Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

This was on the way to the lake on Sunday afternoon.

The weekend sure flew by fast as they ususally do so now it's Monday and back to the real world. We had a great weekend, went to camp after church on Sunday and it was beautiful down there. The sky was gorgeous with the big puffy clouds. The men put the docks in at our place and at my BIL's place next door. I got some shots of them and they told me that I should put out a Dock Putting In calendar of them and would make a mint! HA HA HA! In their dreams! When I got ready to take a picture I would tell them to suck in their stomachs and they said they already were! lol!
The water was still a bit cold but that didn't stop the kids from going in for a swim. I usually wait till July before venturing in but enjoyed watching the goings on from a chair on the lawn!

D put on one of his suits from last year and it still fit! I think it's one of those that keep you from getting too much sun. DIL went through all of the clothes from last year and will bring down a fresh supply for this summer. Came home about 4 to feed the guys and do Buddy's feet. He had a good day so we are a bit encouraged. It's kind of a roller coaster as some days are good and some aren't but we remain optimistic.

OOPS! One foot is black and one is done in white! Hey as long as it does the trick we don't care if they match! The farrier was here today and trimmed the ponies and checked Buddy's feet and cut out some of the pads for me that are a bit better then what I can do. He was guardedly optimistic and he gave me some more tips on what I can be doing.

Husband took a few shots of me and Buddy. He's not the most gorgeous horse there ever was but he sure makes up for it in disposition!

My old fashioned roses that we put in last summer are loaded with buds and blooms this year. They have more then tripled in size so I can't imagine what they will be next summer! So far (knock on wood) I haven't had any trouble with beetles eating the buds! Yippee!

T and D's cousin Kirk won the week at Bible camp contest at VBS last week! We were all so excited for him as he had worked so hard all week to earn his points! He is all signed up to go plus is going for another week as well. He called me Friday night and said in a sad little voice "I lost." and I felt AWFUL and then he said "just kidding! I won!!!!" He is a real outdoors type kid, just loves doing anything outside so really enjoys all the things that Camp Fair Haven has to offer and on top of it all learns each day more about God! He's a great kid, we consider him our third grandchild and his real grandparents are nice enough to share him with us! :0)


Susie said...

The lake looks so clear and inviting!
Looks like a fun weekend. We're in the middle of a real heat wave here!

Tonya said...

ok - you've got quit showing me all these scenic shots of your "hangouts" or you're gonna find me on your doorstep!!!

I'm so glad Buddy is a good patient. One of our girls had an abscess and we had to do the soaks, duct tape, wraps and it was soooooo hard on all of us (horse and owners).

Keeping y'all in my prayers!

PEA said...

Isn't going to camp one of the best things there is?!! Such a wonderful place to relax and just enjoy the day:-) Sounds like you had a fun time!! Love the picture of you and can tell how much you love this horse and he loves you:-) xoxo

Myrna said...

Glad to know Buddy had a good day. I was thinking about him--and you--this weekend, hoping everything was going well. Looks like you had a great weekend.

palmtreefanatic said...

looks like fun in the sun! super great pics you got!!!

Was thinking about Buddy lately...hope he continues to do well!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

Glad to hear that Buddy is hanging in there. Being a good patient sometimes can be half the battle. I kinda think the black and white shoes show a little style! LOL

Joan said...

It looks like you and the family had one fun time at camp...lucky you! And I'm glad to hear that Buddy seems to be doing well...I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

BarnGoddess said...

oh, I am NEVER disappointed when I come here to visit.

The photos are great. The one of you and Buddy being my favorite. Looks arent everything, most of all in horses. Ive known some beautiful horses with dispositions that would make your toes curl, just flat out nasty.

Im glad Buddy is doing okay :)

the moose buyer said...

Boy I sure do miss lakes!!! Having spent a week in GREEN Iowa reminded me how much really do miss the rain and good stuff which comes with it. Not sure I will enjoy the snow equally but the trade off will be worth it. Just have to wait the 2 years until retirement.

Happy Buddy seems to be doing better and will continue to pray for him.

Dawn said...

It looks like a beautiful summertime in Maine. I'm glad Buddy is doing better. That is a big job taking care of his feet!

Thanks for stopping by again today!