Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday Happenings

I can't believe I got a sunburn! I am always so careful about the sun since having to have a few spots removed that were sun related. It was just soooooooo beautiful out yesterday and I had more plants to set out, mowing to do and my gardens needed their Miracle Grow. In all I was probably out for about 5 hours with a SLEEVELESS top on which I rarely wear these days. There comes a time in a woman's life when sleeveless just doesn't look particularly good...'nuff said!

Any who, I was just having the most wonderful time out there digging in the dirt and just didn't give it a thought about the tops of my arms being bare until this morning when I rolled over to get out of bed and OUCH! I rummaged through all the bathroom linen closets to see if there might be some Aloe or something but to no avail so I guess I will be making a trip to the pharmacy this morning for something cool and soothing.

It's still being rather cold at night here so I still haven't dared to put my hanging impatiens out on the porch yet. After reading about the temps at Pea's place I guess I won't complain! Yikes! Ice pellets and snow!!! Hope things have warmed up a bit Pea!!!!

Finally got in to have my knee MRI! Yeehaw, maybe now I will find out what's going on and get on some kind of rehabilitation program! They were so nice there, they let you bring your own music and play it while you are having the MRI done. Snowbird #1 went with me too as I am a bit (totally, screaming, yelling, crying, hives.....well not that bad but you get my drift) claustrophobic in those machines. Actually this one wasn't bad as it was more open so I just laid there listening to Kenny Chesney with my eyes closed. It took about 45 minutes and then we were off and running, well hobbling, to Gifford's for hot fudge sundaes, you know, a reward for staying in the machine.......

This is part of my collection of rolling pins that I have been finding over the years at antique shops, flea markets and some new ones in gift shops. No wonder Husband is so good, he doesn't dare be any different with all of my weapons on hand! heehee!

I'm having trouble finding the brackets that hook onto each other so can't add any more right now. The shop where I always have bought them has been unable to get them lately for some reason.

I noticed Noodles out stalking something yesterday. I thought what poor bird or squirrel is in a precarious situation right now and then I looked closer and look what he was stalking............

NICK! He was stalking Nick! Yikes, I think he is biting off a bit more then he can chew on this one!

I finally got the horse tote finished and sent off to Massachusetts to a nice young lady who is horse crazy like me. I can't stand very long these days on the bum knee so it took me a bit longer then I would have liked but Husband shipped it off for me a few days ago. I hope she likes it! Now T wants one to carry her helmet and gloves in to her riding lessons so I guess it's back to the drawing board!

Guess that's it for today. I hope you all have a wonderful sunny weekend but PLEASE wear sunscreen! :o)


Joan said...

One word about that sunburn of yours..."ouch"! And I hope that MRI finally reveals the nature of your knee problem so they can finally decide the best treatment for you.

Oh...and that rolling pin collection of your is truly fabulous. Who knew there were so many different variations?!?!? :~)

Susie said...

That burn looks so painful. Aloe will ease it for sure.
Love your rolling pin collection :)
I have my Mom's rolling pin from when she was first married, so it's nearly 60 yrs old.
I do hope your MRI pinpoints the cause of your knee pain. I'm praying for you!

dcrmom said...


BarnGoddess said...

The rolling pins are neat!

my hubs wouldnt like me having a collection like that one bit...heheh

ouch on the sunburn-looks painful.

Rising Rainbow said...

OUCH! is right! Makes me hurt and it's not even mine. But the first sunny days after a yucky winter seem to be when I make the same mistake.

The rolling pin collection is great. Would make my hubby nervous, I think. LOL

The horse bag is great!

palmtreefanatic said...

That is how my sunburn looks also as i was laying in it for 3 hrs yesterday! I am now awaiting the nice tan;)

That is quite a rolling pin collection! WOW!

KC said...

That sunburn looks extreamly painful. Hope you have alot of aloe on hand.
That is alot of rolling pins also, and that was ONLY "part" of your collection.. WOW.
At my wedding shower years ago I got a big heavy wooden rolling pin and one of my friends made a smart comment about me not even know what it was and I said "sure I do, it's my husband beater, This is what i use to keep him inline" My mother in law, didn't like that joke much LOL. she gave me a dirty look as if to tell me she didn't find that to funny. LOL, but hey I thought it was :P

Suzy said...

Been there...done that!!!
I've had several burns like that over the years and I 've learned my lesson!... Hope it turns to a tan real fast!!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

OUCH! That is going to hurt like crazy. Isn't it funny how we preach to our kids etc. to use sunscreen and then we forget to. I did the same thing once already this summer.

Hope your MRI turns out good and you can find some way to get relief from the pain. I am really, really claustrophobic and had a hard time with my MRI, even though it was pretty open.

Love your rolling pin is so cool!

Love the bag too!

Hope you have a good (and painless) weekend.

Myrna said...

I can feel that burn through the computer screen1 Bet you don't forget the sun screen next time!

Impressive collection of rolling pins! I find it interesting how many people in blogland have unique collections!

Rhea said...

That sunburn looks so incredibly painful. I was in the Caribbean recently and stayed out of the midday sun and managed to avoid the burn that so many other people there got.