Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heat Wave!



thermometer 002

Do you know how unusual this is for us up here in Tundra Country?  We are setting all kinds of records for heat with no real relief in sight.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!  I know for a lot of you this is just a normal part of summer but for those of us who like temps in the 70’s it’s a bit daunting.

It’s been way too hot to ride the horses, they have been sweating just standing under the fans.  Scooter is doing well.  Funsize and I rode together one day and he was much calmer being out with Lil’ Bud rather then with Miss T racing and tearing around on Kipper.  He wanted to run too but I’m not really into that much any more especially where he is so big and strong and my balance just ‘ain’t’ what it used to be.

thermometer 003

The project continues on the sunroom.  They put the radiant heat tubes down one day this week and then covered them with some kind of stuff that looks like soupy cement.  I think they called it Jipcreek.  I will be sooooooooooo glad when it is done and the crews are gone.

thermometer 004

Scooter 013

We are working on Paws On Parade now at the humane society.  I do most of my work from home making calls to get sponsors.  Noodles is such a good helper holding all of my paperwork in place!  He knows how much we love all of our animals at BHS and wants to raise lots of money to take good care of them. :o)

noodles helping PAWS 001

noodles helping PAWS 003

He also likes to help me in the barn.  Scooter is rather curious about him.  I’m glad he knows enough to hide under the Gator when the boys are around!

Scooter 004

Scooter 005

Scooter 011

Scoot is a big boy, he must be close to 16 hands.  He is so good with T and D, they just love him and he will put his head right down so that they can scratch his head.  The vet says that he is too chunky but so am too I so we make a good pair!  :o)

Scooter 007

The raspberries are ripe now.  I love to just stand there and eat them.  I have to walk right by them when I go to the barn so I keep them pretty well picked.  This one was gone two seconds after I took the picture……..

Scooter 014

We are going to the lake today and tomorrow after church we are headed to The Lobster Pound with family that is in town for the week.  Son, DIL and the grands are going to Boston today to see a Red Sox game tonight. I hope it cools off as it was about 120* on the field this week!!!  I’d rather be at the lake!!!  :o)


Susan said...

Nice read, as always!! The berries look wonderful and I love the pic of the horse and the cat. Such a contrast in size. Makes me think of us in Christ (the huge horse) compaired to satan (the cat)!!! If only we would be more aware of that truth :o) Have a grand time at the lake. Our temp got to 108 yesterday at our place. AWFUL!!!! Most days are being 104-105, still awful.

Linds said...

Well, if we could take the 10C temps here (think winter, and me in a fleece as I speak) and your temps, add them together and divide by half, we would both be blissfully happy! The sun is missing around these parts, and it is getting very very annoying.
You know, every time I look at your boys, I day I will get on a horse and plod around somewhere. It is on the bucket list. They look so gentle and strong and happy! Big too.
Have a wonderful time at the lake - I think I would opt for that too! And your extension looks amazing. I can't wait to see the finished rooms!

Julie Harward said...

That sun room will be so the sweet kitty cat, they are such a joy to have and the berries look yummy! We still have only got up to about 80 here, had lots of rain! :D

Eileen @ My Evergreen Place said...

As someone who lived most of her life in Connecticut, I have been shocked at the temperatures in New England! It looks more like what our summer temperatures are here in California. My family close and extended have been on my mind a lot this week.

Growing up we had raspberries that grew in our backyard. Your picture reminded me of how my brother and I would take small cups outside and pick them until our cups were full. The raspberries would be gone before we got back to the house. :0)

Have a wonderful (hopefully cooler) time at the lake.

Rachel said...

It's been hot and humid here as well. I hate it when I walk outside and I'm dripping with sweat just being outside, not even doing anything!

I loved seeing all the photos of costal Maine! Such a lovely place I'd love to visit one day! What a fun time you had!!

Scooter is beautiful!!! Just beautiful!!

Your sunroom is so going to be worth it!! Once it's all finished and the workers are gone you will enjoy that lovely space I'm sure!!

nancygrayce said...

Do you have the humidity like we do here in the South? You're right, we are used to hot and humid! And we too thank goodness for ac!

Mikey said...

That IS hot for there!