do all that, and on top of that, I have 33 cats who need caring for, not to mention all the meds I have to give to 7 of them every 12 hours! Keeps this ole gal hopping, believe me! LOL

That limo ride must have been such fun! What a great prize to win! And then to see the Christmas lights while sitting in front of that fireplace inside the limo! Bet T loved the whole experience!

How nice of Wal-Mart to donate money to your shelter! Poor Olive....that trap must have been so painful for her! I have had an old tomcat coming to eat lately and today he came limping. His right rear leg is swollen and his one eye looks like he's been in a fight. I may have to try and trap him to get him some vet care and antibiotics. Poor old guy! He was pitiful! At least he has my igloo doghouse on my patio to sleep in. I have a big comforter up around the sides on the interior so they can curl their backs up in it, plus I heat those Snuggle Safe disks in the microwave and place under a couple layers of blanket. They will stay warm for 14-16 hours if they lay on them. Some nights, they don't sleep in it, though...but I always put the disks in it anyhow, just in case.

Frannie looks like my Magic, except he's a male cat. She must be quite the cat to allow someone to dress her up. LOL

Guess we should all support Ruby Tuesday and stay away from the businesses that won't allow Merry Christmas to be spoken by their employees. They might change their tune if they lose business.

Well, THIS time I am heading off to get some sleep! I am all caught up with your blog now. I am always late reading them, but sooner or later, I do drop in for a visit.

Enjpy your snow! I am jealous! LOL

(((((( HUGS ))))))

PEA said...

Seems like everyone has been getting the snow I've sent them! hehe On the radio this morning they said that this will be the first time since 1971 that all of Canada will have a white Christmas, from coast to coast. Usually snow is very rare in Vancouver, British Columbia where my two older brothers live and they just got a good dumping so they're quite thrilled:-)

Your outside decorations look fabulous and I just love that little sleigh and horse. I have a hard time taking pictures outside as well! lol

Now that's what I call a LIMO! Wow! How fun that they were able to go for a 3 hour drive in it...I wouldn't mind going to see the Christmas lights in style like that! lol Even a little fireplace, how awesome!!

How wonderful that WalMart donated money to the Humane Society. They always can be counted on for things like that.

Stay warm and know that I love you to bits:-) xoxoxo