Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesdays Tidbits

These are my little bugs that greet everyone coming in the front steps.

The Old Fashioned Roses are doing great so far, no beetles yet but I am on the look out for them EVERY day!

It's been a busy hectic week and it's only Tuesday! Too many appointments to go to and too much going on here at the house. The painter has been here finishing up the sun room and the yard man has been finishing up the things I wanted done outside. I bought two apple trees to replace the ones that the deer totally ruined, two new lilacs, a blue spruce and a mountain ash so he had lots of digging to do. I love it when the birds come in the fall to eat the berries on the mountain ash and sometimes get a little tipsy! hiccup!

I have almost all of my annuals in if I would stop buying more when I see something else I like....I just get everything in and then a nursery calls my name and I just can't seem to drive by without stopping.....
I got my vegetable garden all planted. Only put in cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, pumpkin, peppers and watermellon. The horses LOVE the watermellon so I planted twice as much of those as I normally would for us.

The annuals that I put in last week are already growing like a weed. I think they are going to be really lush this summer! Yippee!

These are some Lily Of The Valley that I just put in last summer and they are blooming like mad already. It reminds me of the old hymn 'He's The Lily Of The Valley' by Charles Fry and William Shakespear Hays:

I have found a friend in Jesus, He's everything to me.He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul.

He's the lily of the valley, in Him alone I see, All I need to cleanse and make me fully whole

In sorrow He's my comfort, In trouble He's my stay, He tells me every care on Him to roll.

Chorus: He's the lily of the valley, the bright and morning star He's the fairest of ten thousand to my soul!

I just love the old hymns.

I have several different varities of lilacs. Some are more fragrant then others but all are so pretty.

The hosta are getting H>U>G>E> already, I can't imagine what they will look like by August!I was taking some pictures of the lupine and caught a bumble bee filling his pouches with pollen, if you look really close I think you can see him and his little legs filled with the pollen.

Guess I should get out and do some mowing while the sun is out and there is a good breeze. I need to call my granddaughter later and see how she is feeling, she took a really bad fall off the pony this morning in her lesson. He stumbled just a tiny bit but enough to unseat her and she went right over his head and landed on her head then her back. DIL and I were standing on the rail and didn't hardly take a breath until she was up on her feet again and okay. She got right back on and continued her lesson without further mishaps but it sure scared us even though we know this is all part of the horse experience. We were still shaking in our boots and we heard her say to Lisa her trainer that she had a new bike so all was forgotten in a matter of minutes. That's kids for you!!!!!

Hummmmmm my spell check isn't working, wonder what I've done to that! Grrrrrrrrrr!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Love the bugs on the step and your lilacs....I just love lilacs!

Morning Glory said...

What a wonderful garden full of flowers! I do believe lilacs are my favorite and I truly envy yours. Mine are just starting.

PEA said...

I don't like bugs but those you have on the steps are the cutest ones I've seen! hehe Your flowers are certainly doing wonderfully...I especially love the Lily of the Valley but have never tried to grow them! Your lilac bushes are just gorgeous...I have one lilac tree but we had to cut it right down last fall so I don't think it will bloom this year. Our veggie garden only has the potatoes planted so far...hopefully by next week we'll have it all done. We had frost this morning and they're saying again tonight...grrrrr! It's June for goodness sakes! lol xox

dcrmom said...

Poor li'l T. Glad she's okay.

Hey, your flowers are gorgeous. Any idea what's eating holes in the leaves of my rose bushes? They're a mess. Grrrrr.

Suzy said...

Your flowers are beautiful, and I would kill for that porch of yours. (just kidding).
Those bugs are so cute!!!

Myrna said...

Beautiful flowers! I wish I had more of a green thumb. I guess it's like anything else--You just have to plunge and learn to do it!

Lilacs are beautiful--I'm not sure they will grow well here in Tennessee. Seems like I have seen them more in cooler climates.


Susie said...

Your lilacs are gorgeous! Mine finished blooming a couple months ago.
So glad to hear your little granddaughter was not injured in her fall.

Tonya said...

oh my - you know I am recently all too familiar with the child going over the head of the horse. I am so glad she seems ok and that it didn't phase her. I know when mine happened it phased me more than it did her.

Love the little bugs and of course all our foliage is just beautiful!!!

palmtreefanatic said...

gorgeous flowers, I love summer!