Saturday, December 13, 2008

Want some toffee?

My friend Mrs. Mom told me about some super wonderful toffee over at Swamp Suburbia so I had to go over and take a looksy. Now, I am a toffee snob. I hate to admit it but I am. The stuff you buy in the grocery store or the 7-11 just doesn't cut it. This toffee looks delicious and I hope I got in under the wire to get a free box to try out! I know if I have one bite of it I will be hooked and want more, my jeans are screaming NO but I am just not going to listen to them! So if you want to check it out click on the Toffee box on my sidebar!

We have had tons of rain and ice the last couple of days. Parts of Maine are still without power especially near the coast. Luckily this area hasn't had a problem but I sure feel bad for the thousands that are going into their second and third days without power. We put in a generator last year and I love that thing! After the ice storm of 1998 we were without power for a week in the middle of the winter. Not fun. We finally moved into a hotel until it came back on but I spent days here at the house with one of the fireplaces on to try to keep warm. It wasn't warm but took the edge off. Now when the power goes off the generator kicks on within a minute or two and voila' we have lights and heat again!

We had our Sunday School Christmas program last Sunday night during the evening service. I love seeing all of the little ones up there saying their parts and singing the Christmas songs. T and D did well and Funsize did the piano music for everything.

One of my sisters did a part in a play and did a really good job. She always likes to tell people that she is my MUCH YOUNGER SISTER as she is 7 years younger! haha! I was the baby of the family for 7 years until she came along and I wasn't thrilled. Then two years later my brother came along after four girls and we all were really excited about that! I think I was supposed to be the boy. I was a tomboy, does that count? Now we all live in the same town and are very close as we are with the rest of the family.

Last night I was going down to the barn to feed little stray barn kitty and it was VERY dark. The dusk till dawn light on the front of the barn is on the blink so it makes it very dark down there. Due to my run in with the irate hunter earlier in the week I was a bit nervous going down there by myself, the wimp that I am. I got about half way down and a huge buck let out a big snort and scared me half to death! I turned around, went back to the house and sent Hubby down when he got home from work! He said sometimes when he walks over to his Dad's next door the same thing will happen and take him right out of his boots practically! So is the life out in the country, but I would rather it was a buck then the nasty mouth irate hunter.

Got lots of decorating done yesterday. Both trees now have ornaments on them and lots of my snowmen are out. I will take pictures soon but I left my camera on and the battery is deader then a doornail so it is charging. I tend to do that quite often. If you want to see some fabulous decorating go over to Ruth Ann's at
Warm Pie Happy Home. She has such a nice touch and decorates her whole house with tons and tons of stuff. It must take hours and hours but is sure worth it.

Guess I'd better get back to working on Christmas cards. Also need to run up to the stable and see the boys as it was too cold this morning. I found socks with horses on them for all my stable friends so need to get little bags to put those in and hang them on their horses stall door.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and enjoy this season of joy!


PEA said...

See that? You mention toffee and I'm the first one to comment! LOL Omigosh that toffee does look good!! My weakness is fudge...which I'll be making for Christmas but waiting till the last minute, otherwise, I'll just sit there and eat it all. You know how it is...oh, I'll have just one little piece...two minutes later, what's one more pieces...etc. hehe

My goodness, you sure have been having a lot of rain! We still have all our snow and it was -2F when I got up this morning so it won't melt anytime fast with those kind of temps. Sheesh. It's actually supposed to get milder the next couple of days before going back to the frigid temps.

Oh how I wish I could have gone to the children's Christmas Concert with you...I use to love going to those when my boys were little. Now I'll have to wait until Lily is taking part in them:-) How fun that your MUCH YOUNGER sister took part in the play! hehe You're so lucky to have your family living near you like that. I really miss my 4 brothers.

Oh dear, I can well imagine how much that buck scared the daylights outta have more nerve than me, I'd be too chicken to walk out there in the dark! Unless I had a huge spotlight with me!!! lol As you say, though, rather the buck than that crazed hunter.

Can't wait to see photos of your tree and other decorations:-) Love you my friend, enjoy this wonderful time of the year. xoxoxox

Needled Mom said...

Toffee is one of my all time favorite candy. I have a great family recipe if you are interested.

The concert sounded like it was so much fun. Isn't it a fun time of the year for all of that? The kiddos look so cute too.

I can only imagine how that buck must have scared you. I would have been running back to the house too. I hope they find that hunter and put him in his place.

I heard that there were 190,000 folks in Maine without power and was wondering if your area was affected by it.

Stay dry. Hugs.

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Sorry I haven't been by in awhile. Things seem to be going very well for you and chilly if I say so myself. I can't imagine a buck snorting at me in the dark. While I am not afraid of the animal itself, I bet it was a bit freaky in the dark.

The toffee looks yummy but I am really not a toffee person. I can't wait to see photos of your decorations and trees! Happy Holidays!

Donna said...

I love kid Christmas programs. If I don't have the Christmas spirit, all I need is to see some kids portraying the holy family, three wise men, and shepherds.

I had wondered if you were getting all that ice.

Andrea said...

I have never been much of a toffe fan myself. But this toffee isn't like that cheap stuff. It really does just melt in your mouth!! You will be very impressed when it gets to your door!! Thanks so much for putting this up on your blog!!

And we are super soggy wet here too!! It's crazy.

The concert looked really nice!! I love going to Christmas concerts. I too was the baby of our family for 6 years, until my little sister came along!!

I am scared of the dark. I hate feeding the animals if it's dark. I will send my husband or make my dog come with me. I live in the middle of no where and I still get freaked out.

Oh, and here is the web site link

I just went to edit my sidebar and added an image. Then put in the web address in the area that said link or something like that. I am not sure if that helped at all. Let me know if that worked.

Dawn said...

I have to come back and read up, but I wanted you to know that I have an award for you, and a little meme. Come over and check it out!

Nancy said...

I love children's programs like that, church and school both! I miss that now that mine are grown and having no grandchildren. Yours looked darling! That little girl has the most beautiful smile!!! They look like very happy children, and i'm sure they are.

I would have probably fainted on the spot had I heard that buck snort! LOL I can see that I have some reading to do on your blog to find out about that irate hunter. I'm getting there, slow but sure! LOL

We had a lot of heavy rain for 2 days, but this week is to be a beautiful week as far as temps go, but they are forecasting a few light showers for a couple of days.
My daughter arrived in Montreal tonight, and she said it is cold there with light snow falling. She sounded excited to see some flurries! When you don't have any snow, you want it, and when you get it, you don't want it. I love to watch it snow myself. You enjoy this wonderful time of year, too!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

hippo chick said...

I love toffee. My MIL made the best in the world {or so I thought} but I have never made it. Candy making just isn't my cup of tea. LOL

You are so blessed to have your family living so close. I love to read about them.

I'll check back later this week, but in the meantime have a good one.

~hippo hugs~

Farmchick said...

I love toffee and that looks delish! I made fudge today and it actually turned out the first time!! I cut it and hid it away in the freezer!!! Hope you can stop in and visit me sometime...let me know you were there too!

Margaret Cloud said...

That toffee looks yummy, probably has a zillion calories, oh well who cares, tis the season. I wish you a very Merry Christmas.