Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

It's a beautiful breezy warm day here this morning and no humidity! I've already hung sheets on the line and they are blowing in the breeze and remind me of back home when my mother hung everything out not just the sheets. Even in the winter! We didn't have a dryer then and things would be frozen stiff when she brought them in to put on a rack by the stove in the kitchen. With five kids there was a lot of laundry to be done. I know I am dating myself but I remember the old wringer washer we had too and I was always afraid she would get her arm caught in it but she never did. Now when I toss things in the washer and then the dryer I should remember to be thankful for modern conveniences!

We had a nice Father's Day even though Mr. Snowbird had an upset stomach. It didn't stop him from going to my sister's for a nice home cooked meal with hot biscuits though! Happy Father's Day again Dad! We were invited to my DIL's parents home out on the lake and it was a perfect day for swimming, tubing, knee boarding and of course EATING! Mimi always puts on a good feed for everyone and I once again ate way too much.......

I had never seen my granddaughter knee boarding so took my camera with me in the boat and got a few good shots.

D was going to give it a try but decided he'd stick with his new motorized bumper boat with the squirt gun. These things are so much fun, I had never seen them before but I guess Son found them at Wal**Mar*t. D loved squirting the unsuspecting people on the dock! :o)

Next was tubing.

It was beautiful on the pond.

About mid afternoon the clouds rolled in and we heard thunder in the distance to everyone rushed out of the water and we headed for home to make sure the horses weren't spooked by the storm. On the way the rain came in buckets and hail started pummeling my car. I was glad I didn't get any dents as I just had scratches that the turkeys made on the hood removed and repainted.

The horses were fine so once the storm was over I soaked Buddy's feet again. Things are about the same in that department but we are still working diligently on all the things we are supposed to do to try to make him sound again. We go back to the vet on Wednesday so are praying for a good report. Notice the snack in the lawn chair! Not too spoiled or anything!!

Well I need to go put Mir*acle Grow on all my annuals. I love how it comes in liquid now and just attaches to the hose and spray it on the plants. Things are growing well and should be really showy by July. I just love the splashes of color around the yard, just wish our growing season was a bit longer for us to enjoy the fruits of our labor! :o)


BarnGoddess said...

poor Buddy! I just want to give his neck a big hug.

Naww, he doesnt look spoiled, just LOVED.

Your water photos look like fun!!

The scenery is gorgeous.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

The tubing looks like so much fun! I haven't been tubing in years, now I have an itching to go.

Dawn said...

What a great day you had. We had fun all eating out together for my dad, my husband, my son-in-law, and my son (hope to be dad someday), with all the spouses and kids.

Soaking a horse's feet sounds like a really big job! He seems very patient.

Tracey said...

Buddy reminds me of Pippi's horse! He's got such lovely spots. And such a good boy to stand there with his feet in the tub like that.

Great pics of the grandkids, btw, and what a lovely lake!

Myrna said...

Fund day!
I just feelso sorry for Buddy! He does look like a patient guy--of course he does get a snack while he's soaking!

palmtreefanatic said...

poor Buddy!!!
Looks like a fun Fathers Day! Those grandkids look like pros in the water;)
You got some great shots!

Tammy said...

Wow, what a great time that looks like for your family!
Love the tubing pictures!
And that one of the horse soaking it's feet made me just a sympathetic way!

Rising Rainbow said...

I remember the wringer washers too! Now that's a scary thought.

That's quite a picture with the snack on the chair and the feet soaking in the tub. Hope you get a good report from the vet.

Tonya said...

Awww Buddy makes me sad but he is getting great care!

The lake looks like tons of fun. I love the horse shows but it will be nice to have my weekends back somewhat.

Have a great day!!

Susie said...

Love your pictures on the pond. The motorized bumper boat looks really fun!!
Hope Buddy is making a recovery..