Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday Happenings

Miss T on her favorite pony Kipper.

It's Friday already, where do the days go, they fly by so quickly! I'm sure you all feel the same way too.

This morning was swim class at 8:30 as usual. The water was colder then normal so that woke me up in a hurry! I did all of my rehab stuff with my trainer and then the preschool children came bombing in ready for some fun. They didn't mind the colder water one bit! They jumped right in with nary a thought. I felt foolish as I had kind of inched in a bit at a time till I was finally up to my neck.

T's class went well and the six little girls were so cute all lined up on the edge of the pool waiting their turn to jump in and learn the next new thing. After class they have a half hour of free swim so I get to play with them as long as none of the other girls get too close or T shrieks "that's MY Grammie!!" (I really like it! heehee! :0)

Came home and rolled Snowbird #1's hair for her. She needs a perm so we will do that next week. Snowbird#2 was out mowing his lawns for the real estate company that he works for. I mowed when he got home for an hour or so and it was nice to be out in the sunshine and fresh air. My yard men were trimming the trees that were beginning to over take the driveway and shaped the trees on the other lawn and they look really nice.

Went out and cleaned the barn and gave the boys a few treats. They are so happy to be home in the nice green grass but I bring them in for the afternoon so that they don't get too much at once and colic on it. I have my big syringes of banemine ready if they do but don't like to use it unless I absolutely have to. Sometimes walking and walking them will get things moving and they will come out of it without a shot.

Tomorrow is work day at the church. We have lots to do around the buildings and parking lots. We also are putting in some new perennial gardens around the front and I'm really excited about that. My friend Beth and I went to the nursery yesterday and picked up a big bunch of stuff to put in the new gardens plus people have been donating things out of their home gardens.

Husband brought home Pat's Pizza for supper, our favorite. Now I'm thirsty as mine had pepperoni and bacon on it, well done. After supper we went out in the barn to brush the boys and get them settled down for the night. Tomorrow is going to be bath day for all three of them as they stink. They don't get baths in the winter time obviously so come spring they are more then ready for one! I was going to do one of them tonight but all my shampoo is up at the stable and I won't use people shampoo on them.

Last night T wanted to ride so we went out in the barn after dinner and got ready. She's outgrown her English boots from last year so threw on a pair of Western ones that belonged to her Daddy when he was her age.

I got the saddle all tightened up for her and had to adjust the stirrups as her legs are longer this summer then last.

We worked a bit in the ring and I was sticking pretty close as this was the first time Kipper had been ridden since he came home so he was a bit frisky and I didn't want her to get dumped off!

She did really well keeping him on the rail and keeping her heels down for the most part. She starts her lessons with the trainer on Tuesday and I always have my camera ready. I wish D had more interest but at this point he just likes patting the ponies and occasionally getting on for a short ride. You can't push these things with them, if he takes an interest later that will be great if not then there will be some other exciting thing for him to do. T came out of the womb asking when was she going to ride if that gives you any indication of her interest! :o)

Guess I'd better get things wrapped up here as tomorrow is going to be a busy day. They are predicting a bit of rain but we really need to get things put in that new garden at church tomorrow so decided we would go ahead with it rain or shine. As usual I'll have the ole' camera ready!


Myrna said...

T and Kipper are quite a pair. She really looks like she knows what she's doing!

My grandson has a horse at his other grandmother's house in Louisiana. He is 6 and enjoys riding her when he gets to go to LA several times a year. His little sister (3) is not interested yet.

Tammy said...

How fun...the swimming and the horse back riding!
Your granddaughter is adorable and looks so happy! :)
My girls would be so envious...they love horses but only one has been on one (not counting both on pony rides). Hopefully soon!
Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

My granddaughter, Natalie, was born with an interest in horses too. Her sister Monica loves them, but would rather read about them than ride them.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Awww, she looks so darn cute on the pony!

PEA said...

T looks like a natural born rider:-) I've only been on a horse once and that was when I was 14 years old...I had just started to ride him and he suddenly went down...I got off just in the knick of time before he rolled on his back and started wriggling around. Ends up he had something bothering him under the saddle blanket. Figures I would be the one riding him and that it was my first time...I was terrified after that!! Sigh. Anyway, sounds like you've been busy...hopefully you'll get some time to relax this weekend:-) xox

Susie said...

Your site loaded really fast for me this time! It's looking so nice. Love the pictures of your granddaughter on the horse. My only time on a horse was a visit to KY when I was 4 (about her age?)
I'll post it sometime!!

Janey Loree said...
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Janey Loree said...

Love your new look and all the horse pictures!!! I noticed too that T looks like she was born in the saddle!! Both my sons were born with a deep love for they have five!!!

I added a link to Home on the Range on Mustang 'n' Cowboys! I really thought that I already had linked to your blog. :)

Tonya said...

T is adorable. That smile on her face with her helmet on is priceless.

I know you are glad to have the horsies all back at home.

Dawn said...

What busy days on the farm! Probably much more in the summer than winter, eh??

KC said...

very busy day for you, but pizza, and ponies sounds like alot of fun. LOVE the pic of T and Kipper

Hope the rest of the weekend went as well for you.

palmtreefanatic said...

Your grandaughter is simply adorable!
No doubt she fits on kipper quite well:)
fun weekend!

BarnGoddess said...

T and Kipper are beautiful!

T looks like she was born in that saddle :)

mommy to four j's said...

Looks like a lot of fun cute pictures. Char

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, she doesn't like that pony much does she? What a great grin! I'm so glad she gets to do this when she is so young and can pick it up so quickly. Just way too cool!