Monday, June 27, 2011

Button, button, whose got the button?


buttons 001

I am a self described buttonaholic.  They don’t have to be anything fancy but I do prefer the old ones.  I keep several jars of them in my kitchen, this bunch being in an old Mason jar.


buttons 002

I keep some on top of my cupboards and this one bugs me because it isn’t full.  Little OCD much???!!  I am feeling the need to go shopping at some of the thrift shops and antique places around town to look for some more.


buttons 003

Now this jar is full the way they should be.  :o)   This jar does not cause me angst.  Doing the happy dance!  :o)

I come well by it as my mother and my grandmother saved buttons.  Before my Grammie (on my mother’s side) passed away she spent hundreds of hours putting buttons on cardboard covered with some kind of material.  Her trailer home walls were covered with all of them and I always loved looking at the latest ones.  When she passed away the buttons were divided up amongst us and I am happy with the ones I have.


buttons 004


There may be some of value but most are just everyday buttons that came off old clothes and lots that were given to her as people knew she loved doing this.  I think she used cereal boxes for the cardboard.


buttons 005

When I was in the tote bag business I used a few of the big ones on my bags which I regret.  You can see some missing places in this picture below.


buttons 006

There is one in this lot that has an old B & A Railroad button which is probably quite collectible to the right person but my Grampie on my father’s side worked for the railroad so that one is special and will never be sold.  It’s the one with the piece of paper under it'.


buttons 011

buttons 007

buttons 008

buttons 010

These are treasures to me that I will keep forever.  It’s so nice to have things passed on down from our parents and grandparents.  I also have a quilt that Grammie made that is amazing.  It was made out of old men's suits and is awfully heavy but the stitching is AMAZING~ Will post pictures of that next time.

The kiddos continue to ride each day that the weather is good.  Mr. D has all of a sudden this year taken to the horses and just can’t get enough of them.  I call this one of Miss T the ‘no fear’ photo!

Little Bud 011


Taking Mrs. Mom’s advice and having her ride just using her legs and seat!  It works!  Thanks MM!

Little Bud 007


Please don’t anyone tell D that he has on a girls helmet!!!!

Little Bud 016

I love this picture even though Lil’ Bud looks pregnant!


Little Bud 094

Bare back is where it’s at!!!!  :o)   So great for teaching balance.


Little Bud 065


Haven’t gone the no reins route with D yet.  This old horse is so patient, I wish I could clone him about 15 years younger.  Look at those heels, D has that down pat.

Little Bud 019

Helping little brother.  Makes my heart smile~!!

Little Bud 013

Got to go do some mowing as the rain is coming back in on Wednesday.  We’re hoping for a good day on the 4th for a big family outing at the lake.  Don’t even have the boat in yet as it hasn’t really been lake weather on the weekends yet.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Love you Funsize!!  xoxox


dickiebo said...

I honestly reckon that you could corner the market in buttons! lol.

Ms Martyr said...

My mother used to have a cookie tin that was filled with buttons. I don't know what happened to it. When I was little I was fascinated by a set of small round yellow buttons. Those are the only ones I remember.

Susan said...

I've seen button collections before but never saw them sewn on cardboard like that. What a lot of work, but what a treasure for you to get some of them.

Carroll Farm said...

the buttons remind me of my grandmother. She used them for pictures. I vividly remember one she did on green felt that looked like a Christmas tree, buttons of similar color formed the shape of the tree and the colorful buttons were the ornaments.

Linds said...

I am with you - I adore buttons and I am lucky enough to have both my Grannies' collections. And so help me, I cannot walk past buttons for sale. My sister has the same problem - I think it must be in the genes!

I am so impressed with the horse-riding! As I have never been on a horse in my life, my admiration knows no bounds! (Horses are on The List!)

sue said...

I assume that you know some buttons are very valuable... down my way there is a button "club" that meets once a month in our library... I went to talk on buttons last year, and was surprised to find out what some can be worth.... and surprisly, not necessarily "what" you might think.... just shows me that there is no reason why people should be "bored" with life... so many interesting things out there...

Anita said...

Seeing your buttons reminds me of a picture frame I saw on a craft show that had lots of buttons glued to the frame. I always wanted to make one, but never did.

However, since then, I have an appreciation for the beauty of buttons, too. After seeing yours, I almost feel like gathering mine and starting a collection...but I have one too many collections already!

I always enjoy seeing pictures of the kids and the horses. :)

PEA said...

Wow, that is quite an amazing collection of buttons you have and I love that so many of them were passed down to you by your grandmother and mom! They are indeed treasures and I don't blame you for never wanting to sell them. Anything I have that was my gran's, I'll never get rid of:-) Every once in a while at the auction, there's a big container of buttons so I'll have to remember that you collect them!!

Awwww look at D learning how to ride a horse:-) I was wondering if he'd have the same passion for horses as T doubt you're glad that he's suddenly gotten interested in them!!

We had 5 days of rain, 2 days of sunshine and now we're supposed to have rain again for the next couple of days. Our Canada Day is July 1st, on Friday, so hopefully the sun will come back by then!!

I hope you're behaving yourself! hehe Love you to bits xoxoxox

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! That is sure alot of buttons;)
guess you should have any size u need;)
How special and what a keepsake as to where alot of them came from!!!

D looks so cute riding the horse! Great pics!!!

Needled Mom said...

Those button cards are just amazing! I am so glad that you shared them with us. Some of those must be quite unique and valuable by now. I think you need to put all of your buttons on cards too!!!!!! ;~))

Loved seeing the children on the horses. They do look like they are having a fabulous time - great summer fun!!!

I hope that you get a chance to get that boat in the water before it is time to take it out. xoxo

Julie Harward said...

It's raining here, hope it'll be nice for the 4th. Love your buttons, I have mine in an old jar like that too. Looks like the kids are having so much fun on that cute horse! :D

Hollie said...

I loved seeing your button collection! Thanks for sharing! Great photos of the kiddos!

Dawn said...

What an interesting and special collection from your grandma. I loved buttons when I used to sew - it was my favorite part of the project, picking them out. Hayley has begun being interested in buttons now - she loves collecting things.

The little horse people look so cute - I always wondered about D, if he wasn't interested.

K&A are frustrated about the week-end cycle of rain, since they've been trying to get to the beach every week-end since they've been there.

I hope it's good for the cabin this week-end and Monday. What a fun time that'll be and I'll be able to picture it!

I hope we get to see each other - I know what you're saying, though - I don't dare plan much of anything this year because it is almost certain that it won't work out. I'm dreading trying to figure out all the logistics of our being gone again for a week. Only 3 more weeks to figure it all out!

Kristen has a nasty case of the flu, so the girls have been here again - none of us is happy about this ridiculous situation - I don't know anybody who gets the flu as often as she does.

Have a glorious week-end!

Mikey said...

I LOVE buttons! Your collection is amazing! I have a vintage lunch box filled with them that Grandma gave me. Oh how I love to run my fingers thru them. It's so relaxing.
Love your new horse too, that brought tears to my eyes that you named him Scooter, after Barngoddess' horse.