Friday, October 3, 2008

Random Friday On Saturday

Last week Random Friday was early, this week it will be late. It's Friday night, time to go to bed and I am just starting to think about what to write. I don't think very much will get written tonight but I'll get a few lines going.

Mom has been moved to a rehab facility. Everyone seems very nice but she is having a hard time adjusting to being away from home. She was in the hospital about a week and will be in rehab about two weeks so that is a long time to be away from home. We go in often to help pass the time with her and she has a lot of physical therapy sessions each day. She is healing well but still has all the staples in her knee for now. I'm not sure when they will be taken out. So glad that she hasn't had any problem with infection. It's so hard not having her here at home with us, these things are hard. Thank you again for all your prayers for her!

I did take a few minutes today to go to a Humane Society function. We were being honored with the Home Town Hero's Award and I got in on the last half hour and got some cute pictures. We had some pets there that are looking for a forever home and they are sooooooooo cute! This first dog has special needs and has been living with this man and his wife who are fostering him. We are hoping for a very special family to come along and adopt him.

This little guy has gorgeous eyes.

This is one way to wipe your nose!

Look at that face! This is a Puggle, part pug and part beagle!

They made a beautiful cake for us.

We had a radio station there.

It's Step#hen Kings radio station.

This is our executive director, she is a great gal and does a WONDERFUL job!

We had lots of laughs!

Thank you Uni#cel for such a great time and of course for the nice fat check, it will help out lots of homeless pets!

Saturday morning------

The leaves are falling early this year. The horses, except Nick, are getting fuzzy. I wonder if we are going to have an early winter. Nick will need a sheet on soon and then a blanket for the winter. I keep their big stall windows closed at night now to keep the draft out of the barn. They love keeping their heads out their windows but I don't want them to be cold. The coyotes were yapping in the night. It is rather gruesome as I know they have made a kill with all their howling and yipping and then all is quiet. An owl was hooting a couple nights ago and I took my big flashlight out to try to see him but to no avail. He moved on probably due to the crazy woman flashing all that light into the trees! I was concerned about the twin fawns after hearing the coyotes but saw them this morning with their mom happily munching on clover. Yea! They have lost their spots now and are getting really tall.

Lots to do today as I want to go to the stable early and ride with Ann, go to the Rehab center and spend time with Mom, get supplies in as we are hosting our grand children's youth group tomorrow night for their fall hike and hay ride, BIL's birthday party tonight and all the other things that need to be done around here.

Miss Pea over at Pea's Corner is having a Halloween Give Away. There are lots of things up for grabs so go on over and sign up! She always has such good give aways with lots of loot! She is one of the favorite gals in Bloggsville so be sure and stop by. Oh, BTW I am going to win the Halloween socks so don't get your hopes up on that one!! heehee!

Please continue to pray for Mom for healing and that she will adjust to being at rehab for the next few weeks. Thanks!


Myrna said...

Well, I'm just lurking around and decided to actually, you know, COMMENT!

Hope your Mom is having a good day today. I will be remembering her--and you, as you care for her.

Cool, crisp, and beautiful here in Middle Tennessee. Fall is here! I am going to soccer games today and then carpet shopping with a friend.

I still love stopping by your place to check up on the happenings up there in Maine. Congratullations on your award--I know a part of your heart is with animals. ou are a role model for all of us in that area.

I really do plan to blog again--I just want to be sure I have something worthwhile to say when I start back. :-)

kdwhorses said...

Glad to hear your mom is doing well. HOping she will be back home real soon!

I hear ya about being busy, I have been bad about posting this past week!

Looks like the party was a hit, what cuties!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Patti said...

Glad your mom is doing better. Looks like you had a busy but fun week!!

KC said...

I'm glad your mom's surgery went well. I'll keep her recovery in my prayer..

Donna said...

A prayer is being said for your mother. Hmmm, I'd better go try for the Halloween socks.

Alice Grace said...

I know your Mom misses home, but maybe it won't be long till she gets to return home. My prayers are with her.

Mary said...

I will continue to pray for your mother and wish her a speedy recovery.

Love all your photos and it looks like everyone had a fun time. I love dogs and enjoyed seeing all the photos.


Tammy said...

It was good to catch up with you...I hope your mom continues to recover nicely and can go back to her own home soon.

Congratulations on being honored with the Home Town Hero's Award! Wow...that is wonderful! I'm not sure of all you do, but it sounds like you do quite a bit to help animals!
Loved seeing the pictures of all those cute dogs!


Needled Mom said...

So glad to hear the healing part is going well. I pray that she will make a good adjustment to the rehab facility and realize how much she can benefit from it before going home.

You have your hands full with all the goings on around there. Funny how life never slows down any, isn't it?

I wonder if you are in for an early winter this year. Surely has been cool there. Brrr.

We had a big owl in one of our trees the other night. He hooted for almost three hours. The sound of the coyotes is creepy. We have so many around here and it is really bad during the nights of fuller moons. It sends shivers up and down when they start out. There are always "Missing cat" signs on the posts.

Hope you have a better week. Hugs.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Looks like a great Humane Society function! Congrats on the award!

Glad to hear that your mom is doing well....hopefully things will continue to progress well.

hippo chick said...

I will stop and pray for your mom as soon as I finish typing this. I just love your wonderful, colorful blog. It makes me feel happy to look at it.

Have a good week.

~hippo hugs~

PEA said...

Love your background, soooo spooky! hehe I want to change mine into a Halloween theme also but since our Thanksgiving is on Oct. 13th, I'll keep the Autumn theme until then...THEN I'll decorate for Halloween:-)

So glad to hear your mom hasn't had any infection in her you say, that's something you always have to be careful of. I can well imagine how much she's missing being home but it's best for her to have her therapy and make sure she's completely healed first. My prayers continue for her.

Congratulations on the Humane Society for the Home Town Hero award!! It makes all the hard work so worth it when you can get recognition like that. Those doggies are just so darn cute!

I find hearing coyotes howl during the night has got to be one of the creepiest sounds I've ever heard! When we'd go visit my husband's sister's farm, we'd hear them and it always gave me goose bumps!! Hopefully those twin fawns will stay safe from them.

Thank you so much for announcing my Halloween giveaway:-) I'll have to go see if they have any more of those socks so that I have a pair for you in case you don't win! LOL

Take care my friend and know that I love you!! xoxoxo

Dawn said...

Well, you came up with plenty to say! The event looked lovely - cute doggies!

I hope you don't have a rough winter, but it sounds kinda maybe, doesn't it? So far, we're having such a great autumn, but the leaves are falling like crazy. Today was quite breezy and they were really coming down.

Have a great week!

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, it must be hard for your dear Mom to be away from home. I pray that her recovery continues to go well, so she can be home again soon!

What a nice honor from the Humane Society, and you surely deserve it! Beautiful cake, and cute animals. I do hope they all find good homes. Wish I could adopt them all!

We are still having mild weather, but a rainy day today, thank the good Lord.

Love visiting your blog and really appreciate your visits with me. Have a wonderful week!



Nancy said...

If Renie and I could get together, we would adopt all of those dear animals!!!

Congrats on the Home Town Hero's Award! I am so glad you are on the board with your Humane Society there!!! Looks like this was a great event! I hope all the dogs get homes. They are beautiful!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))