Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday Talk

Just got back from my swim at the pool. It is the first time since last spring as I always take the summer off as I swim at the lake. It was good to see everyone and get back into the routine. I was late getting on the road so was hurrying and it seemed like everyone else was in no hurry at all. The man in the little car in front of me was waving at all of the crossing guards and having a great time at about 25 MPH while I am gritting my teeth wanting to get moving. That will teach me to try to get just 'one more thing done' before I leave to go somewhere!

I haven't been on my computer much this week as I am been on my sewing frenzy getting more totes done for the craft fair. My DIL has been sewing up a storm too as has her Mom. We should have plenty to chose from in our booth. We want to get everything done before we go to Florida the middle of October as when we get back we'll only have a little over a week to get our booth designed.

T had a good first week at school. She just loves it all except the bus ride. It's rather long and boring she told me. We're only about two and half miles from the school but with all the stops it makes for a long ride.

Awana started this week at church. D is a Cubbie, T is a Sparkie and cousin K is in Truth and Training. They had a kick off barbecue which was held despite the rain! Awana is a wonderful program, Husband and I worked in it for over 20 years. The kids learn soooooo much and have a fun time doing it.

There sure isn't much for bloggy excitement around here today. You know how sometimes there just doesn't seem to be anything to write about and some times you can go on forever. Oh I do have some more new spam. Toe Fungus. Yes, now I am getting spam for that. Now I suppose there are people in the world that need this product but I am not one of them so really don't want to get their ads. I've got to look into the pop up blocker thing.

Good to have Susie at Susie's Space back from her trip! Welcome back Susie!!

Guess that's it for today, my sewing machine is calling my name. I just finished a lady bug tote that I think is so cute, hopefully someone else will too! ha! Also another doggie one with dog bones and different kinds of dogs on it. Let's just say that if they all don't sell I know what all my sister's, mother, SIL, friends and relatives will be getting for Christmas this year! heehee!


kdwhorses said...

Love the totes!! Have you ever made a horse one??

Tonya said...

the totes are too cute!

Awana's kicked off this week at our church too.

My oldest one used to do it until we went to another church. That church was a different denomination and they had Missionettes. Both girls loved doing that as Lu Lu got older. So, we are going to try to get them back into it at the church we are at now. That is great y'all work with it. Y'all are busy bees...I tell ya!

palmtreefanatic said...

I love love love your totes!!
bus rides are long and boring! I should know I have ridden them for 12 yrs! Actually the last 2 yrs were longer yet as I had to ride the little kids busses to get home! that was horrible! I slept!
I got up at 5:30am and got home at 4:30 am! LONG day!
Enjoy the swiming, I am missing those days already as they are really cooling down here! now I am getting into my scrapbooking! It is time to get caught up from all my picture takeing!;)

Donna said...

My granddaughters are in AWANA. They love it. Poor Monica, this is her last year. Then she'll be too old.

PEA said...

Don't you just love being behind a very slow driver?? NOT! lol Don't they realize we got places to go, things to do??? Glad to hear the kids are enjoying school and that Awana has started up again...it certainly does sound like a wonderful program! Your totes are so gorgeous...that lady bug one is just absolutely darling:-) I just know you three gals will do good at the fair! I had so much fun meeting NG yesterday...now I want to meet up with ALL my blogging buddies! lol I'd love to plan something for next year...meet in Niagara Falls or something! Something to think about! hehe xoxox

Dawn said...

I LOVE the ladybug one! I'm a real bag lady. Love bags. Don't know why!

I totally agree with your last comment to me today - all of the prayer warriors out there have prayed many of us through many things just in the last year. What a blessing.

Dawn said...

Oops - I didn't spot the little dachsie on the other bag. Adorable!!

Susie said...

Looks like you've had a sewing marathon going on. Those bags are cute beyond words! I know you'll sell a bunch.
Thanks so much for the linky love. It's good to be home and catching up with everyone again.

Janey Loree said...

kdwhorses beat me to the question! Do you make horse totes?! How much do you sell them for? You might be interested in selling them at Past Times and Treasures, a new marketplace for handmade items! The lady that runs it lives in New York. Let me know if you are interested and I will get you her contact information.

Let us know how Buddy is doing...

Suzy said...

Love the totes...just got back from a late vacation,4 days at Virginia beach !It was greatly needed!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Busy, busy, busy!

I love the totes, they are so cute.

I left you a brief description of our loading pigs in my comment section (yesterday's post)if you are interested.

KC said...

I'm glad T is enjoying kindergarten, Sweet Pea is past her shyness and really enjoying kindergarten also.. The only thing that still stresses her out is Lunch.. not when she packs but he is afraid to buy her lunch.
Our Awanas I think is starting in two weeks. This will be the 1st year that I won't have one in each group. the last two years Sweet Pea was a cubbie, Mr Man in Sparks and Princess in T & T. This year Princess will still be in T&T and Mr Man still in sparks but Sweet Pea will be moving up to Sparks also.. they can't wait for it to start.
Your totes are really nice.

Myrna said...

Love the totes! I bet they fly out of your booth at the craft fair!

Toe fungus spam! Just think about that phrase--Yuck! on so many levels!

Rising Rainbow said...

I love the totes and good luck with your show. I did craft shows for 20 years, that's actually how I paid for my mare, Scandalous. Now with all the horses, I craft room sits there lonely, stuffed but lonely, I never get the time to get new things going.

Sounds like janey loree might be on to something. Established e-sites can be a great well to sell crafts that are easily mailable.

I'm glad to hear that Buddy is doing better. I hope he keeps on in his recovery.

thanks for your regular visits to me blog.

Tammy said...

Those totes are adorable!

And my girls were in Awana for the past two years- my little one graduated from Cubbies this past spring and my other daughter graduated with honors from Sparks. It was great...but I think we're going to take a break from it this year. There's a good children's program for each of their ages at our church on Wednesdays, plus my oldest may be starting Girl Scouts...but we may go back to Awana again next year- it is a wonderful program, I totally agree!