Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July weekend

Around the Camp Fire

We had lovely weather for the holiday weekend.  It was sounding iffy at best but we only had one thunder storm and that didn’t last long.

It was wonderful growing up in the country, much more rural then where I live now.  We had two little stores and a post office, a small school for grades kindergarten through eight and a town hall.  We were always busy as kids playing outside, riding our horses, going to the lake and building stuff in the woods.

On July 4th there was always a big celebration and parade. This has been going on for years, I was just a child when I first remember going to it.  It has grown over the years and now people come from the surrounding communities.  It’s not fancy, city folks would probably snicker a bit but it’s a fun day and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I think of Cliff when the tractors go by, I’m sure he would know the name of each one, right Donna?

Burlington Parade 2011 037

Burlington Parade 2011 069

Burlington Parade 2011 076

Burlington Parade 2011 036

Antique cars

Burlington Parade 2011 055

Burlington Parade 2011 064

Burlington Parade 2011 078

Burlington Parade 2011 067

A few horses.

Burlington Parade 2011 051

Burlington Parade 2011 052

The town fire truck and many, many more things to watch.

Burlington Parade 2011 049

Our old family homestead is still standing and it always brings back so many memories to see it.  I don’t like the modern door that they have put in, I remember the big old heavy door with the big key to lock and unlock it.

Burlington Parade 2011 084

The barn is just about falling in.  It makes me sad as I remember the hundreds and hundreds of happy hours we spent in the barn playing and tending to the horses.

Burlington Parade 2011 085

The side porch used to be open and we had a big wooden double swing that we loved.  We could really get that thing going.  My room was the second floor one with the bay window.  There were hardwood floors in the living room that my mother would clean on her hands and knees and polish with a paste kind of polish.  The living room was right under my room and also had the bay windows.  I remember how the sheer curtains would flutter in the breeze in there in the summer time.  Probably where I got my love of sheer curtains.  :o)

Of course anytime we go to Burlington we have to go see my uncles cattle.  They are so cute and they come running when he yells to them.

Burlington Parade 2011 091

Burlington Parade 2011 092

This is Chucky, he is eight days old.  What a cutie!!  There was one three days old but she stayed out of sight.  :o(

Burlington Parade 2011 097

Burlington Parade 2011 098

To think they grow up to look like this!  I need to cut their bangs!

Burlington Parade 2011 113

More to come but duty calls.  Why is there always so much laundry after a long weekend????


Carroll Farm said...

What a great parade. We go to my Grandmother's in Utah every other year for their celebration - parades, carnival in the park and a huge firework show that the city does that evening. It is a blast! We have a hard time the years we stay in AZ, it is so boring. No parades that we know of, and the fireworks are not nearly as fun. Your childhood home is beautiful!

Sharon said...

What cute cows, I have never seen any like that.What kind are they?
I know what you mean about small town parades they are great.
What a beautiful childhood home you had. I remember the lace curtains that fluttered in the breeze when I was growing up. It is so wonderful to look back.

Needled Mom said...

That is a fabulous parade!!! I loved seeing all the old tractors and cars.

Your old homestead looks like it would have provided many fond memories. I agree with you on the door!!! Those old barns do show their age, but I am well aware of the many fond memories of climbing about and exploring in them.

What breed of cattle are those? They look so fluffy!! Too cute! I love how they come when called.

I am doing laundry today too as well as cleaning. Ugh!!! Does it never end???? xoxox

zztop357 said...

I love the high-land cattle!! I like the parade too..
I'm still wondering if the dirty clothes fairy visited us! I had one wash cloth in the hamper Sunday?!? now its full again.
Good luck catching up'-)

Dawn said...
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Julie Harward said...

I grew up in a town like that and rode my horse everyday. We also had a house much like that too. It was the best of life for any child. I love the cattle here..just want to hug that cute calf! (We will have property here still after we sell and we will leave the horses here but be back up here much of the time to enjoy this country still.) :D

Donna said...

Not only would Cliff know each tractor, I know most of them too. Must be osmosis, right? I love that big old house you used to live in.

Ms Martyr said...

Trying out a new horse? Details, please.

I love older homes, especially those with screened in porches. Fresh air sans bugs - that's my idea of roughing it.

PEA said...

I'm a sucker for any kind of parade, love them all:-) The antique cars are always my favourite, they sure don't make them like they used to, that's for sure!! While driving to Niagara Falls, there was this 1950's pink Cadillac that we followed for a little bit and oh how I would have loved driving in it!

It must be so bittersweet to see your old homestead and no doubt any change they make to it would sadden you. The house is beautiful and I can well imagine the wonderful memories you have of growing up in it:-)

I've never seen that type of cattle, they do look like they need their bangs cut! hehe Chucky is so darling, makes you wish they stayed like that.

We have a Burlington here in Ontario as well, in fact it's where Shawn & Wendy live:-)

It's so humid here today and it's a good thing I had the a/c on this morning while I was making a couple batches of strawberry jam, otherwise I would have turned into a wet noodle! lol

Love you dearly xoxoxoxo