Monday, July 18, 2011

Coastal Maine


What a great weekend we had at the coast and the lake.  It was glorious weather with temps near 90* inland but much cooler near the water. Mom and Dad stayed home and took care of the boys.  Scoot continues to settle in and the grands LUV him!  They came in the other day and said they found his itchy spot and it’s on his forehead.  He puts his head right down so that they can scratch it with their fingernails.  :o)  Funsize and I tried to get some good pictures of him but he was pooped from our ride and the ole’ ears were just not going to go up for us.

coast 2011 006

We took a ride to the Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park for lobster stew and popovers which is always a treat.  I’ll meet you there in a few weeks Jo-Lynne!  Yum!  There is a very interesting pergola outside of the entrance and it is covered with wisteria early in the season.  It makes for lovely cool shade while waiting in line to get into the restaurant.

coast 2011 001

coast 2011 002

coast 2011 003

After we ate the we rode around a small part of the park and got some pictures.  I love all the stone over passes.  These were put in during the Depression by John D Rockefeller to create jobs for folks in the area.

coast 2011 005

The rocky coast of Maine.  We do have beaches but mostly the shoreline is like this.

coast 2011 008

Always lots of boats.

coast 2011 009

coast 2011 010

coast 2011 012

I would like to have walked out on this little peninsula and just soaked up the view.

coast 2011 015coast 2011 016

Something caught my eye and it was mom duck with two ducklings.

 coast 2011 023

coast 2011 024

coast 2011 025

Here is the very patient Hubs waiting in the car for me.  xoxox

 coast 2011 028

There are lots of wonderful Inns to stay in.

coast 2011 029

Mountains surround the park.

coast 2011 030

coast 2011 032

coast 2011 034

The next day we stayed at the lake with lots of friends and family joining us.  Again it was gorgeous lake weather.  We decided to make some ice cream with the grands sooooooooooo with direction book in hand and the ice cream maker we started the process which according to the book would take about 20 minutes once we got all the ingredients in.

camp 2011---4 096

Miss T breaking the eggs.  Yep, six.

camp 2011---4 095

DIL reading the directions and of course I was putting my two cents worth in.

camp 2011---4 102

Mixing things up.

camp 2011---4 104

Who had that camera!!!

camp 2011---4 099

See that little arm around me?  Oh how I love those grand kids!

camp 2011---4 105

Stirring up the ice and rock salt.

camp 2011---4 111

I wish I could show you yummy ice cream being consumed by all but after letting it churn for two hours it still wasn’t thickening.  We finally put it in the freezer where it remains………..

Six cups of heavy cream----$9.54

three cups milk-------------$1.00

Six eggs-------------------$1.30


Rock salt-------------------$1.79

Fun of the experience with the kids----------PRICELESS!

(Remember that ad?)

The construction continues here at the house.  I am VERY WEARY of it all to be honest.  Having people in and out from 6 AM till 4 PM every day is exhausting, plus all the sawing, hammering etc… It wasn’t so bad until they took out the big doors and windows and covered them with plastic, that doesn’t cut the sound at all now….. I keep telling myself that it will be well worth it when it’s all done.  :o)

camp 2011---4 002

camp 2011---4 003

It’s going to be a scorcher today.  My sis and husband are staying at the lake this week so I may go down and sit with them a while.  They are predicting heavy rain and thunder storms this afternoon so I’m keeping an eye on the sky, don’t want the boys out if there is a storm!


Needled Mom said...

The coastline looks gorgeous and I am sure the cooler temps were a welcome relief for you. Tell R he is much more patient with picture taking than E is!!!!

The ice cream is such a wonderful idea. No wonder it is so expensive at the stores! We used to make it with my uncles and we had to take turns hand cranking it. Have you seen the freezer bowls for the Kitchen*aids? Much easier!!!! The kids looked like they were having a great time and that was worth every cent.

So glad the new family member is fitting in so well. I know you will enjoy many great years with him.

Hang in there with the construction. It will be incredible when it is finished and these days will be just a memory - a distant memory!

Stay cool, my friend. xoxox

Susan said...

Oh your pictures of the shoreline look so wonderful. We got to walk a little way on the Maine shore way back in October one year. In fact it was on the 4th and our anniversary. Looks so cool and refreshing as we literally fry here in this 105-106 degree Oklahoma sun and NO RAIN. Time with the grands, priceless. And I'm sure all the mess and annoyance will be WELL worth the finished results!

Chrissah said...

When making the ice cream...the directions didn't have you cook some of the ingredients and cool it before putting it in the ice cream maker? That's how I have done it...

Hollie said...

Oh, I enjoyed your pictures so much! What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!

PEA said...

We seem to be having the same weather, it's been gorgeous and hot over here as well. We were supposed to have a thunderstorm last night but it never happened and now it looks like we might get one this evening so we'll see. We really do need the rain, everything is so dry. I'm also getting tired of watering everything by hand in the garden and flowerbeds! lol

Any time you show pictures of your corner of the world, it makes me want to go there more and more:-) Imagine the fun we would have and the trouble we could get into? hehe Of course, if you ever make it to Niagara Falls, we'd meet you there for sure!! Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed all of your pictures.

I've never tried making my own ice cream so I can't give you any advice on it! lol What a shame it didn't thicken like it should have but maybe after some time in the freezer you can all dig in:-)

I can well imagine how tired you are of the noise from the construction at your house, I know I would be as well. Hopefully it won't take them too much longer and then you'll be enjoying a gorgeous new sunroom:-)

Love you to bits xoxox

Dawn said...

Oh the beauty! Looking forward to being there again, and at a different time of year. So - Jordan's, we've talked about before. Where in the park is it? I wonder if we'll make it to Acadia this time. We don't have an agenda yet. I know the time will fly. Angie has Monday off and Kev has Monday and Tuesday. I'm kind of thinking we should just go on down to Boston on Tuesday and spend some time there and the night, so we don't have to get up so early in the morning on Wednesday!

The pictures are wonderful - and the ice cream experiment - I wonder what went wrong. That is expensive ice cream!

I hope it's not so hot when I'm there! It's blistering here right now, and I'm not impressed!

Julie Harward said...

looks like you are having a very fun the trip here and the grands and all the fun! :D