Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

I decided that I needed to set limits on my time spent blogging. I am getting ready for the craft fair as you all know and I am feeling a bit pushed as I want to us to have at least 100 totes for our booth. We are going back to Florida in October for a week so that week is out for sewing unless I want to carry my machines, fabric, thread, scissors etc on the plane and sit in the hotel room sewing while everyone else is having fun in the Dis*ney parks. NOT! So I have decided I cannot get on my computer first thing in the morning before I have done my household chores. Funsize and one of my other nieces, Stinky Sox are doing my morning barn chores. I decided this yesterday and was on my computer this morning at 8 am. That didn't last long now did it?! Actually I was having a trial run and now I REALLY am going to stick to it!

It's been just one of those perfect days here in Maine. Cool, sunny, breezy, big puffy clouds in the sky, just perfect. The horses are starting to hair out for the winter already. The nights are getting down in the 40's and in northern Maine in the high 30's. There is a frost watch for tonight in northern Maine. It doesn't seem like summer should be over but in reality it is and snow will be here before we know it. I for one am not sad about this. I love winter with the sparkling snow and the NON HUMID days. Of course having a snowmobile helps even though I am not one to go miles and miles. I love going out with my kids and grandkids on a couple hour ride ending up at Dunkin' Donuts for hot chocolate and a donut.

My friend Myrna over at Cherish the Word ( cracked me up today! I had mentioned I was getting the spam about TOE FUNGUS and she left me a comment about it saying that Toe Fungus Spam sounded yucky like it was a new flavor of Spam or something! lol! Just think about that! Spam in itself is bad enough but to add T F to it is even worse! GAG! I wrote back and said it sounded like the name of one of those awful rock groups!

I really do need to take an hour or so and sit here and block out some of this spam. Now I am getting it for a famous brand of coffee (I don't drink coffee), and some other unmentionable things. I got all the mortgages and casino stuff blocked so that took about 10 off each day plus the men's products so that was another 5 or 6 so I need to block the rest.

Buddy is doing well. He is out on the pasture 5 hours a day now with the rest of the boys. So far he seems to be doing okay with the hard ground and eating the grass or what's left of it. I watch him carefully to see if there are any changes in him. He is so excited about being out free with the other guys and at first it was hard to catch him to come in at night but now I guess he knows he's going to be able to go out and not just in the ring so he comes clomping in with his backwards shoes on. It's kind of cute and some one asked my farrier what he had been drinking before he put those shoes on backwards! Buddy is our Gentle Giant and he is cute whether his shoes are on backwards or not! :o)

My friend Ann's horse Bucky is having some problems right now. Most of the horses at the stable are getting rather old or 'long in the tooth' as they say so it's not unusual to have some problems. The oldest one's are 33, 18, 20, 26, 27, 17, and 19. The rest of them are younger. Lil' Bud is 18, he is Funsize's Morgan and he has been in really good health so far so we are keeping our fingers crossed.

I hopped on over to Heather's ( to check in on her and how she is coming along with her chemo for brain cancer. This is one remarkable chick and if you are feeling sorry for yourself just go on over and read a few of her blog days and you will find that your life 'ain't so bad' after all. This young lady has been coping with cancer and she also has an autistic daughter that needs a tremendous amount of care. Some of you have the Pray For Heather buttons on your sidebars and I would if I knew how to put it there! :o(

If you want a good giggle go over to my niece dcrmom's site at Musings of a Housewife. Now I know she is my niece so I am probably a bit prejudiced but she is just a hoot! She talks about her life with three kiddos, her struggles with shopping (right now she is on a no frivolous spending until the first of the year), clothes, her obsession with nice bags, and then she gets into some really thought provoking subjects and says it like it is!

Another family site (seeings as I am plugging family sites!) is my sister and her hubby that sing bluegrass and gospel music. Their site is and you can listen to some of their music and read a bit of their background. They have been singing for many years and have travelled all over New England, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida and other places. They are the celebrities of the family, our one claim to fame! :o)

Guess that's it for tonight. I hope you all are having a great week. I will still be getting around to see you all and will try to comment but I am going to limit my blogging time just until I get things done for the craft show. Why do I take on these projects????!!! Why?????


Susie said...

You sound like you have lots going right now. Don't feel you have to comment when you visit me. I know you'll be back when you're less rushed!

Donna said...

You know, I tell myself all the time, "I'm going to check the computer in the morning, then turn it off until evening."

Never happens. Is there a 12-step program for Internet addiction?

Never mind, I don't want to know!

PEA said...

I spend way too many hours visiting blogs and commenting...but it's so hard to stop! lol After my housework is done and whatever errands I have to run are done, I figure what's the difference, sitting there watching tv or I blog:-) I can understand why you have to cut back, though, you have so much needing done!! As Susie said, don't worry about commenting on my blog, I'll know you still wuv me! hehe

I am sooo glad that Buddy is doing so well. Can just imagine how happy he is to be able to be with the others! Thanks for the links, will have to check them out!!

You take good care of yourself!! xoxox

Dawn said...

When I first started blogging and started having so much fun with it, I wrote a post about the addiction - I should re-run it, because it's worse now by far!!

palmtreefanatic said...

whew! Busy busy! Thanks for the recap of the week!
I want a doughnut now! YUM! Though I am trying to stay away from that stuff ( who am I kidding)
I am so NOT ready for snow!
Sounds like a lot of totes to complete! Good luck! hope you sell everyone of them too!
and oh Disney sure sounds like fun anxious to hear all about that!
Good luck getting all your work done;)Yes Blogging is surely addictive;)

dcrmom said...

That's for the plug! You're a sweetheart. :-) I'm so glad Buddy is doing well!

Janey Loree said...

Hi Midlife Mom! Will miss your smiling comments over at MnC but understand you limiting yourself on blogging!!!

Sorry, I didn't get back to you, I threw my hips out on Tuesday of last week and am barely getting back into the workshoppe!

I did stop by your sister's website and love their music. There is just something about family harmony!!! Love Bluegrass and Gospel!!!!!

Thanks for the update on Buddy! Cahlibur knows how he feels getting to move around more than usual...PRETTY GOOD!!!

Heads up...I told Niki over at Past Times and Treasures about your totes, she should be stopping by!

Rising Rainbow said...

Oh, I know how it is with not enough time and too many things to do. I am so glad I don't have the craft fair thing to worry about...although the money would be nice right now.

I haven't been able to spend as much time checking out my cyberfriends blogs lately and it really bothers me. I feel like I'm missing part of my life. lol