Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Afternoon

You probably get tired of my saying this but it's just gorgeous here today in Maine. I guess you can tell that I love where I live and wouldn't trade it for anything. It's crisp and cool with blue skies and puffy clouds again today. Wish I had taken my camera when Husband and I just took a ride on the Rhino out on the new carriage road. It's just about finished and it is a REAL road with culverts and everything! :o) (You can see it doesn't take much to excite me.) It's going to be great for driving the ponies in their little carts, riding, snowmobiling, hiking, 4-wheeling, and cross country skiing. All our neighbors are welcome to use it. It's posted for No Hunting so we shouldn't have to worry about getting shot at.

VAST IMPROVEMENT. Yes, that is what the vet report said when he was here this week! Yee haw!!! (you know I would never really say yeehaw in real life other then Blogsville!) He was amazed at Buddy and kept saying it over and over! I was grinning ear to ear just loving every minute of it! The new shoes are working beautifully and he can walk comfortably on any surface now. Four months of work seems to have paid off and I am one happy person. I think, actually I know, the vet was surprised at how far he had come since he saw him three weeks ago. I don't think originally he gave him much of a chance but hung in there with us giving Buddy good care and me good advice as to how to take care of him. Buddy is completely on pasture now and loving (can you see him doing the happy dance?) every minute of it! I would go out and take a picture of him but it rained and he rolled in the mud and is a MESS!

Saturday Funsize, my friend Ann and I were on barn duty at the stable where I keep the guys in the winter as the owner was away. We landed there bright and early to feed and turn out and then we did some riding. Funsize was riding Lil' Bud her Morgan, bareback, cantering around the ring with ease, not even hanging on to the mane and it looked like soooooooo much fun I decided to give it a try. Now I haven't ridden bareback since the Nixon administration so this was going to be a challenge! First thing was just to get on........finally with the help of the mounting block I very UNgracefully threw myself on and off we went. It felt so good, took me back to when I was a kid and never used a saddle just hopped on bareback and rode all day. Okay so we did fine at the walk so I decided to trot and seeings as he has a smooth trot I was still on. Then I decided to throw caution to the wind and CANTER! Now let me tell you it wasn't pretty, I was hanging on for dear life thinking about that cast that I would have if I fell off, but I did it and it was exhilarating! (like I said previously it doesn't take much to excite me)

I'm still on my sewing frenzy for the craft fair, the only thing is I have been selling them faster this weekend then I can make them. Now this is good news AND bad news. It's nice to make good sales but now I have to replace them with more for the fair. That's okay though, it called Job Security!

A couple people asked me if I had any horse themed totes and I have a few in stock done and a couple that I am working on. This is the last one of this pink fabric, I don't think I can get any more unfortunately.

Also have a couple I'm working on. This is our original style that is more square.

This is the rodeo fabric that I wish I had bought more of. You never know what's going to be the hot seller. I haven't put the lining in yet but it is the same boot fabric that you see on the outside.
A Mom bought one of my lady bug ones (which there again I wish I'd bought the whole bolt as lady bug stuff sells really well) and wanted a child's size for her little girl out of a different lady bug fabric so it is made out of 4 inch squares instead of 5 inch and is adorable! This is the Mom's.

This is her daughter's. Same pattern just much smaller although it doesn't look it in this picture. She was so tickled with it, made me feel really good. I didn't put the cell phone pocket in this one just a couple of regular pockets. I didn't think at 8 years old that she'd have a cell phone!

Anyway enough of my sewing adventures, your eyes are probably all glazed over at this point!!

I hear voices coming through the woods so it must be my grandkids coming for a visit so I will close for today. I LOVE that sound of their voices coming down the path! Music to a Grammies ears!


Donna said...

It's been four months since your horse foundered? Wow! I'm sure glad he's doing so well now.

I don't even canter with a saddle, that's what a coward I am. I do like to occasionally ride bareback, though. Makes me feel like a real Indian.

BarnGoddess said...

Vast improvement? WOW!! that is WONDERFUL news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy for you :) I know how much you love Buddy and worry about him. Founder is so complicated. I hope he continues doing so well.

If I ever relocate, the Maine coast is one place Id certainly consider.

Great totes. I like all of them.

dcrmom said...

Since the Nixon administration. Heehee!! You crack me up. Great news!! :-)

kdwhorses said...

Congrats on the news about Buddy!! HOw great that is.
Congrats on the bareback riding, you had me cracking up! I am sure you looked great doing it! I do love to ride bareback, my mare is easy enough to ride that way. Our boys you can ride bareback, but the way there withers are, you are VERY uncomfortable doing it!

kdwhorses said...

Oh I forget to say I love the horse handbag totes!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

That's great news about Buddy. I hope he continues to improve. I giggled about his roll in the mud, of course, if he were being allowed to act more like a horse that would be an important thing on his list. lol They are so funny.

The totes look great! I know what you mean about never knowing which ones are going to be "hot" items. Hindsight is always 20-20. And then there's the thing if you bought bolts of everything, you'd have a craft room that looks like mine. At one time I had over 400 bolts of fabric! YIKES! Still have way more than I want to admit. You wouldn't know anyone interested in calicos for the 80s would you? lol

As for riding bareback, I think I'll pass. I just don't bounce all that well and never really got to ride much as a kid to have the experience to rely on. Starting fresh at 60 without a saddle....I don't think so. Will leave the bareback riding to Rachel.

Susie said...

What wonderful news to hear about Buddy!
Glad you're enjoying such lovely weather, we're also having similar!
Love all your bags, I'm sure they'll be a huge success!

the moose buyer said...

Great news about Buddy. I am so happy he is doing great.

I am sure you appreciate the beautiful Indian Summer because we both know what comes right behind it. Hope this great weather lasts a long time.

Dawn said...

I can always hear the kiddoes coming down the culdesac - in fact, I can hear them playing in their back yard - music to my ears, but they have a grouch next door (not even our age!) who doesn't like the sounds of happy children - or sad children. He has kids - I can't believe he doesn't remember how it was. So sad!

PEA said...

When you said you were hearing voices, I'm glad you explained it was those of your grandkids!! lol Sounds like you had a fabulous day...and imagine riding bareback! Good for you! I wish it would have all been caught on film though! hehe Such WONDERFUL news about Buddy...oh I'm so excited for you and him!! All your TLC really did pay off:-) All your totes are just gorgeous, I can see why they're selling as fast as you can make them!! Ummm...any faerie ones???? hehe You take care my friend and enjoy the beautiful weather!! We had frost yesterday morning that ruined my Impatiens and Coleus but now it's turned warm again...figures!!! lol xoxo

Kaila said...

I love all of your totes. They are very pretty :-) I think the ladybug totes are cute.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

So glad Buddy is doing so well!

How great that you love where you live...I do too...but there are lots of people out there that don't. I guess we are just some of the lucky ones.

Love the bags!

Tammy said...

So glad Buddy's doing so great! Wonderful news!

I would so love to visit Maine some day! I have never been to any of the New England states...the closest was my whirwind trip to NYC, but not exactly anything like the beautiful countryside up north I always see pictures of! Oregon here is beautiful, too, but just a little too much in the way of clouds and rain!

Your totes are adorable- love them!