Friday, December 5, 2008

Random Friday

Well it's Random Friday but I doubt this will get done before Saturday, the optimist that I am.........

It's been hectic here today but that usually is the case. The computer man was here all morning as he was going to set up my new computer BUT I had 50 gazillion pictures that had to be moved to my Maxtor drive so that I wouldn't lose them and it took FER-ever! Poor guy, I felt bad for him as I'm sure he must have had other appointments to make. In the mean time he showed me how to do several nifty things that I will be incorporating into future blogs. As it turned out my keyboard and mouse aren't compatible to the new computer so he had to hook my old computer back up and order the needed parts. I don't care as long as I have a computer otherwise I would be going through withdrawal right now. You all know the feeling I'm sure! :o)
We trapped the barn kitty yesterday in the Have A Heart trap. We put her food in there and she was in there in about 10 minutes. I brought her in the house to put her in the basement bathroom until I could make arrangements to have her checked out at the vets. I let her out of the cage and the poor thing went totally ballistic! She went up the walls, knocked down the mirror over the sink, went in the shower and tried to climb those walls, went up on a wicker towel shelf, into the sink and finally down between the vanity and the wall. I had on heavy gloves and a jacket and was a wash of sweat trying to catch her to calm her down. Finally I just left her there with some food and water to let her calm down. That was not to be. I tried several more times to catch her to check her out but she was so scared she just went bonkers every time. Finally I decided to just let her go back to the barn and catch her another day when I had the vet appointment all set up. I opened the door to the bathroom and the two outside doors and left. A couple hours later I went back down and she was still wedged in the same place, poor thing. She was all teeth and claws when I tried to get her out so I took the flush brush and tried to push her out that way and then threw a towel over her and picked her up. She is now back in the barn. I'm wondering if the vet can give me something to put in her food to quiet her down enough to get her there where there are people trained in handling such situations. She is beautiful, all black with a white patch on her belly, big pretty eyes and isn't a kitten any more, she has grown in the month since she started coming around. To be continued.......

I have been scurrying around getting things hidden in closets that haven't been wrapped yet as T and D are spending the night tonight. Son and DIL have a birthday party to go to out of town. Funsize has a recital tonight at church and we are going to that. I'm going to try to get some pictures if I can do it without being too much of a spectacle! Funsize did an amazing job at the recital! Her songs were beautifully played and she seemed totally at ease. The other gal did the singing and did a lovely job too. These two have the same name and are great friends. After the concert they put on this size 7X shirt for some fun pictures.

Last Sunday night at church the Sparks group which Son and DIL head up had their Christmas party. One of the fun things that they did was decorate Son and the Awana Commander Rob. Notice the ornaments hanging from Rob's glasses!

I think he makes quite a nice Christmas tree!
Even the other leaders got into the fun!

A nice group picture.

T putting an ornament on her Daddy.

Awana is such a good program, they learn so much and have fun doing it!

We have been fighting the war of the Christmas lights. Our yard man put them up for us and everything is on a timer so that I don't have to go out and plug them in every night and unplug them in the morning. The first night they blew the breaker after they had been on for a few minutes so that was the end of that. The next day Dad went out and plugged some things into other spaces so that it was spread out a bit and that took care of that. The yard man came back to check on them the next night and tried to get the timers closer together so tonight some things came on and others didn't so Dad went out and unplugged everything until it was dark and then plugged them all in again. I guess the timers need a bit more tweaking. Sigh.......

I now have both Christmas trees up in the house so hopefully the kids will help me decorate them this weekend. We have fake trees as we are all allergic to the real ones. I still need to get my villages set up so I think I will make use of those nice strong energetic legs on T and D to help me carry them all up from the basement. :o)

It's now Saturday night. We had our office Christmas party this afternoon and had a really nice time. I have lots of pictures but think I will put them in my next post as this is getting rather long. We had our first major snow storm today and it looks like a winter wonderland outside. I wish I had counted the number of cars that went by tonight looking at all the lights in the neighborhood. Even a Hummer Limo went by! Pretty big stuff for our small little town! Don't see that every day! The picture at the beginning of this is from the party today overlooking the golf course. It was so pretty with the snow softly coming down. There is something so exciting about that first snowfall. :o) This last pic is of one of the gingerbread men that T and D decorated at the party. The kids LOVED doing this!


Callie said...

LOL, I had a cat that was ok in the house with us, but would not get into a cat carrier for a trip to the vet. Like battling a bag of razor blades. I had to put her in a pillow case to get her there!

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi There!

Love all the pictures, especially of the winter wonderland! Snow is beautiful, as long as it's somewhere else, and not here. LOL.

My calico kitten got used to being indoors, but is scared of the other cats still. But she likes the cat carrier, it's her safe space, I guess. She is going to the vet this week.

I went Christmas shopping yesterday, and got most of that done, thank goodness. But then felt very tired, as this bug I have is still not all gone.

I hope your Christmas lights are now all in sync and working well lighting up your Home on the Range! I look forward to more pictures.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Renie xox

Mrs Mom said...

Wow- Winter Wonderland for sure up there! Almost enough to give me nightmares! LOL

Oh-- by the by... those donuts were DIVINE!! Thank you SOOO much, once again!!

I love the Christmas background on the blog now- it looks fantastic! I guess I need to learn how to do that so I can REALLY "Christmas Up" things over yonder! hehe

Looks like everyone had a blast with the decorating. Cant wait to see more of yours!!

Linds said...

The Battle of the Cat sounds quite exhausting! I do hope you manage to get her seen and sorted without too much trauma for either of you! No snow here at the moment, but just hard frosts, so ice everywhere.

Not many people have put up outside lights this year - could be the cost of electricity. I also hope you have got the timers under control! Have a great Sunday!

Patti said...

You have been one busy lady! LOL

Have fun decorating the trees with your grandkinds!!

I love all the pictures!

hippo chick said...

Oh my!! What an ordeal you are having with that barn cat. I hope you can get her to the vet. do you think you will be able to tame her??

Loved the picture of the golf course. It is so unspoiled and pretty.

The Awana party looks like it was fun.

I know what you mean about being without your computer. I would be lost. When we go to Nevada, we don't have internet in the condo. I have to go to Panera's every other day so I can blog and get my email.

Hope your week is wonderful.

~hippo hugs~

Susan said...

I love the snow picture.The snow is beautiful.Good luck with the cat.Have fun decorating.I love getting ready for Christmas.May God Bless you and your family as we enter the Christmas season.

Dawn said...

WE had our first snow too, but not as much as you had. Supposed to be more today - we'll see. It'll probably stay down in Denver.

The cat fiasco sounds positively scary! HOpe your bathroom survived.

Have a great week!

palmtreefanatic said...

look at that snow! right now we are having pouring down rain! supposed to get 2 inches later on today or tonight!

lots going on there! The pics are great!
Cats can be quite funny!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

LOL....loved seeing all your pictures!

I just found a good recipe for gingerbread man and thought about making them this year!

Tammy said...

Wow, I loved catching up with you...your family sounds about as busy as ours!
Our girls are in a Christmas program involving 10 performances and their right in the middle of the two weekends right now...busy, but they're enjoying it!

So glad Funsize had such a good recital- good for her! She has such a pretty smile! :)

Enjoy the rest of the busy week! :)

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like your cat incident was quite a show. Poor thing.

The snow is so pretty. I could sit inside and look at it all day as long as I wouldn't have to get out in it. You know me.

Well.....I was without a computer all last week. The modem failed so I had to use a dial up connection that wouldn't let me get on often. Talk about frustration. Veri*zon finally figured it out and sent me TWO new modem and then couldn't figure out which one to send the signal to. Grrrr.

Love the pics of the family. T looks so serious as she puts the ornament up.

Hope you are feeling better. xox

Nancy said...

I hope you can get the kitty to go back in the trap again. Sometimes they won't. Yesp, that's what ferals do. I have two of those 4-foot tall ferret pens that I usually put one in when I bring it home from being fixed, and I just leave it in ther laundry room until they feel ready to come out. I always have a cardboard box on its side with the bottom facing outward so the cat can feel that it's hiding in it. That works, too. She was feeling threatened and needed a hiding place is all. She will tame in time, if you decide to make her an indoor cat. I have had them so wild that I thought there was no hope, but I just kept working withb them several times a day....first you have to win their trust. I am still working on one that I've had at least 3 years. He will sniff my fingers now, so he is starting to come around. You need to be careful bringing her in just in case she has fleas....she could drop flea eggs and they can hatch in your house then. I always take my directly to the vet once I get one in a trap. Just vacuum your bathroom really well, especially around the edges.

I can sympathize with you about the Christmas light dilemma. I have a problem here when it rains as mine are on a GFI outside, and with the heavy rains we had, it would kick them off. So my ex came back one day and taped all the conections to keep any moisture out. My daughter's did the same thing. And now that she is away this week, I have to watch hers if it rains as her freezer is on that same GFI, and it would knock the electricity off to it, too! What we don't go through for the sake of decorating, huh? LOL

Well, I am off to bed shortly!

(((((( HUGS ))))))